sat market hai phong

Sat market

Sat market is one of the attractive destinations when visiting Hai Phong city. For a long time, this commercial center is a familiar address not only for Hai Phong people, but every visitor coming here to buying something special also learn about a famous and unique place of the port city.

The name “Sat Market” itself also shows the unique property that Hai Phong owns along with “Rao bridge” and “Dat bridge”. The name of Sat market is explained that: The market was built in the late 19th century, under the French colonial period with large house. The main material was steel, cement foundation, water tower, so it was called “Iron market”. The market is located on the banks of the confluence of Cam and Tam Bac rivers and is the largest market in Hai Phong city. Before that, this place was a bustling An Bien fair market with sellers and buyers.

Well-known market in Hai Phong

Sat Market was once famous and “so popular” that anyone who goes to Sat Market is the best who has a stall here is considered “branded”. Therefore, the daily market not only welcomes customers to buy and sell, but this is also an attractive address for visitors whenever they have the opportunity to Hai Phong. People all over the country know Sat market with a name worthy of being compared to the most famous markets such as Dong Xuan (Hanoi), Dong Ba (Hue), or Ben Thanh (Ho Chi Minh City). In the glorious years, especially in the 80s of the 20th century, Iron Market was the most noticeable commercial center in the North.

Hitech stuffs sold at Sat market hai phong
Hitech stuffs sold at Sat market hai phong

This is a wholesale hub for all kinds of medium and high-class goods for the neighboring areas of Hai Phong. Because of being famous, Hanoi people at that time heard the name of Sat market also could not ignore the opportunity to go to Hai Phong and to Iron Market. To the extent that people still compare to the Hanoi people can not help but know Hai Phong. And going to Hai Phong without going to Sat market is considered as not knowing Hai Phong.

It is true that the time of reverberation, Iron Market with all kinds of fainting goods, even those that can not be bought anywhere else, is really a “dream” destination of any shopper. Sat Market brings together thousands of business households, creating success and wealth for the merchants doing business in the market and they were proud to own the stall in this market. Iron Market becomes the pride of the port city.

Former design of Sat Market Haiphong

In May 1992, Sat market Haiphong was built into a six-storey trade and service center. Surface area of 13,210m2; using area 39,824m2. Floors 1, 2, 3 is a place of business with more than 2,000 stalls. Floors 4, 5 and 6 are the hotel, restaurant, dance hall and other representative offices. Iron Market is not crowded with sellers and buyers as a time, but the brand of a famous market still attracts the curiosity of every visitor when having the opportunity to return to Hai Phong.

cho sat haiphong in the past
cho sat haiphong in the past

You can find here a space of four charming waves when you have the opportunity to enjoy food or refreshments on the 3rd floor and 4th floor restaurants. On the top floor, visitors drop their soul, watch the four on the side of Tam Bac and Lap rivers, Cam is poetic, mixed with the development and expansion of multi-storey buildings, bustling traffic of the vibrant city. But also, visitors find themselves buying for their electronics, household items and relatively cheap prices here.

Sat market may be an exciting start, but it is also considered the end of the journey to explore Hai Phong city when it connects with landmarks in the city center such as Tam Bac Lake, Exhibition Hall, Statue of General Le Chan, Flower Shop, Square and City Theater, Hai Phong Port..Tam Bac bus station is close to Sat market which is an advantage for those who do not follow the group to start or end the journey to discover the port city.


The Sat Market Haiphong is easy to visit, so you can go there yourself to find stuffs. But please aware of pickpocket and always bargin before buy things. Most of people there do not speak English. So if you need a interpreter, please contact Hai Phong Tours to have a guide accompanied.

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