Survey to open a new tourism route in Bai Tu Long Bay

Survey to open a new tourism route in Bai Tu Long Bay

The Department of Tourism, in coordination with the Department of Transport, has recently organized inter-sectoral survey teams to identify new tourism routes in Bai Tu Long Bay. Representatives from the Tourism Association of the province, the Bai Tu Long National Park Management Board, and other related units participated in the survey.

The inter-sectoral survey teams conducted surveys on several new tourism routes, which are expected to be proposed for approval by the province. The routes will depart from the high-end Ao Tien port to destinations in the Bai Tu Long National Park, such as Cai De stream, Cai Lim island, as well as the islands of Minh Chau, Ban Sen, Phat Co, and Tay Hoi in Van Don district. Along with identifying the potential for development, the team also agreed to propose the opening of inland waterway routes to serve efficient exploitation, and awaken the potential of tourism in the Bai Tu Long Bay area.

Prior to this, at a meeting to study and add new tourist attractions in Bai Tu Long Bay and draft regulations on measures for managing the operation of inland waterway vehicles serving tourists in Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, the Provincial People’s Committee assigned the Department of Tourism to lead and coordinate with the Department of Transport and other relevant units to conduct a survey of new tourism routes, traffic flow lines, and propose an approved plan for the province for exploitation in April 2023.

Proposing the recognition of new tourism routes in Bai Tu Long Bay will help expand the tourism space, reduce the burden on Ha Long Bay, and revitalize the sea and island tourism products of Quang Ninh. The process of announcing tourist attractions and inland waterway traffic routes will be implemented simultaneously, ensuring compliance with regulations and meeting the proposed timeline for exploitation.

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