Fascinating and Enchanting thing to do on Cat Ba island

Top 6 Fascinating and Enchanting thing to do on Cat Ba island

Best thing to do on Cat Ba island: The vast and abundant beauty of Cat Ba is only for those who know how to appreciate the exquisite natural beauty of Cat Ba. Are you worried that when you travel to Cat Ba, you won’t perceive the majestic beauty of this place? Don’t worry, what you need is already here, list of thing to do on Cat Ba island. Check this out with Hai Phong Tours.

Cat Ba beach 1, 2, 3 (best thing to do on Cat Ba island)

In Cat Ba, there are three most attractive beaches for tourists to visit and explore. The common feature of all three spots is that they are not too wide. However, they are surrounded by lush green mountains, gentle waves, clear water, and a mild breeze. The most interesting point of these three beaches is the wooden bridge that connects them along the mountain slope.

If you are someone who loves a lively and bustling atmosphere, you can come and immerse yourself in the crowd at Cat Co 1 Beach. Here, there is clear water, a spacious beach, and a smooth stretch of sand that many people adore.

If you are seeking a more tranquil space, follow the path to Cat Tien Bridge to reach Cat Co 2 Beach. Although this beach is more beautiful, it tends to be less crowded.

If you wish to immerse yourself in the deep waters beneath the sea or test your swimming skills, Cat Co 3 Beach is the most suitable choice. The water here is deep and emerald green, with strong waves surrounded by majestic mountains.

All three of these beaches are quite famous, leading to robust tourism development. Following the mountain slopes towards the sea, you will find beautiful resort accommodations. Other services such as umbrella rentals, sunbeds, and culinary offerings are also well-developed. This is the first beautiful scene of Cat Ba that you should not miss when you visit.e beauty, pristine golden sands, endless stretches of dunes, and serene white clouds merge to create an atmosphere of quiet tranquility. As the sun sets, these beaches offer the perfect vantage point to immerse in the sea of serenity.

When night falls, Cat Ba returns to its peaceful state, with the town nestled amid quiet mountains and empty streets. During these moments, visitors may find a sense of destiny, connecting deeply with the natural world. The tranquility enveloping Cat Ba offers respite from the challenges of everyday life.

Whether you’re admiring Cat Ba’s stunning beaches or exploring its lush landscapes, the island offers a symphony of natural beauty that captivates the heart and mind of every traveler.

Cat Co beach Cat Ba island
Cat Co 2 Beach Cat Ba
Cat Co 2 Beach Cat Ba
Services at Cat Co beach 3 Cat Ba island

Tung Thu Beach

Another beautiful scene in Cat Ba that you shouldn’t miss is Tung Thu Beach. This is a new beach that is being invested in and gradually put into use. The water waves here are gentle and somewhat calmer than Cat Co Beach. Additionally, the beach is pristine and clear, with endless stretches of fine sand and a refreshing breeze. These qualities make every visitor who sets foot here fall in love and want to stay for a long time. Tung Thu Beach is about 2 km away from the town center of Cat Ba, towards the Cat Ba forest.

One of the unforgettable experiences for visitors who visit Tung Thu Beach is to admire the sea while sitting on the shore amidst the open ocean. What could be more wonderful than immersing oneself in the clear blue water of Tung Thu amid the scorching summer heat? Then, you can indulge in delicious seafood dishes at quality and upscale restaurants.

In addition to the incredibly beautiful bathing areas with clear water, when you come here, you also have the opportunity to experience various entertainment, sports, and resort areas that are being developed to make this place the most beautiful beach with a pristine and simple beauty that nowhere else can offer.

Tung Thu Cat Ba beach
Tung Thu Cat Ba beach
Services at Tung Thu beach Cat Ba island

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park was established on March 31, 1986, under Decision 79/C of the Vietnam Cabinet Council. It encompasses marine ecosystems, mangrove ecosystems, and terrestrial ecosystems. Cat Ba National Park is located about 30 nautical miles east of the city center of Hai Phong.

Geographical coordinates of Cat Ba National Park:

Latitude: 20°44′50″ – 20°55′29″ N
Longitude: 106°54′20″ – 107°10′05″ E

To the east, it borders Halong Bay; to the north, it borders Gia Luận commune; to the west, it borders the Cat Ba tourist town and the communes of Trân Châu, Hiền Hào, and Xuân Đám.

The entire national park includes rugged mountainous terrain with elevations exceeding 500 meters, and an average elevation of about 50 – 200 meters. The area is mainly composed of interconnected islands along with numerous valleys running in the Northeast to Southwest direction.

The park covers an area of approximately 26,240 hectares, with 17,040 hectares of land on the islands and 9,200 hectares of marine waters. It’s a place where various ecosystems converge, including mountain forests, mangrove forests, and even coastal mangrove forests with coral reefs.

The park boasts a diverse range of fauna, including 2,320 different species of animals and plants. This includes 282 species of animals living in the forest, 538 species of animals living underwater, 196 species of terrestrial plants, 57 species of seaweed, 23 species of mangrove plants, and 177 species of coral.

The predominant forest type in the park is tropical rainforest. However, due to varying soil conditions, terrain, and water regimes, there are also several secondary forest types present, such as coastal mangrove forests, limestone mountain forests, and freshwater swamp forests on the mountains.

Notably, the beauty of Cat Ba is exemplified by the presence of 60 rare and endemic species listed in Vietnam’s Red Book. These include white-thighed langurs, white-headed langurs, leopard cats, black squirrels, as well as valuable plant species like agarwood, frankincense, eaglewood, and mahogany. Particularly in the Trung Trang area, there is a stand of agarwood trees, a unique species that forms a large grove within the park.

On the main island, lush green tropical rainforests can be found year-round. This area represents the primary forest zone and is also the largest national park in the country.

Frog pond in Cat Ba national park
Frog pond in Cat Ba national park
Ang Phay peak in Cat Ba national park
Ang Phay peak in Cat Ba national park
Amazing view from Ngu Lam peak Cat Ba national park
Kim giao forest Cat Ba national park

Cannon Fortress Cat Ba

Significant historical relics are still prominent in this area. Besides the two successful artillery positions, there are complex underground tunnels and an observation post system. Built on the mountain summit, these structures have remained remarkably intact despite the passage of time and wars.

Cannon Fortress Cat Ba, perched on high ground, is still a relatively new tourist destination for visitors. Each time visitors set foot here, they are sure to be amazed by the impressive military constructions of Cat Ba’s defensive line. From this location, visitors can also gaze upon and appreciate the refreshing nature in all four directions of this place. Many visitors who come here have felt a close connection with the natural environment, where mountains meet the sea, and the sky meets the earth.

The majestic and poetic scenery, with its pristine landscapes and heroic remnants, evokes deep emotions. From the center of Cat Ba town, about a 10-minute drive away, you will enjoy a winding road. On one side is Cat Ba Bay, on the other are lush hills and the vivid green of the mangroves, undoubtedly providing you with a delightful experience as you take in the beauty of Cat Ba.

As you step up to point 177, the Cannon Fortress Cat Ba is displayed in its entirety. The complex military tunnel system, the distinctive features, and the observation network are all evident. Alongside the trenches constructed from large, rugged stone blocks, and the extensive tunnel paths along with vaulted ceilings that delve deep into the mountain, providing ample space for a group of people to pass through.

Exhibition room Cannon Fort Cat Ba
Cannon on Cat Ba
U shape Boom bunker Cat Ba cannon fort

Lan Ha Bay

Another stunning sight in Cat Ba that you shouldn’t miss is the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay from above. This place is regarded as one of the most beautiful bays in the Cat Ba archipelago.

When viewed from above, Lan Ha Bay is truly magnificent; some even liken it to a celestial orchid. The emerald green color of the Lan Ha waters, combined with the lush vegetation carpeting the limestone hills and the sun’s rays, creates an enchanting and surreal beauty that makes Cat Ba a highly captivating destination.

At the foot of the main mountain lie two of the most beautiful beaches: Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2. Pausing for a rest at a roadside café will give visitors an indescribable sense of tranquility. From this vantage point, the contrasting beauty of Cat Ba is evident – a romantic charm that nature has bestowed upon this place. It’s a harmony between the sea, the mountains, and the forests.

With smooth, white sandy shores, clear blue waters, and the waves gently caressing the mountain slopes, this scene is reminiscent of paradise. Distant islets seem to float on the water, such as the dragon-eye islet of Long Chau or the turtle-shell-like Guoc islet. Nature’s handiwork has sketched delicate lines on the backdrop of the blue sea, creating a masterpiece that is unrivaled anywhere else.

Jump off the water Lan Ha bay
Jump off the water Lan Ha bay

Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai Village is nestled amidst the open sea, surrounded by the old-growth forests of the national park and the mountains. This place is rarely visited by domestic tourists, but it holds a strong allure for foreign travelers.

In the years past, Viet Hai Village was almost entirely isolated from the outside world. Due to the remote and desolate nature of the forested mountains, during the rainy season, the locals could become isolated due to the flooded roads. This village managed to preserve its primitive charm from ancient times.

The village is located right in the heart of Cat Ba Island, offering an authentic glimpse into the daily life of the locals. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, allowing visitors to experience the simplicity and tranquility of a traditional Vietnamese fishing village. The untouched natural surroundings, the sound of the waves, and the lush greenery create a peaceful atmosphere that draws in those seeking an escape from the modern world.

The unique location and the unspoiled way of life make Viet Hai Village a hidden gem, a rare oasis where visitors can experience the cultural richness and natural beauty of Vietnam in its rawest form.

Viet Hai village Cat Ba island
Viet Hai village Cat Ba island
Cycling at Viet Hai village
Cycling at Viet Hai village
Viet Hai village Cat Ba island

Conclusion: thing to do on Cat Ba island

For travelers who enjoy exploring the beauty of nature, visiting Trung Trang Cave is a must. The cave is adorned with stunning and mysterious natural stalactites and stalagmites. Another option is to visit Hung Son Cave, which served as a “hospital” during the war.

To gain a deeper understanding of the courage and accomplishments of the people of Cat Ba during the anti-American resistance, you can learn about their history. Alternatively, you can rent a boat to explore Lan Ha Bay, a journey filled with excitement. Lan Ha Bay is often likened to a mesmerizing watercolor painting, dotted with meandering curves that form countless shapes.

If you wish to immerse yourself in the clear blue waters and forget all your worries, join the crowd at the beaches of Cat Co, Cat Ong, and Cat Tien. The sea here is so captivating, with its smooth white and golden sandy shores, and long, serene white clouds. You can swim, play in the sand, or bask in the sunset’s glow.

As night falls, Cat Ba returns to its tranquil state, with the town nestled quietly among the mountains and the deserted streets. During this time, everything becomes ethereal and almost mystical. The serene atmosphere of the place allows the hearts of travelers to let go of the weariness and hardships of everyday life. It provides a haven for forgetting the tiresome days and the struggles of making a living.

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