Blood Cockle of O Loan Swamp (So Huyet Dam O Loan)

Top 6 Best food to eat in Vietnam tourist must try once in life

What to Eat in Phu Yen Vietnam while traveling? The coastal province in the south-central coast of Vietnam, Phu Yen, is a trendy destination, which attracts tourists not only for beautiful Nature but also delicious and unique food in Phu Yen. While the attractions of Dong Cam dam, Vung Ro Bay, Mang Lang cathedral, Ganh Da Dia, Bai Xep, etc., are so captivating that wins compliments, the local dishes make foodies remember the taste even after they get home. Following is the list of dishes to eat in Phu Yen during the food tour to Vietnam!

Blood Cockle of O Loan Swamp (So Huyet Dam O Loan) – First Thing to Eat in Phu Yen Vietnam

While O Loan swamp (Dam O Loan) is a spectacular natural attraction to view the best sunrise moments, its specialty of blood cockles (So Huyet) is a great ingredient for mouth-watering food. With the calm water, low hills, green sugarcane fields, etc., the swamp is ideal for sightseeing especially in the early morning while you can admire the sunrise and savor the green, extensive serenity. Caught from this beautiful swamp, the blood cockles are bigger than the ones in elsewhere. Once the locals find the cockle, they often process it by grilling and topped with chopped green onions, just grilling, stir-frying, roasting with salt and chili, with tamarind sauce, etc. This seafood is often eaten with gruel or rice.

While enjoying this food, people can have small talks, enjoy the views, and create memories together. Plates of blood cockles grilled hot and topped with scallions and peanuts are so attractive and delectable that make you remember the taste. Besides, other popular ways of cooking are to roast the cockles with shrimp salt or steam them with chili and lemongrass. It is chewy and juicy, and the taste remains best in Phu Yen Vietnam.

Rice Vermicelli with pig tripe (Banh Hoi Long Heo)

Rice vermicelli woven into bundles is best served with the fine tripe of pig that becomes a specialty in Phu Yen. Some people even say that the travel to Phu Yen cannot be complete without eating this food. Particularly in this province, the rice vermicelli (Banh Hoi) is made in a sophisticated and careful procedure that results in the very tasteful bundles topped with scallions and eaten with grilled pork, roasted meat, or pig tripe. This food cannot be missed in any festivals, family events, rituals in the community temples, etc., and is the beautiful option of the local cuisine.

Rice Vermicelli with pig tripe (Banh Hoi Long Heo)Rice Vermicelli with pig tripe (Bánh Hỏi Lòng Heo)

Cooked Tuna Eyes (Mat Ca Ngu Dai Duong)

In almost any talk about dishes of the cooked tuna eyes, people think about Phu Yen province. Though it is a symbolic food of the region, it sometimes makes guests afraid because the tuna eyeballs are so big. Nonetheless, the single taste can convince everybody of the unique flavor and it will leave a strong impact. This favorite delicacy must be processed in a right away in order to bring nice culinary experience in the end. In that sense, the Phu Yen locals steam the tuna eyes with the Chinese herbs which are good for health, indeed. But, the herbs do not influence the fishy smell. Rather, it adds the health value and enhances the taste of the ensemble.

Cooked Tuna Eyes (Mat Ca Ngu Dai Duong)Cooked Tuna Eyes (Mắt Cá Ngừ Đại Dương)

Sausage of salamander (Cha Dong) – Special Thing to Eat in Phu Yen

As a specialty of Phu Lam commune, Tuy Hoa City, the “Cha Dong” is a kind of sausage made from the meat of salamanders. The meat must be made clean, pounded, and mixed to get the soft mixture including chili flour, onion, pepper, garlic, and pork oil. After mixing the mixture of salamander meat and some minced mushroom and herbs, use the thin rice paper to make little rolls. The rolls will then be fried in the deep oil for the crunchy completion. Often, this kind of sausage roll is served with fresh vegetables from Ngoc Lang – a place that grows organic vegetables which are delicious and very famous in the province. A recommended place to enjoy “Cha Dong” in Tuy Hoa City is Nguyen Cong Tru Street.

What to eat in Phu Yen? The answer is "Salamander meat"!What to eat in Phu Yen? The answer is “Salamander meat”!

Phu Yen Chicken Rice (Com Ga)

Traveling to Tuy Hoa City, it seems that almost everybody tells each other to visit the eateries of chicken rice in Le Thanh Ton street which have been specialized in this food for years. During the peak hours, patrons have to stand in a queue to wait for their turns to eat the food. The most special and unique thing of this food might be the quality of the chicken meat as well as the dipping sauce. Besides, a variety of fresh vegetables to be eaten with the chicken rice, such as slices of cucumber, coriander or mint, the fermented onions, chili, and garlic.

As glutinous rice is cooked with the water (that boiled the chicken), the result is yellow, sweet, and yummy. Served with the rice is the chicken meat which can be cut or torn to put on the surface. The yellow-and-green plate of chicken rice in Phu Yen can fully everybody’s stomach in a happy way.

Phu Yen Chicken Rice (Com Ga) - The popular food at Phu Yen VietnamPhu Yen Chicken Rice (Com Ga) – The popular food at Phu Yen Vietnam

Half-dried beef with yellow salted ant (Bo Mot Nang Muoi Kien Vang)

If the Northwest of Vietnam has “Trau Gac Bep” (buffalo meat) and Da Nang City has the fried beef, then Phu Yen province is proud of the half-fried beef served with yellow salted ant. Not only do people eat this food on the spot, but they also buy it for home. The beef in this area is taken from the cows that eat the grass of the mountains, so its meat is sweet and soft. With the good-quality beef, the cooks will spice it with seasonings, chili, garlic, and fried onions. Then, they will let it dry under the sun for one day or dry it for two hours. After that, the half-dried beef will be mixed with the yellow salted ant– which is also a specialty of Phu Yen. The dried food is portable so it can be gifts for family and friends after your Phu Yen Tour Packages.

Half-dried beef with yellow salted ant (Bo Mot Nang Muoi Kien Vang)Half-dried beef with yellow salted ant (Bo Mot Nang Muoi Kien Vang)

So now you know already What to Eat in Phu Yen Vietnam. Winning compliments on the beautiful Nature, Phu Yen also appeals to visitors thanks to the signature dishes that seem unavailable elsewhere. So anytime you get to this coastal destination, make sure you eat at least three of these.

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