Lai Chau specialty

Lai Chau specialty: Top 9 best local dishes tourist must try one in life

Lai Chau specialty: Lai Chau is a mountainous province in the north of Vietnam with many delicious and attractive specialties. If you are wondering what to eat in Lai Chau, check out this list of delicious and famous dishes in Lai Chau.

Armpit pork Lai Chau specialty

Delicious and famous food in Lai Chau: What specialties should you eat in Lai Chau?

The first delicious specialty dish in Lai Chau that you cannot ignore is armpit pork. The name of this dish is derived from the fact that people bring pigs from the village to the market to sell, but because the pigs are small, they put them under their armpits to bring them down quickly. Pigs with armpits are usually free-range pigs, eating junk food, not industrial bran, so they are very small. However, the meat of this pig is extremely delicious, the price of the armpit pig is also 3, 4 times higher than that of a normal pig.

Lam Nho Lai Chau specialty

Traditional specialties in Lai Chau: What should you eat when traveling to Lai Chau? Lam Nhu
Lam Nho is a very unique rustic dish in Lai Chau made from beef or buffalo meat. To make this delicious dish, people marinate the meat with many different ingredients such as mac Khen, ginger, squash, wild eggplant… and then bake it in a bamboo tube until soft. This dish must be eaten hot to be delicious, you will definitely like it the first time you enjoy it.

Grilled rock moss Lai Chau specialty

What delicious and famous specialties does Lai Chau have? Local specialties in Lai Chau

If you do not know what to eat when traveling to Lai Chau, grilled stone moss is a quite special dish in Lai Chau that you should try. This dish is completely natural, people just go to get moss growing on rocks and then bring it back to clean, wet with spices, then wrap it with dong leaves and then bake it like baking potatoes. Grilled rock moss is a familiar dish every day, when eaten, it has a slightly fatty and fleshy taste, very delicious with rice.

Goby buried in ash Lai Chau

Unique traditional cuisine in Lai Chau: Famous specialties of Lai Chau

Goby with ashes is the next traditional cuisine in Lai Chau that you cannot ignore. This specialty dish has a similar way to grilled moss, after washing the goby, it is marinated with spices and then wrapped in dong leaves and then buried in a charcoal stove. Goby buried in ashes when eaten not only retains its sweetness but also has a chewy aroma. If you have the opportunity to travel to Lai Chau, try to enjoy this unique delicacy.

Ban flower mannequin

What to eat when traveling to Lai Chau? Delicious, nutritious and cheap specialties in Lai Chau

Hoa ban bamboo shoots can be said to be extremely delicious specialties in Lai Chau with all kinds of sour, spicy, bitter, sweet, salty, … extremely attractive flavors. Thanks to the abundant natural products available, the Thai people in Lai Chau have created a delicious, nutritious, and cheap bamboo shoot mannequin that is hard to resist.

Lettuce salad Lai Chau

Unique and rustic specialties in Lai Chau: What should you eat in Lai Chau?

Lettuce is a wild vegetable that grows quite a lot in the mountainous areas of Lai Chau. The Thai ethnic people love to prepare food from natural products and the salad of cilantro is one of them. Lettuce salad when eaten is not only fragrant but also sweet and sour, is a dish that helps your meal not to be bored.

Purple sticky rice

What specialties should you eat in Phat Lai Chau? Delicious, famous food in Lai Chau

Purple sticky rice is also a special traditional cuisine of the people in Lai Chau with eye-catching colors that are extremely fragrant. Purple sticky rice is cooked from glutinous rice grown on the upland fields of Lai Chau. When you come to Lai Chau, it is easy for you to enjoy this specialty of purple sticky rice at highland markets or in specialty restaurants.

Kitchen guard meat

What to eat when traveling to Lai Chau? Meat specialties in the kitchen in Lai Chau

Kitchen guard meat can be meat from pigs, buffaloes, cows and must be the best and freshest meat. This rustic dish in Lai Chau is very popular with tourists near and far because it is an ideal drink for men or simply a free snack for women. The price of a kilogram of kitchen meat ranges from 300k to 800k depending on the type of meat you choose.

Pa Pỉnh Tộp

Popular specialties in Lai Chau: What specialties does Lai Chau have?

Pa Pỉnh Tộp, you can understand it as a grilled fish dish marinated with spices according to the ethnic’s own recipe, so it is extremely delicious.

Final thoughts: Lai Chau specialty

With above Lai Chau specialty: Top 9 best local dishes tourist must try one in life, Hai Phong Tours does hope you would have amazing trip in Lai Chau!

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