Van Long lagoon travel guide

Van Long lagoon travel guide: 6 Important notes tourist must know

Van Long lagoon travel guide: I just had a trip to Van Long lagoon, Ninh Binh, so I have a little experience of traveling to Van Long lagoon that I want to share with everyone. It must be said that this is a very poetic and peaceful place, suitable for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. No more lengthy, I will guide you to visit Van Long lagoon with the latest ticket price for everyone.

When is the best time to travel to Van Long lagoon?

In which season and month should you travel to Van Long lagoon, it must be something that you find out before you go, right? As far as I know, the most ideal time to travel to Van Long lagoon is in spring, summer and autumn. In a day, the best time to explore Van Long lagoon is in the early morning or late afternoon because there is no harsh sunlight.

Address information, ticket prices, opening hours of Van Long eco-tourism area

– Address: Gia Van commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province

– Phone: 030 386 8798

– Ticket price: entrance ticket 20k/person, ferry ticket 60k/2 people

– Hours of operation: 8am – 5pm

– Distance from Hanoi: 80km

Directions from Hanoi to Van Long lagoon

From Hanoi, you have two main ways to get to Van Long lagoon, which is to drive yourself or take a bus. Specifically, there are two ways to move from Hanoi to Van Long lagoon as follows:

Car: If you are going to take a car from Hanoi, you should follow CT01 – turn right and go through DT494 at the intersection with Ha Huy Tap street – QL1A – cross the river bottom and follow the signpost to enter. Van Long lagoon ecological area.

Motorbike: If you ride a motorbike, just go straight on National Highway 1A – across the bottom river, you will reach the Van Long lagoon ecological area.

Bus: From Hanoi, you can catch a bus to Ninh Binh at Giap Bat bus station or Nuoc Ngam bus station with a fare of about 100k/way, in addition, there is a fairly modern 7-seat Non Nuoc Ninh Binh bus company departing. At 36 Pham Hung, the ticket price is 150k if you don’t want to be crowded on a crowded bus. After arriving, you can take a motorbike taxi or taxi to the tourist area.

What to play in Van Long lagoon eco-zone?

When coming to Van Long lagoon, you will be able to go down the river to discover the majestic nature of Ninh Binh. Usually the boat will take about 2 hours to finish the journey. If you want to stop to take pictures or rest, you can tell the boatman to stop at the places you like.

That day, I went to Van Long lagoon about 4 pm in the afternoon, so I still enjoyed the sight of storks and langurs flying in the sky. Overall, I have to say that Van Long lagoon is extremely beautiful, everyone, it’s only 2 hours but I feel like I don’t waste a single moment.

Another interesting thing about Van Long lagoon is that this used to be the place where people filmed the famous Kong movie around the world.

When sailing, the boat drivers often talk about their difficult family situation and things to want tourists to give a little tip, our family doesn’t want to bet much, so we also give her tips 50k/boat.

According to my Van Long Lagoon travel experience, you should combine to go to a few other attractive tourist destinations in Ninh Binh, then return to Van Long Lagoon in the afternoon to travel is the most ideal.

How to eat in Van Long lagoon eco-zone?

In Van Long lagoon eco-tourism area, I also see a restaurant area serving the dining needs of tourists, but my family doesn’t eat so I don’t know if it’s delicious or not. If you don’t want to eat in the restaurant, you can prepare your own food and bring it here to enjoy.

When traveling to Ninh Binh, remember to eat some specialties such as burnt rice, goat meat, and hill chicken, these dishes are guaranteed to be delicious, nutritious, and cheap.

Nice hotel, good price near Van Long lagoon

If you are tired of traveling and want to find a hotel near Dam Long ecological area, you can choose one of the good quality hotels in Van Long lagoon below:

– Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh: Tap Ninh Village, Gia Van Commune, Gia Vien District, room price from 2 million – 8 million / night, beautiful view, full facilities, many professional resort services. In general, having money is the happiest place on earth.

– Golden Dragon Hotel: Km 10, National Highway 1A, Gia Tran commune, Gia Vien district, room price from 400k – 1 million/night, this hotel has a good price, nice room, comfortable and location is also quite near Van lagoon Long.

– Van Long Family Homestay: Mai Trung Village, Gia Van Commune, Gia Vien District, room price from 350k – 600k/night, is a very popular homestay in Van Long lagoon because of its quiet, fully-equipped rooms and extremely friendly hosts. friendly period

Final thoughts: Van Long lagoon travel guide

Above are the experiences and instructions for traveling to Van Long lagoon, Ninh Binh that Hai Phong Tours wants to share with you. Van Long Lagoon is a beautiful tourist destination that is worth visiting in my opinion, if you are traveling to Ninh Binh, remember to stop by here for 2-3 hours. Wish you have a smooth and happy trip.

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