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Top 10 Best Spa in Hai Phong highly recommended by tourists

Best Spa in Hai Phong – Acne treatment and spa for acne are always the hottest keywords, most searched for by many women. Achieving complete acne elimination is a dream for many people. Currently, there are various methods of treating acne such as home skincare, using different acne medications, taking isotretinoin, and more. However, to achieve a complete acne treatment, you should visit spa, acne treatment centers, and dermatology clinics to consult with experts and receive the most suitable treatment plans.

Below are some highly-rated acne treatment spa in Hai Phong, curated by Hai Phong Tours, that you can consider.

1. Nami Spa Beauty & Clinic

Carrying the belief in the mission to awaken the hidden beauty within each individual, Nami Spa Beauty & Clinic consistently strives to deliver the finest services to its customers. Their focus isn’t solely on results; Nami Spa Beauty & Clinic also aims for aesthetic wellness, beauty, and safety, so that every moment spent admiring oneself in the mirror becomes a true moment of happiness for each customer.

Nami Spa Beauty & Clinic has attracted a customer base that any renowned spa would envy. Furthermore, Nami Spa in Hai Phong continuously innovates, staying up-to-date with beauty trends that are suitable and current, ensuring that customers always have a fresh and top-notch experience.

In addition, the team of experts conducts assessments and examinations of each customer’s skin condition. Subsequently, they create personalized treatment protocols, utilizing advanced, FDA-certified technology for each therapeutic service. Hence, for those interested, visiting Nami Spa Beauty & Clinic is an excellent way to quickly stay updated with the latest information.


59 Hoàng Minh Thảo, Lê Chân, Hải Phòng
23 Lô 22 Lê Hồng Phong, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng
82 phố Mới Tân Dương, Thủy Nguyên (200m from Vsip gate), Hải Phòng
Phone: 0936 549 900 & 0795 323 222
Email: [email protected]

2. Hoa Vy Beauty Clinic

As one of the largest beauty establishments in Hai Phong, Hoa Vy Beauty Clinic offers a wide range of high-quality spa and beauty services. These services encompass external care (basic skin care, deep skin care, specialized treatments, basic therapies, body care, hair removal) as well as internal therapeutic treatments (fat reduction, body odor reduction), providing you with a comprehensive sense of beauty.

To ensure impeccable service quality, Hoa Vy Beauty Clinic places great emphasis on investing in and upgrading state-of-the-art beauty technologies and equipment. In line with advanced care and treatment protocols, Hoa Vy is meticulous in selecting clinically tested products trusted by dermatologists.

Impressive infrastructure, modern machinery, and high-quality products for safe skincare are all factors that contribute to Hoa Vy Beauty Clinic’s reputation as a reliable beauty destination for women.


Shophouse BH03-08 Vinhomes Imperial Hai Phong, 1 Bạch Đằng Street, Thượng Lý Ward, Hồng Bàng District, Hai Phong – 0934 351 788
187 Lot 22 Lê Hồng Phong Street, Ngô Quyền District, Hai Phong – 0936 612 179
HD30 Vinhomes Marina Vĩnh Niệm, Lê Chân District, Hai Phong – 0901 528 879
Email: [email protected]



Opening hours: 08:00 – 19:00

Hoa Vy Beauty Clinic Spa in Hai Phong
Hoa Vy Beauty Clinic

3. Royal Spa in Hai Phong

“Timelessly Beautiful” has been the guiding principle of Royal Spa in Hai Phong for many years. Despite already achieving the status of a top reputable beauty destination in Vietnam, Royal Spa continues to refine every aspect of its operations to truly become the preferred choice for women, deserving of being the place to “Entrust Trust.”

Affirming its number one position, Royal Spa boasts an experienced team of professionals who are rigorously trained both in skills and customer care, known for their friendliness and enthusiasm. At Royal Spa, customers are considered genuine friends.

Royal Spa lives up to its promise with quality-trained craftsmanship and comprehensive professional services. Visit Royal Spa in Hai Phong to indulge and experience a luxurious ambiance with warm golden lighting and the delightful blend of essential oils, creating a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.


20 Đà Nẵng Street, Núi Đèo Ward, Thủy Nguyên District, Hai Phong – 0982 813 226
203 Hai Bà Trưng Street, Cát Dài Ward, Hai Phong – 0982 592 663
458 Hoàng Minh Thảo Street, Lê Chân District, Hai Phong – 0988 589 663
Hotline: 0900 299 269

Opening hours: 08:30 – 18:00

4. Bong – Galaxy Clinic

It would indeed be an oversight not to mention an effective acne treatment and skincare address like Bống – Galaxy Clinic – a trusted destination for many in Hai Phong.

At Bống – Galaxy Clinic, there are customized acne treatment packages based on individual needs and financial capabilities. Currently, Bống – Galaxy Clinic offers two main acne treatment packages. However, the appropriate treatment regimen will be tailored to your specific acne condition.

The acne treatment programs at Bống – Galaxy Clinic are not only effective but also extremely safe. They strictly avoid alcohol, drugs, and any creams or cosmetics with unclear origins. This ensures that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can confidently use their services. Throughout the treatment process, many satisfied customers have praised the enthusiastic and cheerful attitude of the staff. They provide encouragement and support to help clients persist through the entire treatment, ultimately achieving flawless, beautiful skin.

Address: 276 Nguyễn Công Hoà, Niệm Nghĩa Ward, Lê Chân District, Hải Phòng

Phone: 0833 826 826


Opening hours: 09:00 – 19:00

5. Swan Beauty Spa

When discussing reputable facial skincare spa in Hai Phong, one cannot overlook Swan Beauty Spa. For women, it’s a reliable choice for their skin’s well-being. Swan Beauty Spa is a trusted destination due to its spacious, clean, comfortable, and serene environment, coupled with a warm, attentive, and customer-friendly staff.

Swan Beauty Spa commits to helping you achieve flawless, beautiful skin through meticulously trained and skilled techniques. Alongside its reasonable and market-appropriate pricing, it becomes a noteworthy establishment for those seeking acne treatment specifically, and beauty enhancement in general.

Swan Beauty Spa frequently invites Korean aesthetic doctors for knowledge exchange, enhancing the expertise of its staff and providing skin consultations for clients. The spa offers various treatments and skincare packages, including Hifu facelift and skin rejuvenation, PRP therapy, and customized nutrient infusion following Korean standards. Swan Beauty Spa employs safe technologies that are non-harmful and non-irritating to the skin. If you’re searching for a reliable spa, Swan Beauty Spa is a name you shouldn’t overlook.

Address: 70 Trần Nguyên Hãn, Lê Chân, Hải Phòng
Phone: 0936 792 079

Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00

6. Seven Spa in Hai Phong

Seven Spa has been acclaimed as one of the most effective and reputable addresses for acne treatment and Spa in Hai Phong. Renowned for its deep acne treatment regimen, Seven Spa can eliminate all types of acne on the skin, with a commitment to preventing recurrence after treatment. Moreover, Seven Spa satisfies its clients through its professional demeanor, high-level skills, and dedicated and passionate approach by its staff.

Every customer at Seven Spa receives thorough consultation and examination to understand the causes of their acne, along with a clear explanation of the upcoming acne treatment regimen. Furthermore, by visiting Seven Spa’s fanpage, you can easily find numerous informative posts about cleansing, whitening, and acne treatment.

Rather than rushed acne treatment methods that could harm the skin and increase the likelihood of acne recurrence, Seven Spa’s 12-step acne treatment protocol ensures absolute safety for the skin. It addresses the root causes of acne, restoring smooth and flawless skin.

Address: 20 ổ 1C Hải Thành, Dương Kinh, Hải Phòng

Phone: 0906 065 289

Email: [email protected]


7. Anh Đào Beauty Skin

Anh Đào Beauty Skin was established with the mission to provide comprehensive beauty care therapies, particularly in specialized medical-standard deep acne treatment. With an experienced and highly skilled team, Anh Đào Beauty Skin confidently becomes a familiar and trusted healthcare destination for many women in Hai Phong.

Furthermore, with its well-appointed, beautiful, clean facilities and state-of-the-art high-tech equipment, alongside a team of professional technicians with extensive expertise in the spa and beauty field, Anh Đào Beauty Skin ensures the delivery of impeccable beauty and utmost safety for its beloved customers.

Why choose beauty services at Anh Đào Beauty Skin?

Customers will experience heartfelt services, thoughtfully researched to suit individual health conditions, providing a sense of relaxation and revitalization.
The clean spa environment, accompanied by the pleasant aroma of essential oils, creates a comfortable ambiance.
Skilled and professional technicians cater to every customer’s specific needs.
The consulting team is attentive, thorough, and enthusiastic.
Customers also receive numerous benefits and promotions when experiencing services at the spa.

Address: 43/40 Đỗ Nhuận, 193 Văn Cao, Hải Phòng
Phone: 0367 388 681 & 0869 892 988
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: 08:00 – 19:00

8. Dr.Spiller Skinlab Spa in Hai Phong

Dr.Spiller Skinlab, unlike many other spa, is not founded by Vietnamese individuals but rather originates from Germany. Dr.Spiller Biocosmetic has a global presence across all continents, with over 50 countries, trusted by millions of women worldwide. To date, Dr.Spiller Skinlab has been employed by numerous reputable spa, beauty institutes, and dermatology clinics worldwide to care for and treat their clientele.

Furthermore, Dr.Spiller Skinlab has assisted in technology transfer, establishing thousands of spa globally, including in Vietnam. Dr.Spiller Skinlab offers a diverse range of treatments tailored to different skin types, addressing various skin concerns, providing comprehensive skincare from within.

After acne treatment, you can explore other services at Dr.Spiller Skinlab, such as reducing acne scars, treating pitted scars, preventing blackheads, and more. While the cost at Dr.Spiller Skinlab is relatively high compared to the norm, it offers an ideal choice if you’re seeking a high-quality spa utilizing recognized foreign processes and products.

Address: 145 Quang Trung Street, Hồng Bàng District, Hải Phòng

Phone: 0936 304 488

Hotline: 1900 234 525

Email: [email protected]



9. Am Clinic & Spa in Hai Phong

For a long time, Ẩm Clinic & Spa in Hai Phong has been a familiar destination for skincare among the women of Hai Phong, thanks to their excellent skills in extracting comedones, effective and thorough acne treatment. As a spa that avoids using unclearly sourced mixed creams and cosmetics, the entire treatment process at Ẩm Clinic & Spa employs products from the Paula’s Choice brand, a criterion highly regarded by many customers.

Most of the clients who visit here suffer from hidden and severe inflammatory acne. Ẩm Clinic & Spa offers different treatment protocols and regimens for each type of acne. However, regardless of the treatment pathway chosen, the primary goal at Ẩm Spa is deep skin cleansing and complete removal of comedones.

Once the comedones have been effectively removed, customers can proceed with treatments for acne scars, pitted scars, pore refinement, and addressing various skin imperfections using cutting-edge techniques like microneedling for acne and scars. With this approach, your skin’s complexion will brighten rapidly, and the reduction of dark spots and scars will be significantly improved. Pore size can be minimized, and acne treated at its root, resulting in healthier skin.

Address: 73 Tô Hiệu, Lê Chân, Hải Phòng
Phone: 0398 839 909
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:30

10. Thuy Thien Than Spa in Hai Phong

Spa in Hai Phong is one of the most effective acne treatment and skincare spa in Hai Phong. When you visit Thúy Thiên Thần Spa, you’ll quickly achieve healthy, smooth skin and bid farewell to all types of acne. Beyond addressing common acne cases, Spa in Hai Phong is fully equipped to successfully treat more severe and challenging cases, such as cystic acne, inflammation, swelling, hidden acne, and long-standing blackheads.

With a team of professional, dynamic, highly skilled, enthusiastic, and dedicated staff, along with modern facilities and equipment, Thúy Thiên Thần Spa & Health ensures to provide you with the most effective and safest deep acne treatment.

At Thúy Thiên Thần Spa & Health, each customer will receive a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to their skin, optimizing results and minimizing treatment time. Based on individual skin types and acne conditions, appropriate technologies will be applied to ensure complete acne clearance, enhance brightness, and provide smooth, radiant skin.

Address: Hoàng Huy Riverside shophouse OH1-04 (opposite Trại Chuối underpass), Hồng Bàng District, Hải Phòng

Phone: 0904 340 669 & 0904 340 669


Final words: Spa in Hai Phong

The above is a list of the best facial skincare spa in Hai Phong. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to visit these spa and regain your self-confidence. Wishing you all a radiant and confident journey ahead!

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