Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour: Best experience with Kayaking, Swimming

2 days 1 night
Sung Sot, Titop, Luon

  • Visit Halong bay core
  • Visit Karst cave – Sung Sot cave
  • Halong bay sightseeing
  • Swim at Titop beach
  • Join in cooking class
  • Paddle kayak or bamboo boat ride





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Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour is extended verson of Halong bay day tour option 1. This tour brings you the best experience such as visit cave, do activities, stay overnight onboard in private room, night fishing, Taichi exercise. Everything is slowlier to make sure you enjoy every moments of the tour. We do cruise around the core of Halong bay which is recognized as Nature Wonder of the World by UNESCO.

If you have time, do not miss out this tour. Let’s check out why Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour is the best option.

Pick up for Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days tour

We are very flexible in pick up for Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days tour.

In Hai Phong, we pick up from 10h30 am to 11h00 am. If you are in city center, the meeting point is at your place for example your hotel, home, apartment. We also pick up at Cat Bi airport. In case your flight lands in Hai Phong earlier than pick up time, please take a break at coffee shop.

In Hanoi Old Quarter, pick up time is from 8h00am. If you are in Hanoi but outside Old Quarter, please present at Hanoi Opera House at around 8h30am for the last pick up.

We also pick up outside city center with some small surcharge. Othewises, please consider private car transfer service. If you manage transfer yourself, please present at harbor from 12h00 am. We will confirm harbor name to you directly later.

Route of Halong bay 2 days 1 night

Day 1: Luon cave + Titop island (lunch, dinner)

As we do both pick up in Hanoi and Hai Phong, then there are at least 2 groups join in the Halong bay 2 days 1 night. We all will meet each other at Halong International Cruise port or Tuan Chau harbor. After regroup, we do check in procedures. All of your passport, food restriction information should be informed to Hai Phong Tours in advance before pick up. We do transfer luggage first to your cruise. So please leave your suitcases at the right place as instruction of reception or tour guide. Please handle yourself carry on luggage.

Once reaching to overnight cruise for Halong bay 2 days 1 night, let’s enjoy welcome drink, refresh with cold wipes. Tour guide will do go over safety instruction, room, route… After that, please get to your room to settle.

Next, we serve Asian food lunch onboard at the restaurant. Depends on class of overnight cruise you choose, luch will be buffet or set menu.

During your lunch time, our cruise heads to Luon cave to do kayaking or have seat on bamboo boat to explore the area.

Luon cave

Luon cave or also known as Luon lake is very popular place to travel especially Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour or Halong bay day tour. Here, you are free to choose either paddle kayak or have seat on bamboo boat. You will do around trip through Luon cave to a lake.

The cave that you will get through is around 100 meter long and 3 meter wide. However, to get through this cave, we need to consider tidal flows. Its depth could be from 4 to 2.5 meters or even lower. Once passing the cave, you will be at the lake. This is where you can see sheer limestone cliffs, monkeys… I would recommend you to choose kayaking for the best experience of Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour!

Next, we move to Titop island for swimming or sightseeing or both of them.

Titop island (Titov)

Titop island is about 14 km away from harbor. At first, this island was  unnamed (similar to others behind). In 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and a Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov visited the island. Then Ho Chi Minh named the island Titop as a present for him.

Titov island has a total area of 0,037 km² with 110 meters (360 ft) in height. You may need to spend 450 steps to reach the peak.

On reaching the Titop island, we do spend around 1 hour here. If you plan to swim, please bring your towel or collect in your room, necessary things with. You can not come back to the cruise. As it’s not allowed to anchor right at the island. And washing shower fee not included in the package (around 50.000VND ~2.5USD per person). Tip: You’d better come back to your cruise to have shower later in your room to save money!

Now, please choose either do swimming, sunbathing at the beach or reach the Titop peak for sightseeing. Certainly, you can do all within 50 mins – 60 hours if you think you can.

You should also bring small bottle of water with you or buy right on the cruise, on island. Do not bring plastic bottle.

After this, we come back to overnight cruise, refresh, enjoy happy hours party and watch sunset on Halong bay. Depends on cruise you choose, the offer for Happy hours will be different. We do continue our Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour with cooking class onboard.

Cooking class

Spring rolls is very popular in Vietnam and easy to cook also. It’s a combination of pork, wood ear mushroom, carrot, herbs. All are prepared and mixed together. Then we use rice paper to roll in and fry with cooking oil.

Sometime, we practice to make “Nem Cuốn”. You can eat directly after done.

Fishing or relaxing

We serve dinner at the same restaurant for lunch. After that, you are free to relax or go fishing at tender (fish for squid).

Day 2: Sung Sot cave (breakfast, lunch)

That would be wonderful to start your new day with Tai Chi excercise on sundeck. However, this is option. That’s fine to stay on your bed. But you may miss sunrise moment on the bay.
After breakfast, we continue our Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour with Sung Sot cave visit. It is the best cave on Halong bay.

To get to Sung Sot cave’s entrance at 30 meter high, you may need to pass 100 concrete steps. So please consider your health. The Sung Sot cave was found by French in 1901 and named Grotte des Surprises. This cave covers around 10.000 sqm with 30 meters high. There are 2 different caverns with their own beauties. The first one is small with Fairy Well on the left hand. Keep going to a unique, small way, you will be at the main cavern. It’s large enough to accommodate 1.000 people at the same time.

This is the last stop of our 2 day trip. So please take your time and enjoy it. After around 50-60 minutes, we come back to the cruise to refresh, check out your room and have lunch. During your lunch time, our cruise return to harbor and anchor at about 11h30-12h00.

Please note: If you book Paradise Elegance Cruise, they do not provide lunch on second day. BRUNCH is served instead.

Drop off after Halong bay 2 days tour

Regarding to drop off options, we can bring you back to Hai Phong city center, Hai Phong airport (Cat Bi airport) or Hanoi Old Quarter. If you need to get dropped off at Hanoi airport, we will bring you to Hanoi. Then please grab taxi to airport. Or you can go directly to Hanoi airport by using our private car transfer service.

Drop off time

  • Hanoi Old Quarter: 16:00 – 16:30
  • Hai Phong: 13:00 (Cat Bi airport or city center)

Tour includes

  • Round way transfer
  • Meals onboard (vegetarian food available)
  • English speaking tour guide onboard
  • All entrance fees
  • 1 night onboard
  • Kayaking (not applied to Paradarise Elegance)
  • Bamboo boat ride

Tour excludes

  • Drinks
  • Tip for driver, tour guide (recommended)
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance

Child offers for this Halong bay 2 days tour

Child age = current year – birth year

  • Every 2 adults can escort 1 child under 5 year old.
  • Child under 5 year old is free of charge
  • Child from 5 to 8 year old is charged 75% of adult price (taller than 1.2 meters is considered adult).
  • From 9 year old, we charge 100% of adult price

FAQs about Halong bay 2 days tour

  1. When is the best time to visit Halong bay?
    Halong bay is nice everytime. But the best periods to visit are September – November and March – May. The dry climate and pleasant temperature will allow you to enjoy all activities and nicest views.
  2. What to bring with me for the Halong bay 2 days tour?
    There are some things to bring with such as: flip flop, camera, mobile phone, charger, cap, sun cream, sunglasses, clothes, passport.
  3. Do I need to bring passport to the cruise?
    Passport is required for this overnight trip. But it’s needed to show only if Halong administration requests directly.
  4. Can I bring water to the cruise?
    Yes you can. But please do not bring plastic bottle. Glass or inox bottle is fine. Wine maybe charged for service fee.
  5. Is it ok to pick up in Hanoi and drop off in Hai Phong?
    Yes it is. This is very common. Or you can do pick up in Hai Phong, drop off in Hanoi also.
  6. I am vegetarian, can you prepare food for me?
    Yes we can. We will serve tofu, streamed rice, vegetable, peanut, fish sauce instead.

Review Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days tour

Spending  2 days 1 night on Halong bay is the best choice. Basically, tourists have 3 main options such as 1 day, 2 days and 3 days. The 1 day trip is perfect for people whose do not want to stay onvernight on Halong bay. If you do Halong bay 3 days 2 nights tour, you will do all the best things on the bay. But you may be tired due to longer time on the bay. Now let’s Review Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days tour.

Transfer to Halong bay

When you do this Halong bay 2 days tour with Hai Phong Tours, we will go on highway (Hanoi > Hai Phong and Hai Phong > Halong). Then the transfer time is shorten almost 50% (Hanoi > Halong: 2.5h drive, Hai Phong > Halong: 50mins drive). From Hanoi Old Quarter, we use high-class bus to pick up people. But in Hai Phong, we use car instead such as Toyota Vios, Altis or Innova. If you are looking for better car, we also have Fortuner, Camry or Sedona for business man.

  • Pros: more comfortable, faster
  • Cons: more cost

Itinerary of Halong bay 2 days tour

The itinerary of Halong bay 2 days tour looks more like the itinerary of day trip. But you will have more time to stay on the Halong bay. Especially, number of stops in a day reduced. Thus, you will have time to enjoy your trip slowlier. Nightlife on the bay brings you different experience rather than on land. Everything is well scheduled to make sure customers do not feel overloaded. In this tour, you will visit the core of Halong bay which is recognized by the UNESCO as Nature Wonder of the World.

Harbor of departure could be different (Halong International Cruise port or Tuan Chau harbor). But there’s no change in your experience of the tour.

  • Pros: visit all most all the best things to do on Halong bay, experience nightlife, activities
  • Cons: more crowded

Halong bay 2 days cruise

When you book Halong bay 2 days tour with us, we will auto arrange suitable cruise that matched your budget. Basically, there are 3 grades of cruise from 3, 4 to 5 star with different price ranges. Please just choose the one that you feel good.

The Halong bay 2 days cruise – 3 star cruise should have all basic facilities the same as 3 star hotel such as private bathroom, linens, towels, mini bar, toilet paper, private A/C ensuite… Max load of the 3 star cruise is around 16- 35 persons. There are common room type to choose like single, twin, double, triple rooms. We can also arrange adjoining or connecting room if you prefer. The room size is around 12sqm so no balcony available in this cruise grade.

4 star Halong bay 2 days cruise is more deluxe with larger size (around 22sqm). Food in each menu should be better. If you are looking for better room in the same cruise, the Suite or VIP may fit you.

When you want everything perfect, luxury style, the 5 star cruise is the best option. On Halong bay, there are many cruise to choose (not brandnew). If you are looking for brandnew cruise, you may need to choose Lan Ha bay tour. The 5 star cruise is biggest. So room size is also bigger from 20-40sqm depends on room type. Most of 5 star cruises on Halong bay equips Jacuzzi ensuite, Massage service or mini swimming pool in front of cruise.

  • Pros: luxurious experience
  • Cons: more cost, more people in the same cruise

Tour guide

All of English speaking tour guides are well-trained and have International Tour Guide License. They are young, knowledgeable, enthusiastic  and funny.

  • Pros: professional
  • Cons: only speak English. If you need tour guide speak other language, please request us in advance with more fee.

Food and Drinks

Food is prepared and cook in kitchen onboard. When the cruise leaves, there’s no chance to order. If you have food restriction, please let us know before departure date. There is bar at restaurant and sundeck.

  • Pros: fresh, cook and serve directly
  • Cons: can not order or change order after cruise leaves, drinks fee higher than on land.

Buy Halong souvenir

Halong is famous for real pearl. You can find small shop selling at almost all stops. But the word “real” must be considered if you have knowledge about pearl. If you plan to buy the real one, you can go to reputable shop inland. They have certificate tag with each product.

Other option, you may consider “Nón Lá” for woman, things made of shells, T-shirt with Halong text, brocade handbag…

  • Pros: easy to find, handle
  • Cons: need to bargain, hard to verify origin

Book Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour

To Book Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour, we provide some convenient options as following:

  • Social chat: We are available on Whatsapp, Zalo, We Chat, LINE, Kakao talk. Please find us by this phone number: +84975200357. You can also find quick chat button on the Left-Bottom corner on our website.
  • Directly chat support flatform: On our website: haiphongtours.com, please find chat button on the Right-Bottom corner. Then please fill in your name, email, phone number or Whatsapp, your question and click on “Start Chat”. We will be with you within seconds.
  • Send email: If you do not find above convenient, please send email to [email protected] to book Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour. We do get back to you shortly.
  • Book directly on website: Please choose any option (if any) in the tour, select number of person in your group, then click to “Request now”. Next, please fill in required fields and click “Send request” and wait for few seconds. Please note that this is to send request only. You will not be charged any kind of fee online.

Above is everything about Hai Phong Halong bay 2 days 1 night tour. If you need us to clarify anything else, please contact us.

Thank you and happy travel!

Hai Phong Tours team.

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