Review of ATM Coffee Haiphong

Review ATM Coffee Haiphong: A Korean flavored Coffee Shop in 2023

Latest Review of ATM Coffee Haiphong. What makes ATM Coffee Haiphong Special? Why is the café so crowded? Let’s explore with Haiphong Tours!

Overview of ATM Coffee Haiphong

ATM Coffee Haiphong is located at 282 Hang Kenh, Le Chan District, bustling in Haiphong. Here, patrons can enjoy the authentic Korean ambiance of the café. Every detail and corner exude the elegance and sophistication of the establishment.

Location of ATM Coffee Haiphong

ATM Coffee Haiphong is situated on Hang Kenh Street, Le Chan District, in the city of Haiphong. Despite not being on the main road, the café consistently attracts extraordinary attention from a large number of customers.

  • Address: 282 Hang Kenh, Le Chan District, Haiphong 180000
  • Operating hours: From 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily
  • Phone number: 0225 3119 108
  • Overall rating: 3.7 stars from the community & over 100 stars from Shopee Food
  • Peak hours: From 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM | 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM”
Review ATM Coffee Haiphong
Review ATM Coffee Haiphong

Review of the Location of ATM Coffee Haiphong

Despite being situated on Hang Kenh Street, which is not a main road in the city, ATM Coffee Haiphong still attracts a large number of customers. ATM Coffee Haiphong is not just a place to enjoy coffee, but also a unique and cozy relaxation space. With meticulous decoration and a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, the café creates a distinct and impressive ambiance.

In addition to the indoor space, the café also boasts a beautiful outdoor area, allowing customers to relax under the sunlight or warm golden lights in the evening. This is an ideal destination for friend gatherings, group meetups, or unwinding after a stressful workday.

Coffee Flavors at ATM Coffee Haiphong

With its unique coffee style, ATM Coffee Haiphong is renowned for the distinctive flavors of Korea. The café selects high-quality coffee beans from renowned growing regions, creating rich, flavorful, and enticing cups of coffee.

In particular, ATM Coffee is known for the traditional Korean coffee brewing method – “Drip Brewing,” which produces smooth, robustly flavored coffee with a moderate caffeine content, ensuring an excellent experience for customers.

Service at ATM Coffee Hai Phong

The staff at ATM Coffee Haiphong are always enthusiastic and dedicated to customers. They not only assist in selecting signature Korean-style coffee varieties but also readily provide advice and share interesting information about Korean coffee and cuisine.

The service is fast and efficient, minimizing customer wait times. The professionalism and dedication of the staff create a comfortable and satisfying experience for every visitor. While delivering a unique Korean coffee experience and beautiful ambiance, ATM Coffee Haiphong maintains reasonable and affordable prices. This helps the café attract a diverse range of customers and become a favorite choice for all age groups.

Menu at ATM Coffee Hai Phong

ATM Coffee – Hang Kenh offers not only coffee but also a variety of other delicious and nutritious beverages.

Conclusion: Review of ATM Coffee Haiphong

Overall, ATM Coffee Haiphong is an ideal destination for coffee enthusiasts and those eager to explore the unique culinary style of Korea. With its beautiful space, bold coffee flavors, and professional service, this café is truly worth a visit.

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