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There are 2 routes are on sale by Vietjet Air:
  • Haiphong > Danang: 39.000VND/person
  • Haiphong > Dalat: 49.000VND/person

Haiphong Flight ticket is a new service of Hai Phong Tours. In order to meet the customers demands, we now open flight booking service for all routes, airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways, Air Asia, Jetstar…

Through our flight ticket service, you will be supported with VAT invoice issuance, fast information edition, ticket holding. Hai Phong Tours is ready to serve you 24/24h. If urgent, please contact Zalo or Whatsapp: +84975200357.

Why book Haiphong Flight ticket with us?

Why should book Haiphong Flight ticket with us? Although buying flight ticket directly is very simple, you need an online payment solution. And make sure to access to the correct official website. There are many  fake websites to scam and misappropriate money and customer account information. Moreover, the information needs to be entered absolutely accurate so that there are no fuss in flying.

Support for changing information: In case of information confusion, how to change of ticket information? You need to call the airline’s switchboard and ask for help. Consultation fee is from 1,500 to 2,000 VND per minute. Certainly, the procedure will be very complicated and take a lot of time. When booking with Haiphong Tours, you just need to contact us to get prompt support. In the event of an amount charged by the airline, we will endeavor to charge less than the direct charge payable.

Hold ticket for 6-12 hours: Holding ticket is very important when buying air ticket. Airfares will change according to the hour depending on the “hot” of the flight, flight date. Therefore, holding ticket is very important. You will have some time to reconsider your trip without worrying about losing your chance to buy airline ticket at good price. If the ticket increases, you will still be charged according to the price at the time of holding the ticket. If the ticket price drops, Haiphong Tours will cancel the ticket and help you buy it again at a cheaper price.

Buy ticket 24 / 24h: Any time you want to buy air tickets in Haiphong, we are always ready to serve. If you cannot pay immediately, we will assist with ticketing and cash collection on-site for a small surcharge.

VAT invoice issue: Businesses, individuals who want to get VAT invoices after confirming Haiphong Flight ticket, we will send invoices home with a small shipping fee.

Why should book Haiphong Flight ticket with us?
Why should book Haiphong Flight ticket with us?

Flight ticket booking process

The process of booking a flighte ticket in Haiphong is very simple and fast. You just need to provide all of the following information:

1. Information of booker

  • Your name (required)
  • Email (optional)
  • Phone number (optional)

2. All passengers information (including booker’s)

All passenger information must match the identification (Passport, ID, driving license or birth certificate) to buy Haiphong Flight ticket.

  • Gender
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Valid Passport, ID, driving license or birth certificate
  • Nationality

If you do not want to write the information above, just take a photo and send it to Haiphong Tours via Zalo 0975200357 or email [email protected] We will assist you in entering the information.

3. Choose your seat

If you do not select a seat, the airline will automatically arrange your seat. If you choose, you will need to pay an additional 30 to 90 thousand VND / seat / time + service fee.

4. Select your checked baggage

Checked baggage is baggage that is carried on the same flight but stored in the luggage compartment and not carried on board. Carrying checked baggage will incur additional charges depending on the weight, such as 15 to 40 kg. Depending on your needs, you will choose the appropriate package. Buying checked baggage at the airport is always more expensive than buying in advance via Haiphong Tours.

To learn more about checked baggage, please see below.

5. Choose your meal on the plane

If your trip coincides with lunch or dinner, the airline will serve the meal with a constantly changing menu. The price for each meal is from 70 thousand VND or more + service fee. If you do not want to eat on the plane, you can skip this section.

6. Payment

To be able to issue Haiphong Flight ticket, you need to pay 100% in advance. You can choose payment information here: Payment

Flight ticket booking process
Flight ticket booking process

Carry on baggage regulations

Carry on is understood as a luggage carried on board by 1 person older than 2 years of age. The size of the carry-on baggage must not exceed 56 cm in height, 36 cm in width and 23 cm in depth. The weight of hand baggage must not be more than 7kg.

If the size is exceeded, it will be considered as checked baggage.

Refer to the following airlines carry on baggage regulations:

Carry on baggage regulations
Carry on baggage regulations

Checked baggage regulations

Any non-carry-on baggage will be treated as either standard checked baggage or oversized checked baggage. These two types will have different fees. Each airline will also make different rules.

Please refer to the following airlines’ checked baggage regulations:

Checked baggage regulations
Checked baggage regulations

Airport transfer

When booking Haiphong flight ticket, airport transfer is not included (unless you book a bus from the airline). If you want a private car, you can use the private car transfer service of Haiphong Tours. Traveling by private car will be much more convenient.

Procedures before flight departure time

What to bring: All passengers are required to carry their Passport, ID, driving license or birth certificate with information that matches the customer information above. If there is a child, parents need to bring an original birth certificate, birth certificate extract or notarized copy for no more than 6 months.

Medical reporting: Due to the Covid-19 has not been controlled globally, a medical report is required. Before the flight date or before checking in, you need to access the address: https://tokhaiyte.vn to declare. Reporting false information is against Vietnamese law and can be criminally punished. There is no specific date, time requirement to report in advance. But you should do this 1 day before your flight.

Check in: When using our Haiphong flight ticket service, you will receive a confirmation immediately upon payment. The confirmation must clearly state the time and date of flight. If it is a domestic flight, you will need to be at the airport for check-in 60 minutes before your flight time. If it’s an international flight, you’ll need to be 120 minutes before departure. All passengers entering the check-in procedure must wear medical masks.

If you have any questions, please click Contact Now for advice or leave a comment below.

Further notes

  • Child under 2 year-old will sit in the same seat with parent
  • Child aged 2-12 year-old in their own seat
  • Child from 14 year-old up must have a ID or passport

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