May Corner Halong Restaurant

May Corner Halong Restaurant: Wish We found sooner!

May Corner Halong Restaurant is one of two famous rare restaurants in Hung Thang, Ha Long, Quang Ninh. This is a restaurant with a very simple décor but a very luxurious look. When you come here, you can enjoy delicious rice dishes. For example:

  • Rice with stir-fried beef, shaking 85k
  • Rice with fried chicken with mushroom 75k
  • Rice with chicken with sour onion sauce 75k
  • Grilled chicken drumstick rice 85k
  • BBQ ribs rice 95k
  • Rice with grilled pork skewers 85k
  • Pork Let Pork Rice 85k
  • Rice with stir-fried basil and pork 85k
Rice dishes at May Corner Halong
Rice dishes at May Corner Halong

If you are a fan of Steak, going to May Corner Halong Restaurant is perfect. Steak here is selling 95k 1 on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Fragrant green pepper sauce
  • Sweet mushroom sauce
  • Fatty cheese sauce
  • Signature red wine sauce
  • Taste Teriyaki Sauce
Steak at May Corner Halong
Steak at May Corner Halong

Review May Corner Halong Restaurant

  1. We found this little gem while walking around Little Vietnam in Bai Chay. On Mondays and Tuesdays, they have a special steak that when you buy 1 meal will be given a free meal for 180000 VND. The meal was great. The salad is also very good. Good price. Staff are very friendly.
  2. Delicious food in a modern, cozy restaurant in a very quiet area. Soothing music. Sweet staff, did my best to make gluten-free food for my husband.
  3. This is my second time visiting May Corner after watching their video on KBS. The food and service here are amazing. I had a seafood boat and a barbecue for the 6 of us. Seafood is very fresh and delicious. I recommend going on Mondays and Tuesdays because they have a discount on steak (Buy 1 Get 1 Free), so I only pay 180,000 VND for 2 steaks. The prices are very affordable for a wide variety of foods and especially compared to the other restaurants nearby.
  4. This restaurant is great. Fits Western and local dishes and is delicious. We had chicken wings, stir-fried vermicelli and baked potatoes. Full rest! The chef came out and ordered and even took time to look through the menu. If you are having trouble making dinner options, please consider this place.
  5. The food here is amazing! As a service! Really enjoyed it! The price is a bit higher than other restaurants in the area but it’s still very reasonable and considering what you get for it, I believe it’s well worth it!
  6. This restaurant is absolutely fantastic. Some of the best dishes we had in Vietnam. Great service and great food!
  7. The restaurant seems to have another name is Pho Hoi An on Google – the name of the small alley where it is located. We called the restaurant and they were very helpful and quickly texted us what to look for on Google. The restaurant looked nice, clean from what I could say, and there were no language differences when ordering. The food was delicious, for the most part. My girlfriend is a vegetarian and they easily indulge her with vegetable-fried vermicelli by replacing the meat option for eggs. The majority is also large. Her pumpkin soup is really delicious, best for this trip. I had the steak and the taste was very good, but the cut was not the best as there were some chewy parts. Otherwise it is a rare and delicious steak with green pepper sauce. However, there were only three pieces of french fries and a few slices of vegetables and two small pieces of bread with steak. I think it would be great if it comes with a full set of fries. I also had garlic bread and it was delicious. Basically, it was the best restaurant we ate during our time in Ha Long city. It’s really hard to find good Western dishes and vegetarian options here. At this point, it’s just cash. P.S.
    If you’re going to eat coconut ice cream, opt for a cup with coffee, as a small serving of Vietnamese black coffee will make it special.
Review May Corner Halong Restaurant
Review May Corner Halong Restaurant

Contact May Corner Halong Restaurant

  • Address: Lot A6, Box 11, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Hong Hai, Ha Long, Quang Ninh (opposite the secondary gate of Hong Hai Secondary School)
  • Hotline for reservation: 086 2824818
  • Fanpage:
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