Thang Thien waterfall travel guide: 6 Important things tourist must read

Thang Thien Waterfall is one of the beautiful and famous scenic spots in Hoa Binh that is currently very interested by tourists. So, if traveling to Thang Thien Waterfall has anything fun, eat something delicious, please refer to the experience of traveling to Thang Thien waterfall that I share right here.

When is the most beautiful and ideal time to visit Thang Thien waterfall?

The ideal time to travel to Thang Thien waterfall is in the summer, when the weather is hot and there is a lot of rain (it rains a lot in the summer, so the water pouring down from the waterfall is stronger, not on a rainy day). Note that traveling to Thang Thien waterfall in 1 day is the most reasonable, so please check the weather forecast before you go. If it rains, it’s best to stay at home, if it’s sunny, go.

How to move from Hanoi to Thang Thien waterfall

Thang Thien Waterfall is only about 50km from the center of Hanoi, located at the border between Hanoi and Hoa Binh, so it is suitable for you to drive yourself. If people do not have personal vehicles or do not want to drive themselves, they can take a bus to Thang Thien waterfall tourist area if they like.

– The way from Hanoi to Thang Thien waterfall by motorbike, self-driving car: If you want to go to Thang Thien waterfall by the shortest way, you just need to go through Ha Dong, then go straight to Highway 6 – to the Go intersection. Bui turn right and look at the signpost, go straight for nearly 2km to reach Thang Thien waterfall.

– Take a bus from Hanoi to Hoa Binh through Thang Thien waterfall: Most of the buses running from Hanoi to Hoa Binh follow National Highway 6, so they will definitely go through the intersection with the road to Thang Thien waterfall.

You just need to go to My Dinh bus station or Yen Nghia bus station to catch the bus to Hoa Binh, remember to tell them to drop off the nearest point to Thang Thien waterfall. Then you take a motorbike taxi to the Thang Thien waterfall tourist area.

Ticket price for entrance to Thang Thien waterfall Hoa Binh

Entrance ticket: 50k/person
Tickets include visiting the entire resort, bathing in streams, bathing in outdoor swimming pools

Does Thang Thien Waterfall Resort have room for rent?

If you wonder if Thang Thien waterfall tourist area has a motel, the answer is yes guys. At the resort, there are houses on stilts, huts for rent and a few rooms. You can bring your own tent here if you like. In general, the number of tourists coming to Thang Thien waterfall is not much a day, so the rest service is not developed by the tourist area very much.

Places to visit at Thang Thien waterfall, Hoa Binh

First of all, I have to remind you that the entertainment service in this Thang Thien waterfall tourist area is quite small, mainly they collect money thanks to the beautiful scenery, so don’t expect much. Thang Thien waterfall tourist area is suitable for those who love nature, like the quiet and cool fresh air.

Coming to Thang Thien waterfall tourist area, you will discover 4 waterfalls in different floors with beautiful scenery like going to the sky. The waterfalls are quite clean, but to get to the highest waterfall, the road is a bit difficult to go, not suitable for young children to visit.

At the foot of Thang Thien waterfall, there is an outdoor swimming pool for you to swim comfortably, and there is also a souvenir shopping area.

The best thing is that you have a party right in the middle of the mountains and forests, next to a murmuring stream and looking far away is a white waterfall.

Because the tourist area is not strongly developed in terms of tourism, if you travel in a large group and want to eat at the resort, remember to book in advance with the restaurant. The food in the tourist area is also quite diverse with pork man, hill chicken, vegetables stir-fried with garlic, salted eggplant, part rice…

What to eat at Thang Thien waterfall? Eating experience when traveling to Thang Thien waterfall

The best way is to prepare food and drink by yourself, remember to bring a tarp to sit down, then clean up after eating, don’t damage the environment.

Final thoughts: Thang Thien waterfall

With above Thang Thien waterfall travel guide: 6 Important things tourist must read, Hai Phong Tours wishes you would have nice trip!

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