Why Oversea tourists want to come back to Vietnam?

Why Oversea tourists want to come back to Vietnam?

There are few better places in the world to visit than Vietnam. The number of people flocking to the beautiful location is increasing year on year, with an increase of 26% in arrivals between 2016 and 2010. One of the many reasons Vietnam is a hotbed for tourism is how affordable it is for visitors to see.

There are many more reasons why Vietnam is becoming an iconic location to visit for tourists worldwide, but what are the three stand-out reasons why millions of visitors continue to return to the country?

Plenty of Sights to See

When visitors are looking to book up a trip, one of the first factors they will look into is sightseeing options. Vietnam offers different sightseeing experiences ranging from mountainous terrains to sun-kissed beaches, and cultural heritages. In truth, it is hard to get through all of the sightseeing options available on just one trip, which means a return is necessary to complete your Vietnam bucket list. There are idyllic buildings such as Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City in the South and the Temple of Literature in Hanoi in Northern Vietnam, while more active sightseeing can be done at Son Doong Cave or Phong Nha Caves in the Central.

Dynamic Expat Communities in Vietnam

After visiting Vietnam for the first time, many visitors would sense that the country is more than just a travel destination and can be the ideal country for settling down as well as career aspirations. The expat community in the country is vast and vibrant, with specialized neighborhoods for Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, American, and European neighborhoods. As a result, whenever you need a break from all the touring, there are ample chances to get back to a more familiar environment in these expat neighborhoods and enjoy the food and facilities that you’re more used to.

In essence, this welcoming atmosphere ensures that everyone who makes the life-changing decision to move is left feeling vindicated. According to reports in 2019 by the Ministry of Labour, around 83,500 expats are living and working in Vietnam. The most popular jobs for expats moving to the country are teaching professions and other high-level management roles.

The Incredible Vietnamese Food

Traveling means that you can open your pallet to a range of new tastes, and few countries measure up to Vietnam when it comes to this. Of course, cities such as Birmingham in the United Kingdom offer a range of excellent Vietnamese restaurants. Still, nothing comes close to the experience that you can actually have in the country.

The Pho Soup is a must for any newcomer to the country, while a strong lunch selection would be the Banh Mi. However, it isn’t just meat lovers that will be able to have an unrivaled experience. Few countries offer a broader range of dishes for vegan options, which means that no matter your dietary requirements, you will be tailored for in Vietnam. The food is one of the other many reasons tourists always love to return to the country, as one visit isn’t enough to try everything Vietnam offers. On every trip, you will find some new Vietnamese signature dishes, which makes the destination so unique.

Experience the Local Culture

As well as the food and the sightseeing, there are so many things that visitors can do to learn about the country’s culture. One of the most iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site’s in the country can be found at Hoi An. It is an Ancient Town that is incredibly well preserved and has been a must for all visitors since 1999.

No matter how many times you visit Vietnam, this is always a notable attraction that visitors consistently return to. With every visit, you will get a greater understanding of the history and culture. It is also the perfect spot to gain an understanding of what life in Vietnam is like, which means a must-see for those looking to live in the country.

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