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10 Best restaurant in Thuy Nguyen traveler must visit one in life

The following Best restaurant in Thuy Nguyen may help your trip become more memorable. When traveling to Thuy Nguyen, in addition to visiting tourist attractions, cuisine here is also very important. Therefore, Hai Phong Tours would like to share with you the 10 Best restaurant in Thuy Nguyen traveler must visit once in life.

1. Morning Tea Thuy Nguyên

For those of you who are passionate about milk tea, Morning Tea Thuy Nguyen is a restaurant not to be missed. The price of milk tea here is only from 15,000 to 50,000 VND. There are many kinds of Pudding, jelly, Flan, cream cheese … The view here is very good, suitable for young people who like to “live virtual”. The address is located at 38 October 25 street – Nui Deo area – Thuy Nguyen.

2. Cháo lòng và tiết nóng Phố Mới

If you are looking for a porridge shop and hot blood in Thuy Nguyen Mountain, then come to Pho Moi restaurant. The delicious, filling bowls of porridge will make you feel ecstatic. Porridge and hot blood served with cinnamon, herbs, green onions and ground pepper are extremely delicious. The price here is only from 5,000-50,000 / piece. The address of this delicious Thuy Nguyen restaurant is at 38 Thuy Son – Thuy Nguyen – Mountain Deo area.

3. Tony Milk Tea

One more milk tea shop in the list of 10 delicious restaurants in Thuy Nguyen. That’s Tony Milk Tea. The shop has very special milk tea recipes. The cup of milk tea is decorated very eye-catching. The shop is mixed between 4 main colors such as: White, gray, yellow and brown wood, in addition to beautiful and cute plant pots to create a cool atmosphere, taking many beautiful photos.

The price of each cup of milk tea is only from 20,000-50,000 VND. The address of the shop is located at 29 Da Nang – Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong.

4. Tram Coffee 92 Train Station

Coffee Station 92 Train Station is a delicious coffee shop in Thuy Nguyen that you should try. With dark colors and eye-catching decoration, this is really a luxurious place to check-in. When you come here, you will enjoy the taste of matcha prepared according to the restaurant’s own secret. Moreover, the decoration on the cup of milk tea is very beautiful and attractive.

The shop serves many other drinks and cakes for guests. The price is from 25,000-40,000 VND/cup. Although the price is a bit high, but the quality is very good. Address: 92 Thuy Son, Thuy Duong, Thuy Nguyen.

5. 96 Cafe – Food & Drinks

96 Cafe – Food & Drinks is the next Thuy Nguyen Restaurant on this list. Here selling super cheap drinks and snacks for those who want to hunt for cheap food and drinks in Thuy Nguyen. 96 Cafe – Food & Drinks always brings a comfortable and friendly feeling when coming to the shop. The quality of the drinks is delicious, the price is cheap, the staff is quick to serve, so it is highly appreciated by many people. The price of about 10,000-30,000 VND is quite cheap compared to the market. Address: TL 352 – Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong.

6. Spice Thuy Nguyen restaurant

The dishes at Spice Thuy Nguyen Restaurant are prepared by the chef and are very tasty and eye-catching. The price is only from 150,000-400,000 VND / dish. The space is spacious and airy, suitable for exchange parties, meetings, group meetings, class meetings and family meetings.

7. Bún Đậu Mẹt – Nui Deo market

Thuy Nguyen has quite a lot of delicious dishes, including Bun Dau Met – Nui Deo Market. There are a variety of meals for guests, including 1 person, 2 people and soft drinks, corn milk for others. Bun Dau Met served with shrimp paste, surf beans, roasted peanuts is very attractive. The price is from 30,000-50,000 VND depending on the meal you choose.

8. Tamaya Japanese Restaurant

In Thuy Nguyen, there is also a “hot” Japanese-style dining spot. Most of the dishes here and the layout and staff uniforms are in Japanese style. The price is from 120,000-500,000 VND / dish, the restaurant is located in Vsip Hai Phong – Thuy Nguyen industrial zone.

9. Việt – Hàn restaurant

In addition to Japanese delicacies, there is also Korean Cuisine available at Thuy Nguyen. You can’t miss Korean – Vietnamese food served with Korean kimchi and seaweed rice rolls, etc. at this delicious Thuy Nguyen Restaurant. The price is from 15,000-1,000,000 VND, address at 27 Da Nang, Nui Deo Town – Thuy Nguyen.

10. O2 Karaoke – Bach Dang

If you want to find a karaoke place in Thuy Nguyen Hai Phong to socialize with friends and relatives, don’t miss O2 Karaoke – Bach Dang. Discreet, modern karaoke room space and standard screen and sound. Service price 50,000-200,000 VND / hour, O2 Karaoke is located on Bach Dang street, Nui Deo area – Thuy Nguyen.

Final thought: restaurant in Thuy Nguyen

Hai Phong Tours has just shared with you 10 delicious restaurants Thuy Nguyen must visit once. Hope this is useful information, save it to have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy. Wish you and your friends and family have an interesting experience with Thuy Nguyen land!

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