Logo of Hai Phong city

Logo of Hai Phong city confirmed: NTM 787

Logo of Hai Phong city confirmed: On the afternoon of May 16, the Department of Culture and Sports held a conference to provide information about the city’s newly approved emblem, which was passed by the City Party Committee on May 15. According to Tran Thi Hoang Mai, Director of the Department of Culture and Sports and Deputy Head of the Organizing Committee of the competition, at the City Party Committee meeting on the afternoon of May 15, the delegates unanimously selected the original NTM 787 design as the city’s emblem. The City Party Committee Secretary assigned the City People’s Committee Party Affairs Department to direct the implementation of copyright registration procedures in accordance with regulations and to study the development of regulations for the proper and appropriate use of the emblem.

Thus, after 32 years and 6 emblem design competitions, Hai Phong has officially selected its own emblem. The chosen design is circular and dynamic, symbolizing unity, sustainable development, and permanence. At the top of the circle is a stylized depiction of the Red Flamboyant Flower—the city’s floral emblem—in full bloom, also resembling a ship’s helm. The five-pointed star in the center of the logo shines brightly, representing the guiding light of the Party and symbolizing the brilliance, intelligence, talent, and achievements of the people of Hai Phong.

Below the circle, the historical significance is artistically represented by three waves, symbolizing three naval battles fought by national heroes Ngo Quyen, Le Dai Hanh, and Tran Hung Dao on the historic Bach Dang River, epitomizing Hai Phong’s spirit and heritage in defending the nation. At the center are the stylized letters “HP” (Hai Phong), shaped to resemble high-rise buildings reflecting on the blue sea; the Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Bridge, the longest in Vietnam; and cranes at the port, representing Hai Phong’s economic development.

Overall, the emblem portrays a ship setting sail, embodying the historical, economic, and cultural values of Hai Phong—a city that is developing, modern, dynamic, creative, and compassionate, illuminated by the radiant rising sun, symbolizing a bright future and expansive growth reaching out to the open sea.

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