Long Coc tea plantation travel experience

Long Coc tea plantation travel experience: All the best information bout this tea hill

Long Coc tea plantation is where tourists can feel a vast, green space. This feeling of immensity with nature is hard to find in the city. Let’s learn about this tea hill with Hai Phong Tours.

Where is Long Coc tea plantation?

Where is Long Coc tea plantation? Long Coc tea hill is located in Tan Son district, Phu Tho province, on the way to Xuan Son National Park, if you have time, you can combine visiting this place. Long Coc tea hill is known as “the most beautiful tea hill in Vietnam”, with thousands of beautiful small hills. Traveling to Long Coc tea hill at the time of autumn, early winter, you will admire the tea hill covered with beautiful fanciful fog.

On both sides of Long Coc tea hill road are immense green tea hills stretching one after another to the horizon. Exploring Long Coc tea hill, you will be able to admire the tea hill, enjoy the tea flavor, check-in to live virtual and immerse yourself in the unique cultural space of the Muong ethnic people here.

How to get to Long Coc tea hill?

Traveling to Long Coc Phu Tho tea hill from Hanoi, with a distance of 125km, you can move in the following ways:

Bus: Departing from My Dinh bus station to Tan Son, there is a trip every hour with a ticket price of about 70,000 VND/person. Getting off at Minh Dai is the closest to Long Coc tea hill, then you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi 10km away to Long Coc tea hill.

Mortobike: If you want to actively travel and enjoy the scenery along the way, you can travel to Long Coc tea hill by motorbike as follows: Direction of Highway 32 – Trung Ha Bridge – Thanh Son – Minh Dai – Long Coc

Long Coc Tea Hill: Ha Long Bay in the Midlands in Phu Tho

What is there in Long Coc tea hill in Phu Tho? Long Coc is known as the “tea oasis” with beautiful adjacent large tea hills. Each tea hill in Long Coc has an area of about 1ha, looking down from the tea hill you will admire the valley floating in the fanciful clouds.

In the early morning, you can wake up early to see the tea hills floating in the clouds as beautiful as the fairyland. Adorning that picture is the image of workers picking tea buds with baskets. On weekends, Long Coc tea hill attracts a large number of young people to live virtual, take wedding photos and take a walk to admire the vast and peaceful tea hill.

The best time to take pictures in Long Coc tea hill is when the sun is not up yet, then the fog is floating and settling on the leaves, creating a strange and beautiful space. Tea hill belonging to Team 3 and Team 5 in Long Coc is the most beautiful, with wide coverage suitable for sightseeing and eco-tourism.

Traveling to Phu Tho, besides discovering Long Coc Phu Tho tea hill, you can also combine going to Xuan Son National Park to admire the natural scenery, make a campfire with the Muong ethnic people here. Long Coc tea hill is truly a virtual check-in paradise in Phu Tho, so if you want to explore and experience it, please immediately save the interesting experiences of Long Coc tea hill trip above.

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