Where to eat in Thu Duc

Where to eat in Thu Duc Ho Chi Minh? Save 10 Best specialty below

Where to eat in Thu Duc Ho Chi Minh? Saigon is known as one of the most abundant culinary lands. Indeed, each district has its own unique and delicious features. Recently, Thu Duc has also begun to exploit this factor closer to customers. For your convenience, Hai Phong Tours would like to list 10 delicious dishes in Thu Duc district that you absolutely should not ignore.

World of tofu

There are many dishes for you to choose from such as mixed tofu, tofu with sugar and cake. And especially the name of the world of tofu is also a dish available at the restaurant with countless tofu in a bowl. Fatty coconut milk with a sweet taste, with chewy pearls and crispy dried coconut chips is an excellent combination. In addition, the shop also sells some snacks such as mixed rice paper to help you eat freely!

Address: Quarter 4, Thu Duc.

Working hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Price: 6,000 – 15,000 VND.

Bong Bun Dau

Noodles with shrimp paste and shrimp always appear everywhere and so is in Bong. Providing a full meal with boiled meat, vegetables, fried beans, spring rolls, sausages, pork intestines, you will be satisfied. In addition, the shop also provides more cucumbers, salads and chili garlic fish sauce to serve the eating needs of different diners.

Address: 894A, Provincial Road 43, Binh Chieu, Thu Duc.

Work time:

Lunch: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.
Evening: 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Price: 30,000 – 50,000 VND.

Ta La beef hot pot

The taste of delicious spicy and sour beef hotpot at Ta La is unmistakable. Super rich broth combined with each fiber of soft, fresh and deliciously sliced ​​iron beef. You can also break the way of your hot pot by adding seafood, pork to fill your meal with topping!

Address: 781 Kha Van Can, Linh Chieu ward, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Price: 40,000 – 189,000 VND.

Beef jerky 3 is delicious

In the evening, if you want to sip a few glasses, you have to find delicious Bo Ne 3 right away. Every fiber of beef omelette mixed with liver pate, egg yolk, onion and corn, it must be said that just smelling it makes you want to taste it. The taste of melted fat with a piece of crispy bread is so excellent. To make the dish less boring, the restaurant also comes with pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes and salads to help you have a much more delicious experience.

Address: 166 Dang Van Bi, Binh Tho, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Price: 100,000 VND/ 1 piece.

Binh Minh pancakes

Delicious and cheap is the word that people often say about Binh Minh pancakes. A strange thing is that the filling in banh xeo is mostly seafood such as squid, shrimp, mussels, which are marinated deliciously. Crispy bread sandwiched with vegetables and rice paper dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce is super delicious! If you have not tasted it, you must eat it immediately. The strong, crunchy taste of Binh Minh pancakes will make you nostalgic all day!

Address: 22 Dang Van Bi, Binh Tho, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 15:30 – 21:00.

Price: 5,000 – 15,000 VND.

Thien Huong Vien spring rolls

The restaurant has been in Saigon’s dining market for decades, so it is very famous. Of course, the recipe of the restaurant’s spring rolls as well as its age are based on the heirloom packages left by the ancestors. At the restaurant you will enjoy the traditional flavor of spring rolls rolled with vegetables and served with fish sauce. Or try the delicious baked spring rolls that have just come out of the oven, making people sob because they are so delicious.

Address: 525 Kha Van Can, Linh Dong ward, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Price: 5,000 – 80,000 VND.

Student snail

The name of the restaurant is enough to show that snails here are sold at super affordable prices. Snail flavor is delicious and spicy depending on the requirements of each customer when coming to eat. In addition to the diversely processed snail dishes, you will enjoy seafood dishes such as clam porridge, grilled oysters with onion fat, and octopus dipped in vinegar. One thing in common is that the seafood is extremely fresh, making the dish more stimulating when processed.

Address: 205 Hoang Dieu 2, Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 14:00 – 02:00.

Price: 20,000 VND/ 1 piece.

Sushi Thu Duc

Specializes in serving sushi made from raw fish such as salmon or basa. However, a strange thing that when one eats it, only feels the fatty taste of the fish, but does not smell the fishy or foul smell. So it’s pretty easy to eat for some sushi devotees. Usually rolled with sticky rice and some salty shrimp eggs. Dip it with a spicy and delicious dipping sauce, the more you eat it, the more you will crush it. Serve with a little more vegetables to enhance the taste of sushi to help you eat more.

Address: 58 Phu Chau, Tam Phu, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 10:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Price: 50,000 – 150,000 VND.

Pha Linh Dong

Food that is related to internal organs, if you want to be delicious, must ensure that it is clean and does not smell, so Linh Dong has enough. The pot is cooked and cooked with standard heat, so it still ensures the toughness of the internal organs. But the thing that makes people addicted the most is the sweet, rich broth with a little bread, it must be said too great! Usually, the shop will also add a sweet and sour sauce for you to taste and taste, depending on the taste of each person. Try dishes like fried morning glory with tamarind sauce, beef jerky or breaking hot pot!

Address: 296 Linh Dong, Linh Dong ward, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 9am – 10pm.

Price: 80,000/ 1 serving.

Huu Nghi grilled rice paper

Rice paper is baked with many different shapes, so it is very eye-catching. Crispy cake taste in one bite is addicted to tomorrow. The filling is sprinkled with beef jerky, sausage, eggs, minced meat, scallions and fried onions. Dipping with a little chili sauce or mayonnaise is very delicious, depending on the taste of each person.

Address: 78 Huu Nghi, Binh Tho, Thu Duc district.

Working hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Price: 5,000 – 10,000 VND.

Final thoughts: Where to eat in Thu Duc

Now you know Where to eat in Thu Duc! Hai Phong Tours hopes this help!

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