Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex

Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex

Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex – a relics complex of nearly 13 hectares with 10 attractions, located between large and airy space. This place is truly a unique spiritual cultural tourism destination for tourists who come to the port of Hai Phong. Let Hai Phong Tours tell you more about this place.

Address: Trung Am village, Ly Hoc commune, Vinh Bao district, Hai Phong.


Overview Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex Hai Phong
Overview Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex Hai Phong

Introduction about Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex

Nguyen Binh Khiem or Nguyen Van Dat (1491 – 1585), also known as Trang Trinh, was born in Trung Am village of Ly Hoc commune, Vinh Bao district. Nguyen Binh Khiem, an outstanding Vietnamese scholar in the 15th and 16th centuries. Besides, he was a cultural and educational celebrity, and also a philosopher and poet. He was also called a prophet according to popular belief. In Vietnamese national history, Nguyen Binh Khiem is considered one of the great cultural celebrity of the nation.

Nguyen Binh Khiem was educated from an early age in a family where his mother and father are well educated. In particular, the education of the mother’s family influenced the formation of his personality and talent.
Deeply educated but born with many historical events, he did not rush to attend the election. It was not until 1535, during the reign of Mac Thai Tong, the most prosperous of the Mac dynasty, that he applied for and won the title of Poinsettia. That year he was 45 years old. Then, he was awarded the title of Trinh Quoc Cong – an official of an extremely important position in the Mac dynasty. Moreover, Trang Trinh is the name that people call him – a combination of Trang Nguyen and Trinh Quoc Cong.

Statues at Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex
Statues at Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex

Explaination about regulations of the feudal examinations of Vietnam

The feudal examinations include 3 examinations (Huong, Hoi and Dinh exams). Huong exam is organized in a provincial or inter-provincial scale to select people to join the Hoi and Dinh competition.
Hoi exam is a national examination for those who achieve high results in the Huong exam Dinh exam, also known as Điện thí, is held right at the royal court. The king himself was the one who set and took the exam.
The person with the highest result in the Dinh examination is awarded the title of Trang Nguyen.

Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem entrance gate
Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem entrance gate

The role of Nguyen Binh Khiem in Vietnamese history

He was a righteous and patriotic official. During his time as a mandarin and even after his resignation, he always took care of people’s lives. In old age, he also opened a teaching school.
Nguyen Binh Khiem is a great poet, not only of the sixteenth century.

Nguyen Binh Khiem’s compositions are rich, including Chinese and Nom characters (Vietnamese creative words based on Chinese characters). His works have far-reaching influence on the spiritual life of the people and contribute to the development of the national literary process. In addition to the poetic compositions that are still handed down, the works composed and engraved by Nguyen Binh Khiem are of historical or archaeological value. His thoughts contain Confucianism – Taoism – Buddhism

Nguyen Binh Khiem as a forecaster and strategic planner

Trang Trinh’s prophecies also known as “Thunder Status” are the predictions of Nguyen Binh Khiem about the main events of the Vietnamese nation for about 500 years (from 1509 to about 2019). These are predictions of genius, reasonable, arbitrary, resilient, positive and optimistic in nature

Nguyen Binh Khiem’s role in religion

Nguyen Binh Khiem is the only cultural celebrity in Vietnamese history to be recognized as a saint of an official religion. He was venerated as the Taoist Thanh Son (also known as Thanh Son Chon Nhon), one of the three sacred saints of Cao Dai Taoism.

Nguyen Binh Khiem with locals
Nguyen Binh Khiem with locals

About Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex

Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex was recognized as a historical relic site in 1991 and named a relic site of special national importance in late 2015.
Trang Trinh relic area includes items: Kinh Thien pen tower, Trang Trinh temple, gallery, grave of Trang Trinh parents, Am Bach Van, Trang Trinh statue, semicircular lake, Song Mai pagoda, Nha To of the pagoda has a statue of Minh Nguyet, Stele and Quan Trung Tan. All 4 ha wide from the Temple to the Han River.

Kinh Thien pen tower

Kinh Thien pen tower is said to be created by students to praise the talents of the State as the pillar against heaven.

Nguyen Binh Khiem temple

The first destination of the relic is the main temple consisting of 3 compartments set up on the main floor of Am Bach Van. This is also the end of Nguyen Binh Khiem’s life, the place that produces many poinsettias and outstanding knowledge teams. The temple was rebuilt in 1765, and in 1985 on the 400th anniversary of the death of Nguyen Binh Khiem, it was repaired and renovated. In the temple there is a horizontal picture with 4 words “An Nam Ly Hoc” with historical value. On it was a quote from the emissary’s words praising Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem “An Nam Ly Hoc Huu Trinh Tuyen”. It means that the understanding of the physical science of the South only has the Status of Nguyen Binh Khiem.

Besides, the people also built his parents’ temple in 2011. The whole architecture of the temple is made entirely of ironwood. This project is completed to celebrate 520 years of celebrity’s birthday and is invested with 45 billion VND. The temple is in Dinh style (丁), including a 5-room main hall and 2-room harem.

Am Bach Van

The highlight of the relic is the house with 3 rooms with thatched roofs simulating the old Am Bach Van. This is the place he set up after coming back from his homeland to teach, write poems, and study history nicknamed Bach Van Cu Si. The statue population vividly recreates the scene when he opens the classroom to teach. There are also statues of the students of the instrument after passing on about security issues. And the statues of the officials representing the royal court came to consult him.

The gallery

It presents his career background, his contributions to literature, philosophy, teaching and the posterity of the posterity. Especially, there has Bach Van’s poem book.
The other parts of relic

The monument of Trang Trinh is 5.7m high, weighs 8.5 tons with gravestone casting material. Statue in a sitting position, holding books thinking contemplating the situation. In addition, the costume of the statue is a grape outfit living simply near the people. The semicircular lake is about 1000m2 wide.

The grave of Trang Trinh’s parents is not far from the Temple.

Song Mai Temple is said to be the temple that Nguyen Binh Khiem often came to the ceremony and once said to Lord Trinh, “Keeping the temple, worshiping Buddha can eat oanh (something to worship, can eat)” (meaning should not conquer the throne of the Le Dynasty).

Next to the pagoda is the Ancestral House with the statue of Mrs. Minh Nguyet, the wife of Trang Trinh, who contributed to the founding of this temple.

Finally, it is Quan Trung Tan. Trung is in the middle, Tan is the port. Trung Tan means the wishes to say no left, no right, the right action will succeed. Stone stele with 1.5m high, weighing 4 tons was carved and completed on December 21, 2000 by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. The content reflected his dominant view of life as “good”.

Activities of Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem Complex

The complex’s meaning is showing the tradition of loving learning of Vinh Bao people and Hai Phong city people in general. So it is the place for award for excellent high school pupils of Hai Phong City who are the top in universities entrance exams.

People also come here to pray for fulfilled their dreams in careers and before important exam
In addition, this place also regularly organizes many folk games to attract the participation of many visitors.

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