Son La Travel Experience

Son La Travel Experience: #1 Guide book for first time travelers

Son La Travel Experience below surely helps first time travelers. Let Hai Phong Tours tell you all things to know about this place of interest. Son La is one of the provinces that is quite popular with backpackers because this place has a very diverse terrain, backpackers can go on a motorbike ride along Son La, giving themselves the experience of a youth. beautiful.

About Son La

To have a safe trip to Son La, you should also take the time to learn about this place. Son La city is located at coordinates 21015′ – 21031′ North and 103045′ – 104000′ East, about 302 km northwest of Hanoi. The West and North borders Thuan Chau district, the East borders Muong La district, the South borders Mai Son district.

Son La city is located in a strongly kaste region with complex dissected terrain, high rocky mountains interspersed with hills, valleys and basins.

Best time to travel to Son La

Going to Son La, we need to pay attention to the time. Unlike when you go backpacking in the coastal provinces, backpacking Son La with strongly divided terrain, we should not go in the rainy season. Therefore, the most suitable time is from September to April next year.

The ideal time to travel to Son La, coming to Son La in September, October, we can combine backpacking with some provinces to enjoy the golden rice fields.
Around November, December, going to Son La, you can see white mustard flowers, wild sunflowers, five colors, …
January and February will give us a beautiful view of peach and plum blossoms
And in March and April, coming to Son La, we will have an extremely interesting moment with white ban flowers.
Son La backpacking experience, you should spend at least 2 days to have a meaningful trip and be able to feel all that is the scene, the love of pristine Son La.

How to get to Son La? The way to Son La

On the way to Son La, you can choose different ways to move, depending on your preferences such as where your starting point is. If you want to have a real backpacking trip, we should travel by private vehicle, so that we can explore the wonderful roads to Son La.

Son La travel guide 2021, if you are concerned about the travel distance, we should choose bus routes to Son La. Every day, there will be from 7 to 10 bus trips from My Dinh – Hanoi to Son La. After arriving in Son La, you can contact some addresses to rent motorbikes for backpacking such as:

Tien Phat Company

Address: 430 Tran Dang Ninh, Quyet Thang Ward, City. Son La, Son La
Contact phone number: 022 3752 116
Contact Mr. Minh Duc via phone number 0914 789 500

+ One note is that if you go on a road trip in combination, from Sa Pa, through Son La, we should try

Hostels in Son La for backpackers

Where to go when backpacking Son La? In Son La city, there are quite a few hotels for you to choose from. If you want to save money on a cheap trip to Son La, you can choose a motel in Son La below:

Lam Son guesthouse

Address: Lam Son urban area, Group 12, Chieng Le ward, Son La city, Son La
Phone: 022 3858848 – 0989 641980

Sao Mai Hostel

Address: Group 3, Chieng Le Ward, Son La City, Son La
Phone: 022 3852080

Guest house 26

Address: 108 Le Duan, Quyet Tien ward, Son La city, Son La
Phone: 022 8588999 – 0982 061274

Thuong Anh Hostel

Address: To Hieu Street, Son La City, Son La
Phone: 022 3853340

Phuong Nam Son La Hotel

Address: No. 8 – Hai Ba Trung Street – Group 3 – Quyet Thang Ward – Son La
Phone: 0223854369 – DD:0903495767

Places to visit in Son La

  • Tham Tet Toong Cave: Tham Tet Toong Cave is a famous place in Son La, located about 2 km from the center of Son La city.
  • Moong hot spring in Moong village, Hua La commune. With the water temperature is always from 36 to 38 0 C, the hot spring here can help us relax, and cure some skin diseases.
  • Son La Provincial Museum, an address storing thousands of ancient relics from many generations, coming here, the knowledge about the national culture as well as the history of generations will be provided to us. extra level
  • Visit the epitaph “Que Lam Ngu Che” and the temple of King Le Thai Tong
  • The green Moc Chau plateau is also a favorite place in Son La that you should not miss.
  • Son La stone prison was built by the French colonialists in the last century
  • Son La Hydropower Plant

What to eat, where to eat when coming to Son La?

If you have come to Son La, you should note that you should enjoy at least 4 of the following 10 dishes that are considered specialties of Son La, but there will not be any other places that have dishes with flavors of the plateau. This Moc Chau. That is:

  • Buffalo meat in the kitchen
  • River fish
  • Taro man
  • Noodles
  • Golden stream stone snail
  • Salmon
  • Cabbage cat
  • Five coloured sticky rice
  • Moc Chau Bovine Colostrum

And the following will be some of the delicious restaurants in Son La that are chosen by many backpackers such as:

Border Restaurant

Address: Song Ma district – Son La
Phone: (84-22) 383 6138

Restaurant 559

Giang Lac Street, Group 3, Quyet Thang Ward, Son La
Phone: 022.385.6711

Phong Lan Restaurant

Address: Sub-zone 14, Moc Chau town, Moc Chau district

Binh Toan mountain goat restaurant

Sub-area 70, National Highway 6, Moc Chau Farm Center, Moc Chau District
Phone: 022.376.9181 – 091.587.0999

Nam Hung Restaurant- 70

Address: Chieng Di Sub-area, Moc Chau Farm Center, Moc Chau District
Contact phone: 022.376.9558 – 091.436.8004 – 091.206.5051

Final thoughts: Son La Travel Experience

Above is Son La Travel Experience: #1 Guide book for first time travelers

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