Thung Nai Travel Guide

Thung Nai Travel Guide: 2 day travel experience and all expenses

Thung Nai Travel Guide: Thung Nai, the name sounds quite strange, but it is a destination chosen by many young people today. The reason why? Because Thung Nai is a backpacking place that is quite close to Hanoi. Not only that, it is also cheap and easy to travel here. With the beauty of the river and the mountains, the people are gentle and approachable, so Thung Nai is likened to “Ha Long Bay on land”.

The way to Thung Nai

This backpacking place is located on the bed of Da river lake in Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, Thung Nai is quite suitable for a short weekend trip.

In order to help young people have the most convenient and smooth trip, we would like to answer your questions and share with you information such as routes, motels, places to play, food …

* Question: Is the way to Thung Nai difficult, and which route is the simplest? My class has never gone, so I ride a motorbike so I’m afraid of losing my way. Brothers and sisters help us!

A: It’s not difficult guys, it’s easy. As long as you have a car, you can go :D.

From Hanoi, you move along Highway 6 to Hoa Binh (about 76km). After arriving in Hoa Binh city, you go straight to visit the hydropower plant. You can take your time to visit Hoa Binh hydroelectricity, then when you pass the gas station near the city, you turn to the bypass road. There is a sign board to go to Son La. Go all the way to the foot of Cun slope, you turn right and ask for directions to Thung Nai wharf (note that turn right, go about 500m, then turn left to enter the small road, if you turn right, you will return to the City).

Experience in Thung Nai 2021, when you reach Thung Nai, you are completely assured because there is a security guard to keep the car all day and night. So you can rent a car and stop here.

But best, go through the map and annotate the route to avoid getting lost.

* Question: To go on a trip to Thung Nai, what items need to be prepared, what should be brought appropriately so as not to be superfluous and wasteful?

A: Because Thung Nai is quite close to Hanoi, that’s why young people often choose to ride motorbikes. Freedom, initiative in travel, and cost savings. Most importantly, traveling by motorbike will help you see the beautiful scenery along the way.

Prepare necessary items for trekking in Thung Nai

Experience traveling Thung Nai by motorbike, so that there are no mistakes or mishaps along the way, don’t forget the following items:

– Helmets, masks, scarves, long-sleeved shirts, socks, bata shoes. Best, equip things that can turn into real “ninja”. If you don’t want after the trip, your rosy white skin becomes dark, tanned, don’t be subjective!

– Car repair kit, spare tire: These are must-have items when traveling. You will have no choice whether to bring it or not. On the road, you can not know if your car has a problem or problem? The percentage of cars with punctures on empty roads is very high. And if you don’t want to have to walk a long distance, please “carry” with your car repair tools. It certainly won’t be superfluous. Because prevention is always better than cure.

– Food, hammock, camping tent: If you choose to go to Thung Nai for 1 day, then food is extremely important. To save time visiting and taking pictures, prepare food at home and bring it with you. Some of the foods that are suitable for backpacking are kimbap rolls, banh cuon, chopped fruit, snacks, dry food, and bottled water. To save space, divide the following dishes among several people, each bringing a little.

Where to stay when traveling to Thung Nai?

Besides, do not forget to bring a hammock, picnic tent to rest whenever you want.

* Question: I see that Thung Nai backpackers mainly only go during the day, so I don’t know if there are motels here? Could you please introduce me?

A: Many of you often think that coming to Thung Nai is only for the day, so you don’t need to find out about motels. However, do not be complacent. Driving all day in the sun and wind will make you lose strength and quite tired. So, to regain your strength, find a place to stop.

In Thung Nai, there are 2 prestigious and clean motels that are chosen by many people, which are:

– Windmill motel:

This motel can serve up to 150 guests. The special thing at this guesthouse is the style of the stilt house, with clean towels, pillows, curtains, and a hot and cold water heater. You can directly contact the phone number: 0987 303 118 (Huong Mo)

But it’s also a bit inconvenient here because listening to some friends’ feedback, the owner of this motel is a bit overbearing and condescending, often not accepting guests back.

– Coconut Island Hostel: In addition to the Windmill motel, there is also the Coconut Island guest house. The owner here is Uncle Tuy, about 60 years old, is loved by everyone, so you can contact him to ask about the room. Contact phone number: 01668862663 – maybe you listen or your daughter listens.

The reason why this guesthouse in Thung Nai is so chosen is that Uncle Tuy’s family is very friendly and funny.

Where to go, what to explore in Thung Nai?

* Q: We knew Thung Nai when we saw pictures on the internet. From then on, the whole group was determined to come here. But do not know that, in Thung Nai, are there any fun or interesting places to visit?

A: Temporarily away from the noisy city, the most interesting and satisfying thing about Thung Nai is sitting on a boat around Song Da lake. You will be surprised with the wonderful mountain scenery, the small undulating islands that look like miniature Ha Long Bay. More specifically, if you come here on the weekend, you can attend the ethnic minority market meeting early on Sunday morning.

In addition, you can also visit some landmarks in Thung Nai such as:

– Temple of Thac Bo Princess: this is a famous sacred temple, always crowded with pilgrims coming to worship and worship. It is the temple of the people around the incense and smoke area praying for their life floating up and down the Da River.

– Thac Bo Cave: a large cave door, inside containing many stalactites that have been formed over the years, a beautiful place that attracts many tourists.

– Suoi Trach: the place to bathe in the stream is suitable for all groups of guests. With clear, cool natural spring water, this is a destination not to be missed in the summer.

If you go in a group or a large number of people, you can organize campfire parties in the evening. If you go on the occasion of the full moon, you should rent a boat to walk around the lake to see the moon.

Total cost of traveling Thung Nai 2 days 1 night

* Q: We don’t have much travel experience, so we don’t know how much it costs to go to Thung Nai per person. Since I’m a student, I hope you can share so that we can arrange the trip before the trip.

A: Our group consists of 5 people, initially estimated the cost of each person is 500k. But then after the trip, everyone was happy because the amount spent was only half of the prediction.

Total cost includes:

– Eat and drink for each person a bowl of heirloom pho, a cup of iced tea on the way, totaling 115k.

– Give him a houseboat + buy a deck of cards: 80k.

– After visiting Thac Bo Cave, which is located on an island, when the boat just docked, a fat man with narrow eyes full of malice rushed in and asked us for 50k called “visiting fee”.

– Accommodation fee is 650k.

– Fuel up: 150k.

How much does it cost to travel to Thung Nai for 2 days? Total: 115+ 80K+ 50+ 650+150= 1,045k (1 million zero forty-five thousand). So calculated, each person only spent 209k for a two-day trip. It’s so cheap, isn’t it?

As for food, there are familiar dishes in Thung Nai such as: Man pig with delicious meat, hill chicken, fish caught in Da river, vegetables are grown cleanly. In general, the food here is clean without worrying about chemicals.

Final thoughts: Thung Nai Travel Guide

With above Thung Nai Travel Guide: 2 day travel experience and all expenses, Hai Phong Tours wish you would have wonderful trip.

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