Top 6 Best Travel Destinations in Vietnam to go during Tet Holiday

Top 6 Best Travel Destinations in Vietnam to go during Tet Holiday

Vietnamese New Year or Tet is the most festive holiday in Vietnam that spans up to seven days. During this time, many people will make travel plans to reunite with their friends and family. Even though it is known to be quite hectic to travel during the Tet holiday, being able to experience Vietnam and its culture during its liveliest time of the year is something to not miss out on. Across major cities in the country, the streets will be decorated with bright, celebratory installations and gorgeous colorful flowers. On top of that, the beaches and larger cities will be relatively devoid of large crowds and traffic. The general uplifting atmosphere of these destinations during the Tet holiday will allow you to have a unique experience while visiting.


First on our list of the top travel destinations in Vietnam during the Tet holiday season is the capital city of Hanoi. Only during the Tet holiday will you find the city’s streets to be relatively calm with the absence of traffic. It becomes apparent how charmingly beautiful the capital is without the constant noise of the hustle and bustle. Locals can be spotted wearing traditional clothing and snapping pictures with friends and family amidst the jolly decorated area in town.

  • Explore the streets of the Old Quarter to experience the atmospheric culture of Tet.
  • Stroll along Hoan Kiem Lake to immerse yourself with the locals during this celebratory time as everybody is enjoying the beautiful flower displays all around the area.
  • The auspicious Temple of Literature and its calligraphy festival should not be missed as it can only be experienced during the Tet holiday.


The former royal imperial city of Hue has many celebratory traditions when it comes to the Tet holiday. The most prominent one is raising the Tet pole (a traditional bamboo plant) at the Imperial City of Hue. In ancient times, this traditional practice was first set up by the Buddha to drive away evil creatures. Nowadays, an elaborate ceremony takes place to raise the Tet pole on the first day of the holiday to signify the beginning of the celebration.

  • Browse the flower markets along the Perfume River as well as many places such as the Nghinh Luong Dinh Park and the Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street.
  • Visit the traditional trade village of Thanh Tien, where the popular Hue Tet paper flowers originate from.

Hoi An

The timeless beauty of Hoi An’s ancient town is perhaps the most immersive place to experience Tet on our top travel destinations in Vietnam during the Tet holiday list. With an atmosphere set up by centuries-old infrastructures and a small, gentle river winding through the town, the Tet holiday only amplifies the unique culture that is present here. Without having to partake in any particular event, the spirit of Tet is undeniably felt just by strolling through the town.

  • Partake in the week-long Hoi An New Year Lantern Festival, where there will be plenty of cultural and art performances to enjoy as well as workshops to participate in.
  • View the local boat racing competition on the Hoai River between Hoi An’s different wards and in honor of the Water God.
  • Attend the traditional Bai Choi folk singing exhibition show at the An Hoi Sculpture Garden.

Nha Trang

The coastal city of Nha Trang makes for a great destination to enjoy the Tet holiday while being next to some of the most famous beaches in Vietnam. The town prides itself in being filled with the most variety of flowers from all over the country. Being able to enjoy the many celebration events and fireworks display on the beach makes Nha Trang stand out from the rest of the destinations on our list.

  • Visit the unique Po Nagar Tower to participate in the ceremony of praying for luck and prosperity for the new year.
  • Consider attending the Radiant Spring Flower Festival in Vinpearl Land Nha Trang if traveling with kids. There are all sorts of family-friendly activities to be enjoyed here in the spirit of the Tet holiday.

Da Lat

The beautiful, mountainous city of Da Lat is a fantastic vacation destination to visit any time of the year but is especially advantageous to see during the Tet holiday season. Da Lat is known for its many beautiful natural sceneries, such as rolling pine hills and vibrant flowers. Its blooming season happens to coincide with the Tet holiday, making it a lovely time to visit. The overwhelming colorful blossoms that are everywhere throughout the city give it a unique feeling during Tet.

  • Go trekking at LangBiang Mountain to get a scenic view of the floral city and its festive decoration from above during the Tet holiday.
  • Take a camping retreat at Paradise Lake and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities in the region’s pristine natural setting.
  • Visit the Truc Lam Monastery to celebrate the holiday with prayers of fortune for the year.

Ho Chi Minh City

The metropolis that is Ho Chi Minh City cannot be forgotten when it comes to the top travel destinations in Vietnam during the Tet holiday season. This hectic city will continue to be lively even with the reduction of people returning to their hometown during Tet. There will be an explosion of celebratory events happening throughout many parts of the city. The streets will be filled with bright holiday decorations as well as beautiful displays of flowers. Ho Chi Minh City is a top contention when it comes to celebrating the Tet holiday to its fullest, especially its nightlife.

  • Attend the flower festival at Nguyen Hue Walking Street and Tao Dan Park in District 1 to celebrate the Tet holiday with the locals.
  • Make a trip to theme parks such as Dam Sen Park or Suoi Tien Park to enjoy events such as a Tet themed carnival or a fruit festival respectively.
  • Consider participating in the nightlife celebration at the many bars and restaurants during the week-long holiday to experience Tet’s parties in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tips for Traveling in Vietnam during the Tet Holiday

    • Plan ahead and make all bookings in advance (hotel reservations, travel tickets, etc.).
    • Try to be at your chosen destination before the week of the Tet holiday.
    • Many businesses such as restaurants and markets will be closed during the holiday.
    • Because of the holiday, expect extra charges for food and local transportations.

Conclusion of the Top Travel Destinations in Vietnam during the Tet Holiday

Even though travel can be tricky during the Tet holiday, it is well worth the trip to experience Vietnamese culture during its most celebratory time of the year. We hope that you will be able to enjoy the wonderful traditions of the Tet holiday.

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