Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour: Best 1 day out with Kayaking, Swimming

Full day tour
Cai Beo, Tai Keo, Ba Trai Dao, Monkey island | Hang Sáng
  • Cai Beo fishing village
  • Have lunch onboard
  • Do kayaking, explore Tai Keo cave
  • Swim at Ba Trai Dao
  • Jump from boat
  • Free use of air buoy
  • Conquer monkey island
  • Join in Sunset party

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Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour is designed to do activities as many as possible on Lan Ha bay, Halong bay. In this luxury day boat tour, you will visit most of the best attraction on Lan Ha bay such as Cai Beo fishing village, Tai Keo, Ba Trai Dao beaches, Monkey island. You can also stay on island after day tour on request. Second option allows you to visit Lan Ha bay in easier way. It’s more relaxing rather than doing activities. Let’s check out following details with Hai Phong Tours.

Pick up for Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour

Option 1

We have 3 pick up options of pick up for Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour.

  • Binh harbor in Hai Phong: from 5h50
  • Hanoi Old Quarter: from 5h00
  • Hotel on Cat Ba island: 7h45

If you are in Haiphong city center, please just go to Binh harbor yourself for pick up. We can also arrange private car with some small extra fee.

When you choose pick up places at Binh harbor or Hanoi Old Quarter, we will transfer you to Got harbor by bus. You will be on ferry for around 20 minutes. Once arriving at Cai Vieng harbor on Cat Ba island, our driver takes you to Cai Beo harbor for boat tour.

If you are already in town on Cat Ba island, we will take you to Cai Beo harbor directly.

Option 2

  • Hanoi Old Quarter: 7h15 to 7h45
  • Hai Phong hotel or Haiphong airport from 9h00

If you land in Hai Phong airport earlier, please wait at coffee shop at A1 gate untill pick up time.

When you go on this option, we will pick you up and go straight to Got harbor and get on the boat.

Schedule of Lan Ha bay day tour

Option 1: Cai Beo, Tai Keo, Ba Trai Dao, Monkey island

After geting onboard and check in, we start our Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour. We go pass the Cai Beo fishing village with ancient, simple floating houses. This is considered the oldest fishing village in the North of Vietnam.

9h00, we do stop at Di san floating village. This’s where you are able to see the 14 year-old fishes with around 80 kg weight. Local people call them Lucky fishes.

Next, we do kayaking to explore Tai Keo cave.

10h30, get back to cruise, continue to explore Lan Ha bay.

11h30, enjoy your lunch onboard.

After lunch, we head to Ba Trai Dao beach to relax and swim. This is the nicest beach on Lan Ha bay. You may also stay on sundeck to enjoy cocktail or jump in crystal water or play with air buoy.

14h30, Conquer Monkey island

15h15, back to cruise, enjoy sunset party with fruits, cakes.

15h45, back to Beo harbor and we drop you off at place as request in advance.

Also, if you would like to stay on Cat Ba island after tour, please inform us before departing.

Monkey on Monkey island Cat Ba
Monkey on Monkey island Cat Ba

Option 2: Hang Sang

This option of Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour is more suitable to tourists that just want to relax. In this tour, you will spend most of the time onboard, do either kayaking or bamboo boat ride, cooking and relax. Transfer time reduced so that you will have more time to enjoy the Lan Ha bay.

Around 10h30, we check in onboard. Then you will have lunch onboard during time cruise heading to center of Lan Ha bay.

Firstly, around 12:30, we will head to Dark and Light caves (Hang Sáng, Hang Tối) to visit serene round lake surrounded by lush trees and high stone cliffs by bamboo boat or kayak. We actually only allowed to visit the Light cave (Hang Sáng) because the Dark cave is not safe to get in. That’s why they locked the entrance.

Then, you are free to join in our cooking class and fruit carving demonstration, followed by a Western-style afternoon tea with accompanying snacks. Later, our cruise stops at quite area so you can jump in crystal water to swim. Finally, around 17h30, we get back to Got Harbour.

Drop off after Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour

Regarding to drop off options, we can bring you back to Hai Phong city centerHai Phong airport (Cat Bi airport) or Hanoi Old Quarter. If you need to get dropped off at Hanoi airport, we will bring you to Hanoi. Then please grab taxi to airport. Or you can go directly to Hanoi airport by using our private car transfer service.

Drop off time option 1:

  • Binh harbor Hai Phong: from 18h
  • Hanoi Old Quarter: from 20h
  • Hotel on Cat Ba island: from 16h

Drop off time option 2:

  • Hanoi Old Quarter: 20:00
  • Hai Phong: 18:30 (Cat Bi airport or city center)

Tour includes

  • Round way car/bus transfer
  • Lunch onboard (vegetarian food available)
  • English speaking tour guide onboard
  • All entrance fees
  • Kayaking or bamboo boat trip ride

Tour excludes

  • Drinks
  • Tip for driver, tour guide (recommended)
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance

Child offers for this Hai Phong Lan Ha bay 1 day tour

Child age = current year – birth year

  • Every 2 adults can escort 1 child under 5 year old. We charge 50% of adult price for the next child under 5 year old
  • Child under 5 year old is free of charge
  • Child from 5 to 8 year old is charged 75% of adult price (taller than 1.2 meters is considered adult).
  • From 9 year old, we charge 100% of adult price

FAQs about Lan Ha bay day tour

  1. What to bring with me for the Lan Ha bay day tour?
    There are some things to bring with such as: flip flop, camera, mobile phone, cap, sun cream, sunglasses, clothes.
  2. Do I need to bring passport to the day tour?
    Passport is required if you stay overnight onboard only. This is day tour. So you do not need to bring it with.
  3. Does this tour go to Halong bay?
    Lan Ha bay is apart of Halong bay. So, Yes, it does.
  4. Is it ok to pick up in Hanoi and drop off in Hai Phong?
    Yes it is. This is very common. Or you can do pick up in Hai Phong, drop off in Hanoi also.
  5. I am vegetarian, can you prepare food for me?
    Yes we can. We will serve tofu, streamed rice, vegetable, peanut, fish sauce instead.

Review Lan Ha bay 1 day tour

Lan Ha bay day tour is recently promoted by Hai Phong Tourism Administration. The distance from Hai Phong city center to Got harbor is shorter than to Cai Beo or Halong harbors. When you go to Lan Ha bay area, most of the time on the bay is for sightseeing and do kayaking or bamboo boat ride. Especially, there is no cave to walk inside. If you would like to do that, please consider Halong bay day tour.

Transfer to Lan Ha bay

Hai Phong Tours picks up customers at 3 differents places: Hanoi Old Quarter, Hai Phong and Cat Ba island if you choose option 1. When you choose option 2, we can pick up in Hanoi and Hai Phong only. If you are looking for private car transfer, please note to our saleman in advance.

  • Pros: closer (option 2)
  • Cons: more complicated (option 1)

Itinerary of day tour

There are 2 options in this Lan Ha bay day tour. The option 1 is more suitable for active, young people who are looking for more activities. If you are traveling at leisure, the option 2 is perfect. You will have more time to relax on the bay. And as mentioned above, you have no chance to stop and walk in any cave. Best things to do on Lan Ha bay are kayaking, bamboo boat ride, sightseeing, swimming, visit fishing village. Each area has it own beauty. So please make your choice.

And because Lan Ha bay is newer than Halong bay in tourist’s mind, so it’s less touristy.

  • Pros: more activites, less touristy, longer
  • Cons: no big cave to walk in

Lan Ha bay day cruise

All the cruises departing from Hai Phong are brand new. And most of them are 4 or 5 star grade. The day cruise features high class amenities and A/C inside.Toilet’s also available but no bathroom and guestroom. There are a lot of rooms and arm chairs for relaxing on sundeck. You will have luxurious spaces to check in, selfie…

  • Pros: luxurious cruise
  • Cons: more cost

Tour guide

All of English speaking tour guides on Lan Ha bay day cruise are well-trained and have International Tour Guide License. They are young, knowledgeable, enthusiastic  and funny.

  • Pros: professional
  • Cons: only speak English. If you need tour guide speak other language, please request us in advance with more fee.

Food and Drinks

During your Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour, we serve decent lunch with great fresh seafood, fruits. All dishes are cook in Asian food style. Vegetarian food’s also available on request in advance. 6 persons do share food on a table. Private table with better menu’s also available on request in advance.

  • Pros: well decoration, fine dining
  • Cons: can not order or change order after cruise leaves

Book Haiphong Lan Ha bay 1 day tour

To Book Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour, we provide some convenient options as following:

  • Social chat: We are available on Whatsapp, Zalo, We Chat, LINE, Kakao talk. Please find us by this phone number: +84975200357. You can also find quick chat button on the Left-Bottom corner on our website.
  • Directly chat support flatform: On our website: haiphongtours.com, please find chat button on the Right-Bottom corner. Then please fill in your name, email, phone number or Whatsapp, your question and click on “Start Chat”. We will be with you within seconds.
  • Send email: If you do not find above convenient, please send email to [email protected] to book Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour. We do get back to you shortly.
  • Book directly on website: Please choose any option (if any) in the tour, select number of person in your group, then click to “Request now”. Next, please fill in required fields and click “Send request” and wait for few seconds. Please note that this is to send request only. You will not be charged any kind of fee online.

About is everything about Hai Phong Lan Ha bay day tour. If you need us to clarify anything else, please contact us.

Thank you and happy travel!

Hai Phong Tours team.

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