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Wildlife Tours in Vietnam: Here are the best resume

With naturally blessed geographic features and favorable climate, Vietnam ranks among the top countries with high biological diversity. Vietnam’s terrains range from mangrove swamps, vast flatlands, dense forests, and impressive mountain ranges, not to mention more than 3000 km of coastline. The types of flora and fauna originating and habiting Vietnam vary widely across different regions, making the country a golden location for exploring more about tropical species and nature.

However, due to the war-torn decades in the past and the rapid mushroom of population growth and economic development of the present days, the total mass of primitive nature in Vietnam has shrunken significantly. Consequently, wildlife tours in Vietnam have been playing an increasingly important part in broadcasting and preserving Vietnam’s biodiversity.

Ethical Issues around Wildlife Tours in Vietnam

While most wildlife organizations have made significant contributions to the sustainable growth of Vietnam’s green spaces, the lack of funding and the rapid deforestation speed, either for irrigation, housing, or mining natural resources, have been major hindrances to the effort. As a result, wildlife tours in Vietnam have seen an increase in operation costs, leading to higher prices for customers and less professional staff.

Another point worth mentioning is that, though the purpose of wildlife tours in Vietnam is to help raise awareness and funding to protect the local environment, it can be seen as a disturbance to the ethnic minorities in Vietnam or locals depending on the forests in their neighborhood.

There has always been a grey area between conserving and exploiting the wildlife for economic benefits. The original environment might be manipulated to make it seem more appealing to tourists and souvenirs made from the animals and plants can be ethically sourced.

All in all, as much as it is an intriguing idea to spend a day surrounded by Vietnam’s marvelous nature, taking wildlife tours in Vietnam can be a delicate subject if we consider the ethical issues surrounding them. Therefore, it is essential to do careful research and ask for reviews before booking any of the tours.

Where You Can Join Wildlife Tours in Vietnam

Due to Vietnam’s impressive geographical advantages, you can find plenty of opportunities to join in wildlife tours in Vietnam. Even if you cannot sign in for a tour per se, the area is still worth exploring and appreciating.

The four distinguished seasons in Northern Vietnam is the prerequisite to the temperate natural scene here. Therefore, the wildlife here is not what’s commonly seen in a tropical country. As the terrain here is mostly high mountains, we would recommend looking for a professional guide to navigate the area. Some suggestions for wildlife exploration are:

Wildlife Tours Central Vietnam

Despite being the narrowest strip of land in Vietnam, the central region has a distinctive geographic trait with the east side bordering the ocean while mountain peaks and deep valleys characterize the mainland. As a result, you can both explore the marine life and the mountainous environment in the area.

  • Taking photos of the red-shanked Douc Langur in Da Nang
  • Bird-seeing in Hoi An
  • Hiking and Camping in Bach Ma National Park

Wildlife Tours in Southern Vietnam

South Vietnam is a vast delta with pristine nature alongside glistening cities. The further you venture down to the southern side of Vietnam, the more you get to see the amazing mangrove swamp forests and verdant green lands. Notable places to visit in Southern Vietnam are:

  • Nam Cat Tien National Park: ideal for hiking, camping, and exploring Vietnam’s endangered species in the south
  • Can Gio Forest: hanging out with the cheeky monkeys in the Monkey Island, paddling down the streams interlocking amidst the trees.
  • Ca Mau Mangrove’s Forest: learn about both nature and history of the southernmost point in Vietnam

Our Takes on Wildlife Tours in Vietnam

Learning and appreciating Vietnam’s nature while traveling is one of the best ways to leave positive footprints on your voyage, and Vietnam will not fail you in providing you with awe-striking scenery. As mentioned, we would recommend fact-checking carefully with any service you’re choosing in terms of wildlife and nature. For more questions regarding traveling to Vietnam, please let us know in the comments or read more on our Vietnam Travel Guides.

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