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Top 5 best shops to sell imported fruits in Hai Phong

Imported fruits in Hai Phong always attract gourmets. The quality and safety of imported food is always said to be better. Therefore, the cost of buying imported fruits will also be higher. If you want to buy cheap fruit, you should probably skip this article!!! Let read this post by Hai Phong Tours to find out the Top 5 best shops to sell imported fruits in Hai Phong!

F5 Fruitshop Hai Phong

F5 Fruitshop Hai Phong is a reputable store specializing in providing high-class imported fruits with clear origins from the most famous gardeners in the world. F5 Fruitshop Hai Phong is the address for sisters and mothers to choose safe and quality products for their families to use every day. Besides, we can choose for ourselves products with beautiful and luxurious designs to give to our partners or on important occasions at F5 Fruitshop.

F5 Fruitshop Hai Phong provides first-class airline products, full quarantine documents, food safety and hygiene, products that are guaranteed to be the freshest, not fresh, customers return the products to the store. The products customers can find for their needs such as: Australian finger grapes, Sweet Celebration grapes, Envy apples, Kiku apples, Joly Red apples, Egyptian oranges, Australian green grapes, Australian red grapes, pears Weld,…

One Fruit Hai Phong

One Fruit Hai Phong, imported fruits in Hai Phong, is a store selling high-class imported clean fruits and Vietnamese garden fruits to serve customers’ needs for safe fruits. Coming to One Fruit Hai Phong, customers can choose for themselves a lot of fruits such as: French green kiwi, Australian finger grapes, An Phuoc red whip, Korean pear, Peruvian red pomegranate, Korean crispy persimmon, Dai Dai na dai. Loan, Korean strawberry, Hoa Loc mango, yellow flesh orange, …

One Fruit Hai Phong clean fruit store is committed to clean, quality fruit, not close to the date, products updated daily, fresh and delicious, say no to non-quality fruits. One Fruit clean fruit shop brings fresh fruits with full gloss combined with sweet taste and natural aroma, green, fresh stalks, keeping the white chalk layer that looks very pleasing and attractive to the eye. , smell and taste. Customers can safely choose One Fruit to buy and use products.

  • One Fruit số 1: 171 Đình Đông, 0936.555.675
  • One Fruit số 2: 114 Bạch Đằng, Thuỷ Nguyên 0834.648.556
  • One Fruit số 3: 66 Phạm Minh Đức: 0934.381.786
  • One Fruit số 4: 400 Tôn Đức Thắng, 0705.709.023
  • Hotline: 0225 6277 770
  • Facebook: Phong-394666434317754/

Leaf Fruit Shop Hai Phong

Hai Phong Imported Fruits Leaf Fruit is a store that brings fresh, clean and quality fruits to the market. The fruits of this Hai Phong import fruit shop are clean foods that create delicious, nutritious and healthy drinks. We can search for suitable fruits such as: Envy apples of all sizes, Rockit, Queen, Gala, Jazz, Cherry, Kiwi, seedless grapes, oranges, pears, plums, peaches, Korean milk grapes, green grapes NP, NP black grapes, candy red grapes, Japanese melons, etc.

Leaf Fruit store will be a great choice for customers who like to eat fresh fruits, natural flavors create freshness for their bodies. Leaf Fruit store is committed to 100% original products, saying no to poor quality products, customers can rest assured to choose Leaf Fruit to buy fruit for family meals, buy fruit as gifts, …

H2 Fruit Hai Phong

H2 Fruit, imported fruits in Hai Phong, specializes in supplying and bringing clean and reputable imported fruits to its customers. H2 Fruit Hai Phong store commits to its customers so that customers can use the store’s products with peace of mind such as:

  • Imported goods directly, without intermediaries
  • Covering the whole market for customers
  • Fresh products, many choices
  • Full import papers, certificates of food hygiene and safety.
  • Special commitment to return products 100% for defective or damaged goods

At the H2 Fruit store, there are fresh and juicy green products: oranges, mangoes, avocados, na, coconuts, Australian cherries, Korean strawberries, seedless green grapes, candied red grapes, blueberries, and Taiwanese pomegranates. , Taiwan na dai, Taiwan melon, Japan milk melon, Australian tangerine, French organic Juliet apple, New Zealand Rockit apple, New Zealand Rockit apple, American Envy apple, Korean Fuji apple, Korean brown pear, Australian yellow flesh orange, Australian red-fleshed oranges, New Zealand yellow kiwis, New Zealand green kiwis, etc. serve the diverse needs of customers.

EUS fruit Hai Phong

EUS fruit Hai Phong is a reputable store for imported fruits in Hai Phong, clean fruit, imported fruit, and reputable Vietnamese fruit in Hai Phong. EUS fruit Hai Phong owns a team of staff knowledgeable about the market and directly in Europe, EUS fruit: “The origin of fruit is clear, 100% of officially imported fruits meet food hygiene and safety standards approved by EUS fruit. import and retail distribution in European standard cold storage.”

EUS fruit Hai Phong store now updates a lot of fresh fruits: Korean pear, Juliet Organic apple, American cherry, Rockit Organic, Ambrosia, Envy apple, Kiku apple, Joly Red apple, Egyptian orange, Australian green grape , Australian red grapes, Korean pears, Australian tangerines, Canadian cherries, New Zealand kiwis, Australian crimson grapes, American Royal black currants, etc. EUS fruit store is always a committed fruit:

  • 100% fresh fruit – clean, no preservatives
  • Official import, full papers: bill, quarantine, customs declaration
  • Refund if the quality is not as described.
  • Customers can feel secure when buying fruit at EUS fruit store because the inspection and documents are very complete.

Contact Info:


  • No. 120 Luong Khanh Thien, City. Hai Phong; Hotline: 0948.039.899 VND
  • No. 315D Da Nang Street, City. Hai Phong; Hotline: 0985.198.279 VND
  • No. 185 Tran Thanh Ngo, Kien An, City. Hai Phong; Hotline: 0934.316.158
  • No. 41 Ton Duc Thang, Le Chan, City. Hai Phong; Hotline: 0869.829.808 VND
  • No. 31 Nguyen Binh, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong; Hotline: 0934 316 158 – 077 238 8881
  • 97A Nguyen Duc Canh – Hai Phong; Hotline: 0981 886 488
  • No. 32 Da Nang, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong; Hotline:0961 666 340
  • Boutique house 02 – 05 Vinhome Imperia Hai Phong; Hotline: 0913 231 115
  • Hotline: 0869 829 808
  • Facebook:

Final thought of imported fruits in Hai Phong

Hopefully with Top 5 best shops to sell imported fruits in Hai Phong, you will find a place to buy the safest, cleanest and most satisfactory food. wish you good health!

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