Tung Sau Pearl Farm on Halong bay

Tung Sau Pearl Farm on Halong bay: 1 of the most attractive spot

Tung Sau Pearl Farm on Halong bay is a very famous tourist destination and attracts a lot of tourists to visit. If you are looking for a place that sells real pearls, this is the perfect place. Let’s learn about this place with Hai Phong Tours!

Located far from the shore, the cruise ship that took us to Vung Tau took a long time. In return, the natural scenery here is green and poetic with many mountain ranges close at hand and the areas surrounded by pearls look quite fancy.

Pearls grown in Quang Ninh waters are no longer exported to Japan as raw products, only to return to Vietnam as well as to the world with Japanese brands. Instead, Ha Long pearl products have their own brand. In 2015, Ha Long pearl products of Ha Long Pearl Joint Stock Company were recognized as OCOP products of Ha Long City.

Tung Sau Pearl Farm
Tung Sau Pearl Farm

Following that, Ha Long pearls were respectively rated 4 stars and 5 stars at the provincial OCOP product evaluation and ranking contest in the next 2 years. Most recently, 3 products of Akoya Pearl, Tahitian Pearl and Southsea Pearl of the Company have been recognized to meet the national 5-star OCOP product standard in 2020. At the same time, the products are also of international quality. , meeting Japanese standards – a country that has strict criteria for pearl quality. The pearl farm on Ha Long Bay has also been built into a tourist product serving visitors from all over the world when coming to Ha Long Bay since 2010.

However, this is not an easy process. The desire to build a Ha Long pearl brand is not just passion. Thuy Huong said that the farm is located in the middle of the sea with countless risks of natural disasters, there was a time when they had to pay the price when the wind storm leveled the raft system, because their experience at sea was not much, and then they were empty-handed. , became a debtor… But also because of local passion, enthusiasm and concern, encouragement from friends… they continued to stand up. And now, they have successfully researched and mastered the closed production process from breeding stock, culturing to processing and manufacturing pearls, which not every business can do.

Pearls are a product of nature, but unlike other pearls, pearls are produced by living things. Huong and her husband are both attached and grown up from the reality of pearl culture, so they cherish sea clams. Talking about her work, she said, her son growing up, becoming an adult, undergoing artificial implantation of pearls is a natural process. Human impact is only 10-15% when collecting, cleaning, and implanting pearls for pearls – like a surgeon, the worker must be very well trained, by transplanting the nucleus to the son. Being able to live and creating gems is a very difficult technique, if not done well, the son can push the nucleus out or possibly die.

In order to harvest 3-9mm Akoya mussels from adult Martensi mussels, since the pellets are implanted in it, the mussels need 24 months to secrete calcium, encasing the pellets layer by layer. and create gems. After taking the pearl, the son also ends the life process, but every product from the son has its own value, nothing is left behind: Pearls for jewelry; mussel meat is processed into dishes with unique and delicious flavors; Mussel shells are used to make handicraft products… Even when they are alive, mussels eat only plankton, seaweed and are a good water purifier, purifying the flow.

Ha Long pearls with the advantage of farming environment and the application of science and technology in farming have many outstanding features, which are appreciated by experts for their high purity, thick mother-of-pearl wrap, many natural colors. Luxury, charm such as gold, lapis lazuli, cherry pink, mercury gray … This is not only one of the unique tourist products of Quang Ninh, serving the needs of shopping for high-end jewelry as souvenirs. for tourists to Quang Ninh, but also exported to Japan and some other countries in the world…

Coming to the pearl farming farm in Tung Sau on Ha Long Bay of Ha Long Pearl Joint Stock Company this time, we feel more clearly the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on tourism businesses. With pearls is a high-end jewelry product line, in the past, this tourist destination mainly attracted foreign tourists to visit Ha Long Bay on overnight tours on the bay, with the number of up to thousands of visitors. everyday. However, the prolonged Covid-19 epidemic, along with the influx of international visitors almost absent from all tourist destinations, Ha Long Bay had to close many times, then this place also fell into silence. Large investment facilities in the middle of the sea are quickly damaged and degraded over time. The cultivation of pearls is still maintained here, but the showroom of pearl products is temporarily closed…

Visit a pearl farm in the middle of a poetic natural landscape, have countless new discoveries about pearl-making mussel species as well as stories about the profession of a pearl seeker in the middle of the sea, even enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea. The unique taste of dishes made from pearl mussels, we suddenly feel regret…

A difficult period due to the epidemic affecting tourism businesses has been gradually removed with the reopening of Quang Ninh tourism. So, it is thought that tourist destinations like this need to have new directions, exploit new markets from the influx of domestic tourists, here comes the domestic tourist stream, before the international tourist market can return. . Thereby, contributing to reviving a unique and distinctive destination of Quang Ninh, and at the same time creating opportunities for tourists inside and outside the province to discover more of a hidden beauty in the heart of the heritage of Ha Long Bay.

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