Tam Bac lake Haiphong

Tam Bac lake – A Dreamy Symbol of Hai Phong City

Tam Bac lake, originally called Lach Liem Khe, belonged to the old An Bien village. In 1885, the French straightened and expanded the canal into the Bonnal Canal, separating the Western and Vietnamese quarters.

In 1925, the French partially filled in the canal from the Hai Phong port to the present-day exhibition house, leaving only a section of the river which became known as the Tam Bac River. In 1985, on the occasion of the Tam Bac River’s 100th anniversary, the city built the Tam Ky dam, connecting Tran Nguyen Han street with Quang Trung street and turning the river section into a lake, which was then named Ho Tam Bac.

Tam Bac lake covers an area of nearly 5 hectares, with a depth of about 3 meters. The entire sidewalk and boulevard around the lake are paved with granite stones and shaded by trees, providing benches for visitors to sit and enjoy the scenery.

The lake’s fence is made of natural stones engraved with phoenix and anchor patterns, with a 1.25-meter-tall stone pillar erected every three meters. The lake is also surrounded by old cypress trees and phoenix trees.

Around the lake are characteristic architectural structures of Hai Phong, such as the Tam Ky temple, the statue of the female general Le Chan, the Iron Market, the pedestrian street, the Ngo Quyen school, and the Trang Trinh street.

The area around Tam Bac lake, located in the city center, is becoming increasingly modern and is a famous tourist destination in Hai Phong, becoming a symbol of the port city. In the evening, the lake becomes lively with various activities such as sports, fishing, dating, and entertainment.

When visiting Tam Bac lake, do not forget to enjoy the local specialty foods. Located right next to the lake is a pedestrian street with hundreds of snack and drink stalls. There are many dishes that you must try, such as grilled chicken feet, grilled pork sausage, sour soup, spicy bread, chrysanthemum tea, and coconut ice cream.

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