Do not go to Pu Luong for terraces rice fields

Top Warning: Do not go to Pu Luong for terraced rice fields

When coming to Pu Luong, tourists can enjoy peaceful days amidst vast rice fields, lush green mountains, and immerse themselves in the local way of life.

Pu Luong is one of the few places where two rice crops can be grown on terraced fields, alternating between the water pouring season in July and February. However, Do not go to Pu Luong for terraced rice fields. Pu Luong is not just about rice fields. This region encompasses everything that can satisfy both those who want to spend the whole day lying by the pool reading a book and those who love exploring nature.

Here are some must-visit destinations that tourists should not miss on their journey in the Northwest region, nestled in the heart of Thanh land this summer.

Ban Don

Bản Đôn can be considered the capital of tourism in Pu Luong. According to the Thai ethnic community, in the past, people built scattered houses, far apart from each other. Later on, the community gathered and formed villages, living near water sources for the convenience of communal activities. The name “Đôn” in Thai means gathering, which is why the village was named as such.

Currently, Bản Đôn has been developed as a community tourism village. It still retains the traditional cultural features of the Thai ethnic group, with traditional wooden stilt houses interspersed among the terraced fields that curve gently like soft ribbons embracing the village. This is also a place with many beautiful resorts and homestays.

Ban Don
Ban Don

Kho Muong Bat Cave

Kho Muong Bat Cave is located in Kho Muong Village, Thanh Son Commune, Ba Thuoc District. It is a cave complex within the Pu Luong Nature Reserve, with limestone formations dating back approximately 250 million years. Kho Muong Bat Cave is connected to an underground river system that leads from Kho Muong to the village of Pon in Lung Cao Commune.

The stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave form a magnificent natural painting. One unique feature inside the cave is a large empty space resembling a natural football field. The path from the cave’s entrance to its bottom is quite challenging, offering many obstacles for young adventurers who want to explore it.

Kho Muong Bat Cave
Kho Muong Bat Cave

Ban Uoi, Ban Lan

Standing from Bản Đôn, tourists will see Bản Ươi emerging below at the foot of the limestone mountains, with palm forests providing shade from above and surrounded by winding terraced rice fields. The flowing stream in the middle of the village is where people bathe and do their laundry. Next to Bản Ươi is Bản Lặn, a place that still preserves the traditional craft of weaving brocade.

In the past, people only wove brocade for their families and the community. Recently, as the village began to engage in tourism, the locals started weaving additional brocade items to serve visitors who come to explore the area.

Hieu waterfall

Located in the heart of the Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Hiêu Waterfall is situated in Co Lung Commune, Ba Thuoc District. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thanh Hoa. The source of the waterfall comes from the high rocky peaks, and it flows abundantly throughout the year.

During the summer, the water cascades down cool and refreshing, while in winter, it remains warm. Surrounded by pristine forests, Hiêu Waterfall always welcomes visitors with its fresh and pleasant atmosphere all year round. Listening to the sound of water flowing amidst the mountains and immersing oneself in the cool waters of Hiêu Waterfall provides a serene and relaxing experience for the soul.

Pho Doan traditional market

Also known as Pho Don Market or Pho Doan Market, the Pho Doan market is a highland market that has been held since the French colonial period. This market still preserves the traditional cultural features of ethnic minority communities.

Pho Doan traditional market
Pho Doan traditional market

The market takes place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings in Lùng Niêm commune. Residents from Thanh Lam, Co Lung, Lung Cao, Lung Niem, and Thanh Son communes in Ba Thuoc district often bring their goods to the market early in the morning. These goods can include wild vegetables, ripe fruits from their gardens, homemade rice wine, or cages of free-range chickens and puppies. The market offers a variety of items such as brocade fabrics, cane wine, fruits, and wild vegetables. It also sells Cổ Lũng ducks, free-range chickens, puppies, and many local dishes like steamed rolls, sticky rice cakes, and deep-fried cakes.

Cham stream

Located 7 km from Bản Đôn, Suoi Cham is situated at the gateway to the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Suoi Cham gathers the water from the entire Pu Luong Nature Reserve and flows into the Ma River, with small branches of water serving local farmers for agriculture. Along this stream, tourists can try a unique tourism product, which is bamboo rafting. Drifting along the stream for nearly 1 km, visitors will experience the sensation of floating amidst the clear stream, while admiring the rice fields, villages, and mountains.


Do not go to Pu Luong for terraces rice fields, let’s check out 6 of above attractions for the best experience in Pu Luong! Happy Travel

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