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Haiphong Oil Painting is a premium souvenir for domestic and foreigner tourists. The paintings are original or copied by the artists with curving brush strokes like dragon flying, phoenix dancing!!!

Oil paintings are durable, high artistic value, easy to transport and very affordable. Therefore, tourists love to buy this product as a souvenir for relative. Haiphong Tours accepts orders for paintings or paints on request. Contact us now for more details.

What is oil painting?

Oil paintings are called by the name of the painting material, that is oil paint. People use a wooden frame, stretch the canvas and use oil paints with different colors to paint. The oil painting process takes about a week from sketching, priming, drying, and finishing. The quality of the oil paint will determine the sharpness, color and durability of the painting.

Many oil paintings have been created by famous artists in the world such as Vincent Van Gogh with Starry Night…

Oil paintings are usually sized like 40x50cm, 60x80cm, 100x120cm or larger.

An Oil painting about Hanoi Old Quarter
An Oil painting about Hanoi Old Quarter

Where to buy Haiphong oil painting?

If wanted to buy ready Haiphong oil painting, tourists can search right in the city center. But it is also difficult to distinguish the paintings painted with high quality oil paints or Chinese oil paintings or Arcylic blends.

To distinguish a standard oil painting, the easiest way is to smell it, press your fingernail into the paint to see how soft it is. But if you are new, it is really difficult to detect. Therefore, tourists should choose reputable suppliers.

Please contact Haiphong Tours to order painting on demand with oil painting materials.

How to transport oil painting from Haiphong?

Since oil paintings are painted with oil paints on canvas, transportation is extremely easy. To transport oil paintings from Haiphong, the paintings will be removed from the wooden frame, rolled up and put into PVC pipes.

Thus, the painting will be absolutely protected. Bringing paintings from Haiphong home in Vietnam or abroad is also very simple, no need for complicated procedures. It is only considered checked baggage, not cargo, no customs surcharges.

Price of oil painting in Haiphong

The price of oil paintings in Haiphong varies depending on the difficulty of the painting and the required size. Therefore, if you want to order oil painting, please send sample photos and Haiphong Tours will send you a quote as quickly as possible.

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