Cát Hải dừng đón khách du lịch

Since 7/May, Cat Hai stops to welcome tourists

The People’s Committee of Cat Hai district (Hai Phong) issued Document No. 798 / UBND-YT dated May 6 on stopping to welcome tourists from 0:00 on May 7, 2021.
According to the guiding document, all businesses, units and local agencies in Cat Hai district will have to stop welcoming tourists to visit. At the same time, all religious establishments, beliefs and places for private activities and groups of religious activities have been stopped in the district. Stop crowded activities in public areas, green campuses, eco-tourism areas, beaches …

Cat Hai district strengthens propaganda and encourages people to postpone or delay the wedding, replacing it with happy announcement. For funerals to minimize the number of people to visit, attend funerals by sending a representative to avoid crowding; encourage cremation. Funerals strictly follow disease prevention and control measures according to regulations of the health sector. Encourage people to stop, postpone, not organize festivals, meetings, exchanges, longevity, their death anniversary, mass gathering events and other community activities.

Restaurants for indoor eating and drinking, require cleaning and disinfection, hand disinfection, at least 1m distance between people, do not use shared items, encourage sales to take home. home.

In case of failure to fully satisfy the disease prevention and control conditions under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, it is required to suspend operation until Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control is ensured.

Cadres, civil servants and public employees who do not leave the city area (in special cases, it is necessary to consult the Standing District Party Committee).

In addition, the control post in the district operating from 0:00 on 7/5 includes 22 officers and employees including the district police, the district health center, Cat Hai Border Guard …

Source: https://thanhphohaiphong.gov.vn

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