Sa Vi Quang Ninh Travel Experience: All information tourists Must read

Sa Vi Quang Ninh Travel Experience: All information tourists Must read

Sa Vi Quang Ninh, the leading region of the country, attracts backpackers with wild beautiful scenery and is the most beautiful place to watch the dawn in the North. With the super fun experiences of traveling to Sa Vi cape in Quang Ninh, the following super experiences promise to help you have a memorable trip.

Coordinates of Sa Vi Quang Ninh

Where is Sa Vi Quang Ninh? This backpacking place has an address in Tra Co ward, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province. Sa Vi Cape is about 350km from the center of Hanoi, attracting tourists with its peaceful beauty, white sand beaches and super-beautiful and super-quality shooting angles. You can travel to Sa Vi Quang Ninh at any time of the year, ideally from April to July.

At this time, the scenery is beautiful, it rains less, it is convenient to travel and swim in Tra Co beach.

How to travel to Sa Vi Quang Ninh?

Experience traveling to Sa Vi cape in Quang Ninh, departing from Hanoi, you can go by many different means of transport to this place. If you do not know the way, you should take a bus from My Dinh bus station with Ka Long bus station to Mong Cai bus station, then take bus route 07 to Sa Vi.

If you want to take the initiative to go back and forth, you can go by motorbike along National Highway 5 to the direction of Lang Son, Bac Ninh and turn onto Highway 18 to Pha Lai, Mong Cai. From Mong Cai city, you follow Tran Nhan Tong street and go straight through Trang Vi to reach Sa Vi.

Regarding means of transportation when exploring Sa Vi cape, you can take a taxi, motorbike taxi or taxi depending on the number of people going and each person’s pocket when traveling to Quang Ninh.

Where to go, what to do when traveling to Sa Vi Quang Ninh?

Traveling to Sa Vi Cape, Quang Ninh, you will be impressed with the way to move here, the two sides are planted with beautiful purple myrtle flowers to stop and take pictures. The bas-relief of 3 pines reaching up to the sky is a favorite place for many tourists when coming to Sa Vi, to take souvenir photos.

Standing from Sa Vi cape, visitors will admire the panoramic beauty of Tra Co beach from afar along with extremely majestic natural scenery. Few people know that Sa Vi cape is the first place to welcome dawn in our country. You can wake up early in the morning to capture the full beauty of this place and do not forget to choose the most virtual living corner with the first glimmer of sunlight of the day.

Another attractive destination for tourists when coming to Sa Vi is the Sa Vi border promotion information cluster with a poplar shape cast in galvanized concrete. From this place, visitors will admire the beautiful long stretches of poplar forest. Take a walk under the ocean to admire the scenery, relax the peaceful atmosphere here.

Traveling to Sa Vi cape, you cannot ignore the beautiful Tra Co beach to relax, swim and walk around the beach. Tra Co sea water is clear blue, smooth white sand and gentle slope is not only suitable for swimming, but you can also participate in many interesting fun activities.

Notes when traveling to Sa Vi Quang Ninh

  • Exploring Sa Ky Cape usually visitors will go home during the day, but if you want to stay overnight, you can choose a motel here with prices ranging from 180,000 VND/night.
  • What should Sa Vi Quang Ninh eat? Food service at Sa Vi cape has not yet developed much, so you can go to the area along Tra Co beach to eat and drink with many seafood restaurants. Many kinds of fresh seafood such as squid, surface, snails, etc., especially the specialty of Tien Yen cassava, Tien Yen hill chicken, sea sam, and other delicacies from Mong Cai island.
  • The road to Sa Vi cape is quite beautiful, mainly the concrete road is very easy to go, but you also pay attention to the safe speed during the journey.
    You can combine shopping for all kinds of items from clothes, shoes, electronics, seafood of all kinds at Mong Cai market.

Final thoughts

Hai Phong Tours has just share with you Sa Vi Quang Ninh Travel Experience. Hope this helps! Thank you for reading.

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