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Top 6 Best Water Sport to in Vietnam Tourists must try

If you’ve decided to travel to Vietnam, you’re in for a treat. Vietnam offers diverse experiences, from great sightseeing locations to various sports and activities. Since it has plenty of sea exposure, water sports are among the most popular activities. Here are six water sports to try for an adventurous trip to Vietnam.


Anyone who has finally gotten the courage to get up on waterskis knows the feeling of accomplishment and exhilaration that comes with it. Water Skiing is, contrary to popular belief, a full-body workout because it requires many different parts – gripping the tow rope to keep your legs in the right position. Once you get your balance down, it’s worth trying to do drop a ski and slalom. The key to being successful at waterskiing is to keep the skis directly in front of you with the knees tucked up against the chest. Vietnam has many destinations, including water skiing as one of the more popular water sports such as Nha Trang and Da Nang.


Surfing is a very popular water sport and has been for thousands of years throughout many cultures worldwide. From South America to native Polynesia, there is ample evidence of people surfing for fishing and fun. While surfing may require some shore lessons at first, you will quickly be able to start catching the waves. Surfing is also a very popular and a good activity for the whole family, as long as the children are mature enough to ride aboard (if the waves are not too big). Vietnam has plenty of sea exposure and with it plenty of beach destinations where surfing is very popular. Though Vietnam beaches generally don’t have high waves for surfing, you can easily find surfing opportunities in crystal clear water in Vietnam many scenic islands such as Phu Quoc, Phu Quy, Con Dao, etc.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP for short is a more laidback water sport than all the previously mentioned water sports. The large boards make it relatively easy to balance while using a long paddle to find your way around. It’s popular across Vietnam beaches, with all age ranges and fitness levels. A crucial aspect is to pick the right paddleboard that will best suit your needs. Beginners are best to start on calm waters, and it’s recommended that you look into allround boards, making this experience more enjoyable for first-timers. Paddleboards are usually inflatable, making them more convenient to travel with, especially to destinations such as Vietnam.


Kayaking is another relatively easy and low-impact water sport that anyone can do. A kayak is a very narrow and small boat that usually fits from one to three people. Double-bladed paddles propel them, and if there are more people on board, they need to be in sync to make it sail properly. Kayaking is brilliant for exploring calm waters, which can be found in every part of Vietnam, regardless of whether it is a coastal area. Vietnam’s intertwining system of rivers and forests makes kayaking not only a recreational sport but also an exciting adventure. Kayaking can also be paired with fishing or canyoning. In addition to this, kayaking is a great workout session since it uses your shoulders, back, and arms while engaging your core.


This list can’t go without the crowd’s favorite water sport – snorkeling (and many may argue scuba diving). Even though scuba diving is an amazing experience, it’s often quite expensive and requires special permits and licenses. On the other hand, snorkeling is quite an inexpensive water sport and may not even require a mask if that’s your preference. Exploring the world underwater will help you witness some new, incredible ecosystems that can offer beautiful memories. Although snorkeling is usually thought of as a simple and fun activity, it is a full-body workout and promotes cardiovascular health.


Last but not least, there’s parasailing. Parasailing takes water sport adventures to a whole new level and allows parasailers to rise and float through the air, very high above the water. Parasailing is either done solo or in tandem style, where people are put in a harness while being towed behind a boat. While parasailing may be more popular in some parts of the world better than in others, most tourist destinations including Vietnam have this option for the amount of fun and exhilaration it offers. Parasailing will offer the ultimate view of the horizon, never seen before making it a worthy consideration.

All of these water sports offer a sense of adventure like no others. Parasailing gives an extra adrenaline kick, but if you prefer to have an adventure in a more relaxed manner, paddleboarding might be the best bet. It offers scenic views while sailing smoothly with your loved ones for maximum comfort and adventure all packed into one water sport. Be sure to pick the right board for your body size though.

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