Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son cave (also known as Hang Co) is located on Hon Co island on Halong Bay – the world’s natural heritage site. Literally, “Thien Canh” means Paradise and “Son” indicates Mountain. It is named by local people there by its beauty like a Paradise hidden on a mountain among the other thousands of islands in the Bay. Recently, the cave has become one of the must see attraction site when visitors have a chance to go to Halong Bay. This article is compiled by Hai Phong Tours in a purpose of introduce a whole view of the paradise to readers.

Where is Thien Canh Son cave?

Geographically, Thien Canh Son cave is about 20 km from Halong International Cruise Port. And the best way to approach the area is by cruising with to two hours and a haft estimatedly. The cave is legally one of 7 attraction sites of the route No. 4 granted by Halong Management Board. The other attractions sites are specifically Thay cave, Cong Do island area, Cap La cave, Cong Do lagoon ecosystem, Xep islet park, Vung Vieng area.

Initially, the cave was named Dong Co (English for Grass Cave). Because it is covered by dense green foliage on Hon Co (Grass Island). Since its beauty is unveiled, the cave has been wrapped another impressive name, now Thien Canh Son cave – a Paradise hidden on a mountain. The Thien Canh Son Cave is a harmony of spectacular scenes on both the inside and outside. Visitors will have chance to refresh their eyes by the splendor of the cave watching Halong Bay from high on; being lazy on a sandy beach and doing kayak to reach to its stunning beauty closerly.

The highlights of Thien Canh Son cave

There are hundreds of caves inside mountains on Halong Bay and each one has its own beauty. You may wonder of what makes Thien Canh Son Cave an attractive tourist site. To approach the cave’s gate, you will conquer 400 stone steps with many different sizes, shapes and heights. Paradise is not as easy as you think to come as well as to go. There is really a deep meaning behind the cave’s name. You can hear natural sounds of wind rustling, cicada’s chirp… and while ascending.

Get in

Not as huge as Thien Cung Cave and Sung Sot Cave, the cave has a moderate space, containing two compartments connected by a narrow path. Getting in inside via an entrance that just fits for a person, you will be surprised with a large space of the first section. The part has strong contours created by the yellow-brown stalactites. Approaching closer to big stalactites columns, watching every line, every twinkling grain of sand will remind you about the worth of time and cherish the Creator’ present. After passing another narrow path, the second compartment’s space suddenly expanded, the stalactites system is much more diverse eye-catching. It is the exact paradise as locals’ imagination.


From the ceiling of the cave, the picture of the stalactites hanging down the ground looks like the stage’ curtains. Thien Canh Son cave is lightened by natural light passing through the ceiling’s gap as well as ingeniously artificial light system. Therefore, your eyes will easily catch up interesting shapes of nature like birds flying, elephants, cute animals, water seals, monkeys, fairies and etc… both on the ceiling and the ground. Those animals are very familiar and beloved with locals there. Do not ask for tour guide’s help to know more about exciting legendary stories. We also provide tour guide service as well as private tours to Halong Bay including the attraction.

Following a trail to the end, a stunning view of Halong Bay amazes you. The magnificent picture features a wide range of mountains, white sailboats sailing on the blue sea, and white sandbank around the foot of the island.

Handy tips when traveling to the “Paradise” cave

The best way to explore attractions in Halong is by cruising. There are two kinds of tours that you can consider. The first one is by a sightseeing boat without room for relaxing. It is normally taken place in 4-6 hours including cruising time. The second one is also the best relaxing option that matches for those who have a lot of time and love the beauty of Halong at night. An overnight cruise is the ideal tour for you, especially within 3 days 2 nights. There are many cruise operators in that field with different qualities, take a suitable one with your budget and expectation.

As mentioned, if you book an overnight tour following the route 4 that focuses on Bai Tu Long Bay route – a part of the center of Halong Bay, Thien Canh Son Cave is included in the sightseeing ticket. The ticket is usually excluded shuttle buse; boat, kayak, meals onboard and other value-added services. Let contact us for the best advice before you take part in once-in-a-life-time experience at Halong Bay.


You are planning a Halong Bay tour to discover the world’s natural heritage site for your holiday? Then Thien Canh Son cave should be one of your stopovers. Offering a wild and mysterious beauty, your time will be memorable. To get to this cave, please consider Bai Tu Long bay tour 2 days from Hai Phong, or Bai Tu Long bay 3 days 2 nights tour from Hai Phong. If you need further help, please contact Hai Phong Tours! Thank you for reading.

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