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Moc Chau specialty: 7 Best dishes tourist must try

Moc Chau specialty: For those of you who are passionate about backpacking and love strange lands, surely Moc Chau is the ideal destination you should not miss this summer. Me and my close friends just had a very interesting 3 days 2 nights trip to Moc Chau. One of my favorite experiences when coming to this Northwest land is enjoying a lot of delicious and special dishes of Moc Chau.

So, today Hai Phong Tours suggests to you: What delicious food should you eat when traveling to Moc Chau? Make your trip even more perfect.

Kitchen buffalo meat – famous specialty of Moc Chau

What delicious food should I eat when traveling to Moc Chau? The Northwest mountains are extremely famous for kitchen buffalo meat and in Moc Chau, too, kitchen buffalo meat is a specialty, a favorite drink of anyone.

I used to enjoy Yen Bai’s kitchen buffalo meat, the taste is very good but also very different from Moc Chau’s kitchen buffalo meat, perhaps due to different marinating recipes, Moc Chau kitchen buffalo meat has a salty taste. darker and not too spicy like Yen Bai’s buffalo meat.

When eating, the buffalo meat in Moc Chau’s kitchen will be grilled, shredded, dipped with Moc Chau’s signature dipping sauce, sipped with beer and especially Moc Chau spicy corn wine that will combine for a delicious drink.

You can buy buffalo meat from Moc Chau kitchen in sub-zones 32, Chieng Di or junction 73, Vuon Dao … with prices from 500-600k/kg.

Nam Pia – a unique dish of Moc Chau

As a delicious and special dish of Moc Chau, you will not be able to easily enjoy this delicious dish anywhere with the best taste, so don’t miss it when traveling to Moc Chau. Raw materials for processing Nam pia are very diverse, including frozen blood, cartilage, tail, meat, silver music, visceral organs such as intestines, stomach, liver and small intestine containing cow or goat faeces.

When eating, people will eat Nam pia with banana flowers, mint leaves… for the dish to be rounder and cooler. Nam pia is best enjoyed on days when Moc Chau turns cold, but even enjoying this dish at midday in the summer in Moc Chau still makes my whole group fall in love.

Grilled stream fish – delicious food in Moc Chau

Eating experience when traveling Moc Chau? Grilled stream fish is also a delicious dish in Moc Chau you should enjoy. Moc Chau grilled stream fish is made from fresh fish caught directly from the stream in the village, completely from nature, so the fish may not be very fat, but the taste is guaranteed to be great. My group only needed one note to quickly solve the dish of grilled stream fish in Moc Chau.

Grilled stream fish is processed quite simply, after being washed, the fish is cleaned of internal organs, not washed, but directly marinated with Mac Khen, herbs, forest, lemongrass, chili … and then clamped with a bamboo stick. Grilled on charcoal until the fish turns golden brown, you can enjoy this unique dish.

Salmon – a luxurious dish of Moc Chau

Another specialty of Moc Chau you should enjoy is nutritious salmon. Especially for those of you who love spicy and have the ability to eat spicy well, Moc Chau salmon is the perfect dish. Moc Chau salmon can be processed into salads, smoked, or grilled… when eaten, it will be dipped with a bowl of spicy mustard dipping sauce, really very spicy, the spicy taste numbs the tongue and makes you feel uncomfortable. not nearly rub.

Perhaps, this dish is more suitable when eaten in the winter, in the middle of the cold weather of the Northwest cold, it will make people warm up.

You can enjoy Moc Chau salmon at Vuon Dao sub-area and salmon restaurant 64 with prices ranging from 200-250k/person.

Suoi Bang rock snail – Moc Chau’s most attractive dish

For snail followers, Suoi Bang rock snail will be a traditional dish in Moc Chau. The stone snails here have a similar shape to Ba Den mountain snails in Tay Ninh, their bodies are flat, the average size is about two knuckles, their mouths are flared with milky white color.

Suoi Bang rock snails are not used to stir-fry like yellow snails, ordinary stuffed snails because when they stir-fry, they will produce a lot of slime and lose the delicious taste of snails. The people of Moc Chau often cook snail soup or boil it with lemongrass, chili and many kinds of forest leaves, dipping fish sauce sitting very interesting.

Suoi Bang rock snail has a sweet, cool, natural crisp taste, not fishy, ​​but also has a bit of pungent, aromatic flavor of forest leaves. Suoi Bang rock snails are not available all year round, but only appear in the rainy season, from April to the end of August, so if you want to enjoy this delicious dish, you should go to Moc Chau in the summer.

Calves – an attractive dish of Moc Chau

Veal is also a unique specialty of Moc Chau that my whole group loves. Calves are made from young veal with both lean and fat, the skin is thinly sliced, then blanched in boiling water, then marinated with spices: ginger, pepper, lemongrass, satay… Finally, when eating, it’s fried. , the dish is enjoyed hot, as soon as the fat is drained. Calves are very soft, sweet, fragrant and a little greasy. The heat of the meat, adding a few pieces of old ginger mixed with sweet soy sauce will surely make you fall in love from the first bite like our group. Calves must be eaten hot, if left to cool, it will lose the characteristic flavor of the dish.

You can enjoy Moc Chau veal on Highway 6, some shops in Chieng Di sub-area or Cong Truong Moc Chau town with prices from 50k/person.

Taro soup – a simple dish of Moc Chau

Even though it’s just a simple, everyday dish of Moc Chau, taro man soup is also surprisingly easy to conquer. As a child who is not very fond of potatoes, on New Year’s holidays, I rarely touch the taro and potato soup my mother cooks, but when I come to Moc Chau, I can eat two delicious bowls of taro soup.

Taro soup with taro of the Dao people, with pork feet, and ribs are well stewed, so the potatoes are very fragrant and flexible, the bones and hooves are soft, especially the broth is very rich, natural sweetness, not right of seasoning.

Not only delicious food, Moc Chau also attracts many kinds of fruits: peaches, plums, strawberries … The experience of picking sweet fruits by hand, enjoying them right in the garden will surely make you difficult to find. forget.

Final thoughts: Moc Chau specialty

Above is Moc Chau specialty: 7 Best dishes tourist must try. hopes this helps.

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