Halong Sun World park travel experiences

Sun World Halong Complex travel experiences: Top 10+ Best guides

Halong tourism is interested by many tourists. It’s not only a place with many beautiful scenes but also extremely famous parks. The most characteristic is Sun World Halong Complex, one of the amusement parks of international stature. Sun World Halong Complex has invested and developed tourism in a breakthrough way. Let check out the Top 10+ Best guides with Hai Phong Tours now!

What is Sun World Halong Complex?

Sun World Halong Complex is considered to be one of the largest amusement parks in Halong. It’s not only a place with many beautiful views, but also an extremely large and highly regarded amusement park.

This is the biggest tourist park in the North of Vietnam. Sun World Halong is a large corporation that owns two of the largest parks in Southeast Asia. It is Dragon Dragon Park and Typhoon Water Park. Visitors will experience the feeling of traveling by the queen cable car that has achieved the second highest world record, the tallest and extremely large capacity.

What is Sun World Halong Complex
What is Sun World Halong Complex

The best time to visit Sun World Halong Complex

To be able to admire the whole beauty scene as well as have fun in Sun World Halong Complex, you must choose the best time.

The best time to visit Sun World Halong Complex is summer. At this time, Halong is very crowded with Vietnamese and Asian people. The number of tourists will often choose this moment to take a beautiful photos of Halong. However, if you go on the weekends of the summer, most services will be added 50,000 / 1 ticket such as Dragon Park, water park and combo ticket.

In winter, this is considered a rainy time and the weather is quite cold. So the entire water park is closed. So if you go at this time, you will not be able to have full experiences.

The best time to visit Sun World Halong Complex
The best time to visit Sun World Halong Complex

Means of transportation to Sun World Halong Complex

Hanoi to Sun World Halong Complex

From Hanoi to Sun World Halong Complex, you can ride a motorbike, bus or rent a private car. If you go by motorbike or private car, you can follow Google Map. But you must go by the different way if driving motorbike. It’s not acceptable to drive motorbike on highway. So please consider.

You can also grab the bus to go to Mong Cai or grab bus from  Hanoi to Haiphong and Haiphong to Mong Cai. Remember to ask driver to drop you at closet place to Halong Sun World park.

Haiphong to Sun World Halong Complex

When you go from Haiphong to Sun World Halong Complex, it’s closer. If you go by motorbike, you can not go on the Haiphong – Halong highway (now renamed Halong – Van Don highway). Insteads, let’s go on the 10 Road (direction to Uong Bi). It’s about 1.5 hour driving.

The distance from Haiphong to Halong is quite short. So you better choose private car or taxi.

If you go by taxi, please consider 5 most reputable taxi companies in Hai Phong

If you would like to book private car transer, please check Private car transfer service in Hai Phong. It’s about 600-650k for a 4 seater car.

You can also save more money by choosing local bus. Then, please go to Niem Nghia, Thuong Ly or Vinh Niem bus stations to grab bus to Mong Cai.

Sun World Halong Complex ticket prices

Coming to Sun World Halong Complex, you will have the opportunity to fully feel many levels of emotions. Because this amusement park is extremely large, it is divided into 3 main areas. Each zone will have different ticket prices:

  • Ba Deo amusement park (Queen cable car + mysterious hill)
  • Dragon Park
  • Typhoon water Park

You can buy tickets for each location or buy a combo package.

1. Dragon Park

  • Adults: 200,000 (over 1m3)
  • Children: 100,000 (from 1m – 1m3)
  • Children under 1m for free 2.

2. Typhoon water Park

  • Adults: 350,000 (over 1m3)
  • Children: 250,000 (from 1m – 1m3)
  • Children under 1m for free

3. Queen cable car + mysterious hill

  • Adult: 350,000 (over 1m3)
  • Children: 250,000 (from 1m – 1m3)
  • Children under 1m free

Combo ticket prices at Sun World Halong Complex

The combo ticket package will be the combined fare of 2 locations or cover all 3 parks at the same time. However, if you purchase the package, you will receive a discount of up to 20% for a combo.

1. Dragon Park + Queen Cable Car + Mysterious Hills

  • Adults: 400,000 (over 1m3)
  • Children: 300,000 (from 1m – 1m3)
  • Children under 1m for free

2. Dragon Park + Typhoon Water Park

  • Adults : 550,000 (over 1m3)
  • Children: 400,000 (from 1m – 1m3)
  • Children under 1m for free

3. Typhoon Water Park + Queen’s Cable Car + Mysterious Hills

  • Adults: 550,000 (over 1m3)
  • Children: 400,000 ( from 1m – 1m3)
  • Children under 1m free

4. All 3 parks

  • Adults: 750,000 (over 1m3)
  • Children: 550,000 (from 1m – 1m3)
  • Children under 1m for free

Special thing, Sun World Halong Complex also sell ticket for 1 year. Then, you will be able to use all the parks with unlimited number of entries. Contact sale person at the ticket counter directly for more details.

Sun World Halong Complex opening time

Ba Deo amusement park (Queen cable car + mysterious hill area)

  • From Monday to Friday: 14h00 – 19h00
  • Saturday – Sunday – holidays: 9:00 – 19:00

Dragon Park

  • From Monday to Friday : 14h00 – 19h00
  • Saturday – Sunday – holidays: 9:00 – 19:00

Typhoon water Park

  • Monday to Friday: 14:00 – 22:00
  • Saturday – Sunday – public holidays: 9:00 – 22:00

What to play at Sun World Halong Complex

Dragon Park

This is an amusement park with more than 30 extremely adventurous games. The most prominent is the roller coaster game with the longest rated track in the world. All thing adventure games have children restrictions. And this amusement park has many games that are loved by young people as follows:

1. Flying dragon speed

This is the longest rollercoaster game in the world combined with 3 huge swirls, the travel speed is 110km / h. If you play this game you will experience a real feeling of yomost. However, only applicable for those who are over 1m4 tall

2. Follow the Dragon’s footsteps

You will experience the feeling of sitting on an upside down chair and freely flying along the rails. The speed of this game is not less than the speed because it is up to 80km / h. This game, babies from 1m – 1m3 can also be involved with the request to go with an adult.

3. Angry rhino

Hearing the name, surely the characteristic to characterize this game is the shape designed like a giant rhino horn. Visitors will be swinging high and then falling freely at a speed of 70km / h. Children from 1m3 to 1m5 to go out must be accompanied by an adult

4. Tropical yachts

This is a form of touring the entire Dragon Park by Vietnamese fishing boats. Children can be accompanied by an adult and don’t forget to check in for the great photos here.

5. Monorail Train

This is the most modernly designed train system in Vietnam, you can admire the beautiful scenery looking down from above. Air conditioning, television are among the amenities guests will find in every room.

6. Pterosaurs

This is a game with a moderate speed that is very suitable for families from 1m to 1m2. The children will experience the feeling of rising in a circle and note that after playing this game, you will definitely feel dizzy.

7. Tour De Paris

This is a game for children where parents can move with their children by electric cars with many eye-catching colors and self-drive along the specified route.

8. Childhood car trips

These are very funny cars. Your family will be taken to explore the whole garden crossing with many extremely interesting and strange creatures. Any baby under 1m1 must accompany an adult.

9. Magic Cup

This is a game where you and your kids sit on pretty cups moving in a gentle circle direction. Because it is extremely safe, many families choose to let their children play.

Ocean water park

Ocean Water Park is a water park system that includes 15 games. With many designs and structures, the game is also very attractive, especially the adventure games about very long and spiraling pipes. All age options can join if children are required and must be accompanied by an adult.

1. Giant Lightning

Coming to this game, you will experience the feeling of sliding down from a road from above with many different flowing water. This is a game that a lot of you participate in, but only you are over 1m5.

2. Snakeskin Challenge

This is a game where 2 people will sit on a float and then you will be free to fall along the spiral slide. From a distance you can see that this game twists like a giant python. Children from 1m tall and above can play with adults.

3. Pirate Island

Similar to the game of python, but this is a game involving 3 or 4 people sitting on a float. However, the speed of this pipeline is stronger than the game of chauffeur and only children over 1m2 can participate.

4. Relaxed River

This is the time when you will be dropped on a buoy to relax on the gentle flowing water around the park. You can also take great photos while sitting in this place

5. Tornado

This is a slide game with a lot of twists, giving players the feeling of great excitement. Anyone who is over 1m3 can come to experience this game.

6. Tropical storm

With this name you will see a shape like a giant pan and a long pipe with no stops. You can play in groups of 4 – 6 people at the same time will be dropped freely from above.

7. Dragon riding across the waterfall

This is a very attractive game with a very interesting name. You will be dropped from above at extremely fast speed. This game only needs 1m1 or more to be able to play.

Queen cable car + Mysterious hill

Not only famous for two famous parks, but also extremely prominent with the Queen’s cable car and the magical beauty of the mysterious hill. This is also an amusement park but is separated from the other 2 parks. The design of this hill is extremely unique because it has a Japanese character. You will be amazed at its mysterious beauty. And this is also the place where young people check in for the best photos.

Where to eat in Sun World Halong Complex

Come to Sun World Halong Complex, do not worry about where to eat because there are many restaurants around the park.

Dragon Park

You will find a lot of fast food restaurants as well as buffet restaurants here.

  1. Pizza Temple: Specializes in selling all kinds of pizza and fast food with the price from only 85,000 VND / 1 person and is full of stomach.
  2. Dragon’s Food: This is the place where you can enjoy eating with more than 50 delicious Asian and European buffet dishes, the price here is about 250,000 / 1 person
  3. Food Cart: If you have a hobby of eating bread and sweets then This is a very reasonable place. Not only that, but it also serves all kinds of items, the price is also relatively reasonable at 40,000 / 1 person

Three Deo Hills

Here, you should choose the most famous restaurant, which is Taiyo, which specializes in serving extremely attractive sushi dishes with bold Japanese flavor, giving users a new sense of taste. There are also fast food restaurants around.

What to bring with

  1. Hat
  2. Swimwear if you want to experience the water park
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Camera
  5. Battery backup
  6. Should book at the agent for cheaper fares
  7. Research planned schedule before coming here


Above is list of Top 10+ Best guides about Sun World Halong Complex. haiphongtours.com do hope you would have the time time there. And if you find this article helpful, please support us by sharing it. Thank you.

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