Kha Lam carpentry village Hai Phong

Kha Lam carpentry village Hai Phong

Kha Lam carpentry village, located in Nam Son ward, Kien An district, has been formed and existed for hundreds of years. Many pieces of wooden furniture from Kha Lam village can be found everywhere. From tea cabinets, rosewood beds, decorative horizontal lacquered boards, to modern cabinets, they are all favored by people everywhere. Since the 1980s, many skilled carpenters from Kha Lam have ventured to various places for work, but eventually returned to their hometown to establish hundreds of carpentry workshops.

With diligence, creativity, and talent, the craftsmen of Kha Lam village have turned seemingly ordinary materials into beautiful products for everyday life. The products of Kha Lam village come in a variety of styles and types, known for their durability, beauty, and suitability for various types of customers. Nowadays, carpentry, particularly the production of interior decoration, is the main source of livelihood for the locals, making it the economic spearhead of Nam Son ward, Kien An district.

Currently, Kha Lam carpentry village has over 100 woodworking establishments with 15 to 20 employees each.

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