Nui Coc Lake Thai Nguyen travel experience

Nui Coc Lake Thai Nguyen travel experience: 6 Important notes tourist MUST read

The following Nui Coc Lake Thai Nguyen travel experiences will be very helpful if you are planning to travel here. Hai Phong Tours is very happy to share with you.

Where is Nui Coc Lake in Thai Nguyen?

Where is Nui Coc Lake? Nui Coc Lake is the name of an artificial freshwater lake in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam, 16km west of Thai Nguyen city, nearly 100km from Hanoi city. This is one of the attractive tourist attractions of Thai Nguyen province as well as an attractive tourist destination for tourists. Moreover, Nui Coc Lake is associated with the legend of the love story of Cong and Coc, which touched many people.

When is the right time to visit Nui Coc Lake?

When is the best time to go to Nui Coc Lake? You can go on a trip to Nui Coc Lake at any time of the year, because this is a tourist area that has been exploited by humans and turned into a place to relax and have fun. Depending on your backpacking experience, you should travel in the period from March to August and combine with nearby locations.

You should avoid going to Nui Coc Lake in the winter, because the scenery is nothing special, but if you simply go to Nui Coc Lake to rest, relieve stress and immerse yourself in the wonderful space of the natural scenery, you can go in this season.

Means of transportation to Nui Coc Lake

Means of transportation to get to Nui Coc Lake. Traveling to Nui Coc Lake – Thai Nguyen has a lot of vehicles for you to choose from and currently traveling by bus and traveling by motorbike is the most popular.

If you are in the Central or the South, you should take a plane or a bus to Hanoi and travel together or catch a bus at Mien Dong bus station to Saigon – Thai Nguyen.

Experience traveling to Nui Coc Lake in 2021, with a bus from Hanoi, you can take the My Dinh – Thai Nguyen bus, or some cars to Cao Bang, Ba Can, Lao Cai, … all go through Thai Nguyen bus station. After arriving at Thai Nguyen wharf, you can rent a motorbike taxi, take a taxi, take a bus to Nui Coc Lake tourist area. If you have not forgotten, you should ask the driver to get off the nearest point to the lake.

In addition to traveling by bus, traveling to Nui Coc Lake by motorbike or self-driving car will help you be more active and have special interesting experiences.

Traveling to Nui Coc Lake by motorbike, you can follow these two main roads:

  • Thai Nguyen – Bo Dau – Cu Van – Ha Thuong – Dai Tu – Nui Coc Lake: With this route you will pass through the most famous Banh Chung village in Thai Nguyen.
  • Thai Nguyen City – Dan – Tan Cuong – Nui Coc Lake: If you follow this route, you will be captivated by the vast, gentle, green Tan Cuong tea hills on both sides of the road.

Hotels and motels in Nui Coc Lake area

Where to go when traveling to Nui Coc Lake? There are quite a lot of schedules to go on a trip to Nui Coc Lake, maybe you can go on a day trip or combine with nearby places for two, three days, etc. And often day trippers will not be interested in overnight accommodation. .

But for those who travel for many days, they must definitely rent motels and hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. Thai Nguyen to stay overnight. Therefore, to avoid the case of room fires, or take too much time to find a room, you should book a room online in advance. Here are some hotels that are rented by many tourists, you can refer to:

– Dong A Hotel 1: 142 Hoang Van Thu – Thai Nguyen city. 13km from Nui Coc Lake, double room price: 400,000 VND/night.

– Hoang Mam Minh Cau Hotel: No. 2, Minh Cau – Thai Nguyen City – 13km from Nui Coc Lake, double room price: 450,000VND/night.

– Thai Duong Hotel: 600k / room / 2 people. Surcharge if sharing 200k/person.

– Union Hotel, Ba Cay Thong Hotel: 300k/person/

– Doan 16 guesthouse: Located right in Nui Coc tourist area. Room price is quite good: 250,000 VND / room, Vip room is 400,000 VND (with cooking on request).

In addition, with high-end resorts and hotels, you should book online in advance.

Things to do at Nui Coc Lake area

  • Caves
  • Sightseeing and watching water music
  • Visiting the Theory of Causality – Golden Waterfall Pagoda
  • Visit 3 legendary caves
  • Join 8 thrilling games
  • Have fun, cool off at the water park
  • Game Roller Coaster
  • Dragon Boat Game
  • Flying saucer game
  • Duck riding game
  • Slide game
  • Water park
  • Game Tram Crash

Ticket price to visit Nui Coc Lake

  • Persons 1.2m or taller: 130,000 VND
  • Elderly people: 90,000 VND.
  • Children under 1.2m tall: free.

Included services:

  • Visit and watch water music.
  • Visit Theory of Causation & Golden Waterfall Pagoda.
  • Visit 3 legendary caves.
  • Join 8 thrilling games.
  • Have fun, cool off at the water park.
  • Food and drink: 80,000 VND
  • Cruise: 35,000 VND/person.

What to eat at Nui Coc Lake eco-tourism area?

What to eat at Nui Coc Lake eco-tourism area? The specialties of Nui Coc Lake eco-tourism area are dishes with bold nature, mountains and forests. Experience for you should book everything in advance, because the number of guests coming here is quite crowded, and the quality of service is quite different from that of the plain. However, that does not mean that retail customers, unbooked guests will There is no place to eat but there are also restaurants outside the lake gate ready to serve you with an extremely rich and diverse menu.

Final thoughts: Nui Coc Lake Thai Nguyen travel experience

Above is Nui Coc Lake Thai Nguyen travel experience: 6 Important notes tourist MUST read. Hope this help.

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