Son La specialty

Son La specialty: Top 8 Best traditional dishes tourist must try

Son La specialty: Son La is a famous tourist province in the North of Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes and delicious dishes. If you are wondering what to eat when traveling to Son La and what delicious specialties Son La has, please immediately see the information about delicious Son La dishes with this eating address.

Peach garden salmon

The first specialty dish in Son La must be mentioned is the peach garden salmon in Moc Chau. Salmon in Moc Chau peach garden is raised quite a lot, so tourists coming to enjoy it often do not have to eat frozen food, but most of them can eat fresh food. The most delicious dishes made from salmon are spring rolls, sushi, deep-fried salmon and hot pot.

If you want to eat the freshest and sweetest salmon dishes, go to the peach garden in Moc Chau farm town, if you don’t know the way, call the phone number of Vuon Dao restaurant 091 215 83 78 Let them give directions or reserve a table in advance.

Pa Binh Top grilled fish

The next rustic specialty dish in Son La that people cannot ignore is Pa Pinh Top grilled fish. The grilled fish chosen are usually fish caught from the Da River or from the stream, which are marinated according to the ethnic people’s own recipe here, so the meat is especially fragrant and delicious. If you want to eat the most delicious grilled fish, contact one of the households in the tourist village or eat at the following restaurants:

Shop Xuan Bac 181: AH 13, Highway 6, Moc Chau
Salad shop & grilled fish – Northwest specialty: Rung pine lakeside Ang, Dong Sang, Moc Chau
Shop 64 in Chieng Di Area, Nong Truong Town Moc Chau (096 981 16 66)

Nam Pia

Another unique traditional dish in Son La is nam pia – a dish made from the organs of animals such as intestines, hearts, livers, stomachs, lungs, and pia (young feces) in the middle of the stomach. and large intestine. Nam pia is made from the offal of cows, pigs, goats, buffaloes or horses. Nam pi when cooked looks a bit horrible and the smell is also a bit faint but if you dare to eat it, you will definitely like it.

Where to eat Nam pi in Son La?

Bo Ban Restaurant: Provincial Road 106, Chieng Xom
Ethnic restaurant: Quyet Thang ward, AH13 street

Buffalo meat hang on the kitchen

Kitchen buffalo meat is not only a famous specialty in Son La but also a specialty of the ethnic people living in the Northwest mountains. This dish is made from the meat of healthy buffalo, using the best thigh or tough meat to make. Thanks to its own seasoning recipe, the buffalo meat in the kitchen of the Son La people does not smell bad.

After marinating the spices to infuse, the ethnic people here often hang it on the kitchen floor so that the buffalo meat is cooked gradually and smells of smoke, so when you eat it, you will feel a little smoky taste of buffalo meat. There is nothing more wonderful than this specialty dish that is sipped with can wine. Kitchen buffalo meat is sold a lot in tourist villages or restaurants in Son La, so it will not be difficult for you to enjoy this dish.

Buffalo skin salad

Buffalo skin salad is probably a dish that you can hardly find anywhere else in the country. Buffalo skin salad is a little chewy, a little sweet and sour, a little fleshy and fragrant, so eating is guaranteed to be hard to resist. Buffalo skin mannequin is full of colors, flavors and flavors that will surely make you remember forever. If you want to eat buffalo skin mannequin, it is best to inform the host in a tourist village or restaurant you plan to eat for them to prepare.

Yen Chau seed banana wine

If you are a drinker, you can enjoy the delicious Yen Chau banana wine specialty without having a headache. You can easily buy Yen Chau banana seed wine at tourist sites in Son La, but if you want to buy standard products, you’d better go to sub-zone 1, Yen Chau town of Vietnamese wine joint stock company – France to buy.

The price of a standard bottle of Yen Chau banana seed wine is about 170k / 500ml, so if you have a cheap Yen Chau wine recommendation, you must consider it. This is also one of the famous specialties in Son La that you cannot ignore.

Suoi Bang rock snail

Suoi Bang rock snail is a delicious dish in Son La that attracts tourists, because snails are caught in Bang stream, it still has a bit of natural pungent taste but is still very delicious. Suoi Bang rock snails are as big as jackfruit snails, only caught in Bang stream from April to August every year, so they can’t always be eaten.

Moc Chau veal

The last dish to try when traveling Son La is Moc Chau veal, Moc Chau veal is both chewy and will definitely be a great dish to serve rice or drink. When you travel to Moc Chau, Son La, you will come across a lot of stalls, but you don’t have to eat at any. Here are some delicious veal stalls in Moc Chau, Son La for your reference:

Shop 64 Lan Hong Quan: Chieng Di sub-area, Moc Chau Farm Town
Xuan Bac restaurant: Chieng Di sub-area – Moc Chau farm town
Dong Hai restaurant: Sub-zone 9, Moc Chau town (500m from Son Moc Huong cave)

Final thoughts: Son La specialty

Above Son La specialty: Top 8 Best traditional dishes tourist must try Hai Phong Tours has just shared, hope you would find the best dishes!

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