Na Mo Lake Binh Lieu

Na Mo Lake Binh Lieu: Irrigation Lake is as beautiful as a dream in Quang Ninh, few people know about it

Na Mo Lake Binh Lieu is different from the majestic border landscape, beautiful terraced fields. This hydroelectric lake, located in Vo Ngai commune, Binh Lieu, is located between the green mountains and forests, with a wide view, giving visitors a new feeling when coming to experience.

How to get to Na Mo  Binh Lieu

Transportation to this beautiful irrigation lake is quite easy. From the center of Vo Ngai commune, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to travel on a wide concrete road, about 2 km long. This is one of the first and largest artificial lakes in the district, both providing domestic water for irrigation and forming a favorable campus to promote tourism and service activities.

Location of Lake Na Mo Binh Lieu

The lake is located on high terrain, in the contiguous area of ​​the villages of Na Mo, Khe Lanh… With a total area mobilized for the construction of the lake about 27ha, after completion, Na Mo lake will store water created. large, majestic landscape area. The lake bed area has an area of ​​about 235,000m2, water storage capacity of 0.6 million m3.

What to do at Na Mo Lake in Binh Lieu

The aquatic life of the lake is quite rich and cool, originating from Keo Cai peak (Dai Thanh commune, Tien Yen district). The unique feature is that the lake is located in the middle of a valley in high terrain, with beautiful views. From the high point of the lake area, you can see an overview of the entire lake and surrounding villages such as: Na Luong, Na Mo, Khe Lanh…

The lake has a large space, there are many scenic spots, camping or strolling along the lakeside road to enjoy the fresh air of the forest trees. Surrounding the lake is the natural landscape, the green color of immense pine and acacia forests… stretching along flat terrain or coincident with the altitude and low of the terrain… The interesting point is the end of the lake area. Na Mo also has a beautiful majestic Bam River waterfall pouring from the rich water source of the lake.

As a new destination, Na Mo Lake brings the feeling of experiencing the harmony between the man-made “work” and the natural landscape of the mountains and forests. Currently, after completion, the lake is handed over to a specialized unit for management to ensure the safety of irrigation and lake operation. It is known that the area around Na Mo Lake is being oriented to grow indigenous trees such as anise, department, pine to create a landscape, release fish into the lake to create aquatic resources.

With that advantage, it is known that according to the orientation for the period of 2021 – 2025, with a vision to 2030, Na Mo lake has been proposed by Binh Lieu district to be added to the development planning of service tourism, eco-tourism, opening up. potential exploitation direction, creating more destinations for tourists when coming to Binh Lieu.

Conclusion: Na Mo lake Binh Lieu

Hai Phong Tours has just introduced to you Na Mo Lake Binh Lieu: Irrigation Lake is as beautiful as a dream in Quang Ninh, few people know about it. Hope this will be a new destination in your travel trip!

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