Tien Lang hot spring

Tien Lang hot spring

Tien Lang hot spring is a outstanding destination of Hai Phong countryside tours. This is also an ideal resort destination to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

  • Location: 354 Provincial road, Bach Dang commune, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city
    Open time: Daily 08:00-17:00
  • Transportation to Tien Lang Hot Springs:

From Haiphong city center, the most convinient way is to go by taxi or private car transfer. Please contact us for package services. If you want to go by bus, please take Bus No.02 (Binh Port-Quang Trung gas station) then Bus No.03 (Quang Trung gas station – Tien Lang district).

Here are price of some basic services for your references:

  • Physical massage: VND.200,000/person – 45 minutes
  • Outdoor cold pool: VND.60,000/person
  • Indoor hot bath: VND.60,000/ person – 30 minutes
  • Soak in mud bath package VND.270,000/ person – 120 minutes

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Overview of Tien Lang hot spring

Tien Lang hot spring is located 20km from Haiphong city center. After having Haiphong city tour, here is an ideal place for tourists to relax. In addition, due to the lush coastal mangroves and the rich flora and fauna surrounding, Tien Lang mineral stream will bring visitors moments of harmony with nature.

In 1965, Russian experts placed 14b drills in Tien Lang town, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong to conduct geological surveys. They discovered at a depth of 850m, hot water of 54 degrees C level erupted up the ground. But it was only in 1982 that this water source was put into exploitation and use. This is one of five mineral water mines of Vietnam (along with Binh Chau – Ba Ria – Vung Tau mineral springs, Thap Ba mineral springs – Khanh Hoa, Kim Boi – Hoa Binh mineral springs, My Lam – Tuyen Quang mineral springs) is recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with high mineral content, has the effect of healing, restoring health. The same type of some famous mineral water in the world such as: Mirgorod of Russia, Darkov of Czech Republic, Baisov of Bulgaria, E`laruc and Sallivs de Jura of France.

But it was only in 1982 that this water source was put into exploitation. In 2004, Tien Lang hot spring mineral water tourist area was formed.

With an area of nearly 10 hectares covered with flowers and green grass, Tien Lang Hot Spring Resort offers many services such as immersion, bathing of pure hot mineral water; bathing in mineral water pool with hydraulic massage system; Wet, dry sauna with natural herbs; Soaking, bathing mud on Tien hill…

Countless benefits of hot spring baths

Bathing in hot springs gradually increases the body’s temperature, thus killing harmful germs and viruses. Thermal baths increase hydrostatic pressure on the body, thereby increasing blood circulation and oxidation. An increase in blood flow also helps to break down and eliminate toxins from the body. A spring bath increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, bringing improved nutrition to vital organs and tissues. Hot spring baths increase the body’s metabolism, including stimulating the secretion of intestinal and liver, helping digestion.

Bathing in mineral water is very beneficial to health, especially to reduce significantly the bone and joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, morning stiffness, joint pain, knee degeneration; Skin diseases such as psoriasis and chronic skin diseases …Especially with the appropriate temperature and mineral composition, Tien Lang mineral spring helps you have smooth and healthy skin.

Through soaking in the bath, your pulse, blood pressure, breathing, body temperature and skin reactions all have beneficial changes to your health. However, not all people take a hot spring bath as well.

Besides minerals, water pressure will have a very good effect on the body’s recovery. Lie down on the surface of the water and let the flow bring new energy to your body. Bathing in hot springs really not only helps the body relax, recover but also is a great medicine to help relieve stress.

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Activities in Tien Lang hot spring

Coming to Tien Lang hot mineral spring, the first thing is that you can relax yourself in the clear, warm water. The pressure of life seems to vanish.

Room service at the resort is always available, with 3-star standard rooms. The rooms here have windows overlooking the ecological space of gardens, aquariums and rice fields. In particular, all rooms here are using water from hot springs. The accommodation is equipped with: satellite TV, ID phone, wifi internet, air-conditioner, heater, fridge, mini bar and other free drinks.

Besides, you can also participate in other fun activities such as fishing, playing billiards, tennis, badminton, table tennis …

There are also shops selling souvenirs so you can choose your favorite items as gifts to your friends.

In addition, country cuisine is also a good choice. The restaurant in Tien Lang hot mineral spring tourist area has a home-cooked hot wine and dishes made from common foods such as shrimp, fish, chicken … At local restaurants, you can enjoy taste of foods is more special because all the food here is cooked with mineral water combined with the appropriate spices. In addition, to come to Tien Lang hot spring, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy local products such as: Banh Da Cua, shrimp rice noodles, squid wine, fried snails …

Not far from Tien Lang hot spring is Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex. You can go there to learn more about a destination of historical and cultural value. Besides, understand more about a typical cultural celebrity of Hai Phong.

Also, if you would like to arrange private car to come here, please contact Hai Phong Tours!

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