Thai Nguyen specialty

Thai Nguyen specialty: 6 Best dishes tourist must try one in life

Thai Nguyen specialty: Thai Nguyen is a province quite close to Hanoi, so it is often loved and discovered by backpackers. Surely you are wondering what Thai Nguyen specialties have and where to buy or eat, please see the list of famous specialties in Thai Nguyen with this address.

Xinjiang bud tea Thai Nguyen

Going to Thai Nguyen without buying tea is indeed a mistake because Tan Cuong bud tea is not only famous in Thai Nguyen but also famous throughout the country. Thanks to the favor of nature, the people of Xinjiang are able to grow a fragrant and refreshing tea. If you have never enjoyed this famous Thai Nguyen specialty, you must definitely try it once, and if you have tasted it, you will definitely want to buy it for your grandparents and parents. To buy genuine Tan Cuong tea, go to Thanh Luong Tea Cooperative in Tan Thai commune, Dai Tu district, the cooperative is only 150m from the gate of Nui Coc Lake tourist area.

Ha Chau Tram Thai Nguyen

Another rustic specialty in Thai Nguyen that is very popular with tourists but can’t always be bought is Ha Chau fillings. Ha Chau Agarwood is usually harvested around July to October every year, has a black color, and is fragrant. If you want to buy Ha Chau black filling, you can go to Ha Chau commune, Phu Binh district or big markets in Thai Nguyen. selling price is about 20-30k/kg.

Cơm Lam Thai Nguyen

Com lam is not only a delicious, nutritious and cheap specialty dish in Thai Nguyen but also a specialty of most mountainous provinces in Vietnam. Com Lam is sold quite a lot in Nui Coc Lake tourist area because most of these specialties mainly serve the needs of tourists. When eating lam rice, you can steam it to make it hot or grilled on charcoal, remember to add a little sesame salt to fit and fragrant.

Dai Tu sour spring rolls Thai Nguyen

The next delicious food in Thai Nguyen that you can both enjoy while traveling and buy as a gift. Dai Tu spring rolls have such name because it comes from Van Yen, Ky Phu and Yen My communes of Dai Tu district. If you like to eat Dai Tu spring rolls, then go to the markets of Van Yen, Ky Phu and Yen My communes to buy them properly.

Bitter bamboo Ngan Me Thai Nguyen

Due to being a mountainous province, Thai Nguyen also has a specialty of bitter bamboo shoots like other mountainous provinces in Vietnam. This unique traditional cuisine in Thai Nguyen has such a name because it is picked from the forest of the Thousand Me. Spring is the time when bitter bamboo shoots grow the most, so if you have the opportunity to go to Thai Nguyen on this occasion, you can buy bitter bamboo shoots along National Highway 1B or Dong Hy market, Hang pagoda market.

Five coloured sticky rice Thai Nguyen

Five-color sticky rice is not only one of the famous specialties in Thai Nguyen but also a common specialty of the northern mountainous ethnic groups. Thanks to the source of sticky rice that is both flexible and fragrant, the Tay people in Dinh Hoa have skillfully created Ngu Sac sticky rice with purple, orange, yellow, blue, and white colors that are extremely eye-catching. On special holidays or festivals, the Tay people in Thai Nguyen only make this dish, so if you like to eat, you can contact the managers of some resorts in Thai Nguyen before coming to prepare them.

There are also some other delicious dishes in Thai Nguyen for you to discover, which are:

– Bo Dau banh chung: Buy at Bo Dau banh chung village in Co Lung commune, Phu Luong district or markets in Phu Luong district.

– Cooc Mo cake: you can buy Cooc Mo cake at Dong Quang trade center or Thai market

– Ngai cake: If you come to Thai Nguyen on the full moon day of July or Thanh Minh New Year, you will enjoy this attractive cake, in which 3 districts of Phu Luong, Dinh Hoa, Vo Nhai have the most.

Final thoughts: Thai Nguyen specialty

Above is list of Thai Nguyen specialty: 6 Best dishes tourist must try one in life. Hai Phong Tours hopes this help.

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