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Nam Dinh specialty: 7 Best dishes tourist must try one in life

Nam Dinh specialty: Nam Dinh is located very close to Hanoi, so it is often chosen as a backpacking destination for young Hanoians. Nam Dinh is not only a province with many attractive backpacking spots, but also has many delicious and cheap specialties. If you are learning about Nam Dinh specialties, please refer to these special dishes of Nam Dinh.

Thanh Nam Chopsticks Vermicelli

This is a delicious dish in Nam Dinh that you can hardly find anywhere else, you should try it when you come to Nam Dinh. This dish is called Bun Chop because it is as big as a chopstick, normally Bun Bo Hue is quite big but Bun Chop is much bigger. Bun chopsticks usually have a broth of crab, water spinach, vegetables, oregano. If you want to eat Thanh Nam chopsticks, you should go to the sidewalk restaurants in the markets of Ngo Ngang, Dragon Market or Hang Dong Street.

Nam Dinh beef noodle specialty

Beef noodle soup is the most famous specialty dish in Nam Dinh, so if you go around the provinces across the country, you will surely come across many Nam Dinh beef noodle shops. The beef noodle soup of the Nam Dinh people does not know what secret is that the broth is very fragrant and rich, eating better than the pho of other places.

If you have ever eaten Nam Dinh beef noodle soup in Hanoi or anywhere and found it delicious, when you come to Nam Dinh, remember to eat the original beef noodle soup to see if there is any difference. Some famous beef noodle shops in Nam Dinh are Pho Dan at 142 Extended Bac Ninh Street and Pho Tung shop at 23 Hang Tien Street.


The next rustic specialty in Nam Dinh that people can buy as a gift is candied rice, a white sweet candy shaped like a pig or a dog. Today, candies are sold in many places across the country, but you probably don’t know where it comes from, right? Then, Nam Dinh is the hometown of this sweet candy, when you eat it, remember to drink a sip of hot tea. Candies are sold everywhere in Nam Dinh, so it is not difficult for you to buy this specialty.

Siu Chau Candy

Siu Chau candy is like peanut candy, the ingredients to make Siu Chau candy also include peanuts, malt, sugar, and sesame, so when you eat it, it’s both fat and fat without sticking to your teeth. The advantage of Siu Chau candy is that it can be kept for a long time, about 6 months on average. This is also a delicious, nutritious and cheap specialty in Nam Dinh that you should not miss when traveling to Nam Dinh.

Grilled fish upside down

Grilled fish upside down is a unique traditional dish in Nam Dinh that people here often make on holidays, Tet or a feast. To make grilled fish dish upside down, people often choose the thickest, freshest fish, then marinate the spices to absorb and then bake, when grilled, people spread a little straw underneath and then put the fish on it.

Then people put the pot upside down and then cover with straw, rice husks on the pot to burn for 4 to 10 hours to finish. To eat this grilled fish, you will have to wait a long time, but if you can eat it, you will definitely remember it forever. If you want to eat grilled fish upside down, either you have an acquaintance in Nam Dinh and ask them to cook it or contact the restaurant in Nam Dinh in advance to see how it goes.

Nam Dinh sticky rice

Going back to Nam Dinh, you remember to enjoy the delicious, nutritious and cheap traditional sticky rice with the sticky taste of sticky rice, the aromatic flesh of char siu, sausages and add a viscous sauce. A bowl of sticky rice costs about 15k, when eating you just mix it up and enjoy. Although sticky rice is delicious, eating a lot will be boring, you should not eat much.

If you want to eat this delicious and attractive dish in Nam Dinh, you can go to sticky rice shops on Hang Sat or Hoang Van Thu streets.

Spring rolls Giao Thuy

One more answer to the question that Nam Dinh tourism should eat something is a specialty of spring rolls in Giao Thuy district. It is almost like sour spring rolls, the ingredients are made of raw pork, pork skin with other spices, then squeezed into a big bunch of spring rolls and wrapped in banana leaves.

When eating spring rolls, remember to combine with fig leaves, cloves or herbs, dipping with sour and spicy sauce is the best. If you come to Giao Thuy district, you can buy this dish at shops selling spring rolls and spring rolls.

In addition, there are still some other delicious dishes in Nam Dinh such as:

  • Kenh village roll cake: If you want to eat, go to Hang Song, Van Mieu, and Thanh Chung streets
  • Gai cake: Gai cake is sold in many places in Nam Dinh so it will not be difficult for you to find
  • Tieu Pao: This is a kind of cake that is almost like a moon cake
  • Longan cake: Longan cake is crispy and sweet, made from sugar, fat, eggs, sticky rice, not from longan fruit.
  • Che Kho: Che kho is a dish made from green beans, which is quite sweet when eaten, so you won’t be able to eat much.

Final thoughts: Nam Dinh specialty

Above is list of Nam Dinh specialty: 7 Best dishes tourist must try one in life. Hai Phong Tours hopes this help!

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