Wifi at Halong port (Halong Interanational Cruise Port)

Wifi at Halong port (Halong International Cruise Port)

Wifi at Halong port is completely free and does not require a password. As long as you are within the coverage area, you can easily connect. However, you also need to go through a simple step to activate it. Let’s explore how to access WiFi at Halong port with Hai Phong Tours!

Where is Halong port?

Halong port can be confusing for many tourists because there are two tourist ports in Ha Long: Tuan Chau International Cruise Port and Ha Long International Cruise Port:

In this article, Hai Phong Tours will guide you on how to access WiFi at Ha Long port.

Step 1: Be at Ha Long International Cruise Port
Step 2: Open your phone, find and select the WiFi named “Halong International Cruise Port
Step 3 (Important): The system will display an advertisement page. Below, there is a button that says “INTERNET ACCESS“. You must click on that button to start connecting and use WiFi at Ha Long port for free.
Step 4: Enjoy

Among the four steps, step 3 is the most important. Ha Long port has the opportunity to advertise to thousands of tourists. Visitors who connect get to use the internet for free.

Please watch the detailed video below.”

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