Haiphong Bay: Top #1 Best jewel of Hai Phong city

Haiphong Bay

Haiphong Bay is a phrase that many international friends are searching for today. So where is Hai Phong Bay? What’s in this bay and why haven’t I heard of it? It’s right in front of you. Let haiphongtours.com introduce to you about this #1 Best jewel of Hai Phong city.

Where is Haiphong Bay?

Haiphong Bay is Lan Ha Bay today. The bay is located around the Cat Ba island. This place is being promoted by the city to develop tourism. It is considered a glowing gem and brings Haiphong tourism to a new level.

For those who love to travel, love islands, surely have heard of Lan Ha Bay, Haiphong. But even some people in the Central or the South do not know the name Lan Ha. They only know that in Haiphong there is also a bay similar to Halong Bay. And they call it Haiphong Bay. Similarly, international friends also called Lan Ha as Hai Phong bay.

Where is Haiphong Bay?
Where is Haiphong Bay?

Should we call Haiphong Bay or Lan Ha Bay?

With two different names like that, should we call it Haiphong bay or Lan Ha bay? This is not required. It depends on the calling and interpretation of each person.

For example, in Haiphong, there is Cat Bi International Airport. But why do many tourists call it Haiphong airport? Is it wrong to call it like that? That again depends on your interpretation. Airport + location are called for the purpose of clearly determining the geographical location of that airport. If we say Haiphong airport, everyone knows that airport is in Haiphong. Also saying that Cat Bi airport is not sure the listener knows where it is.

Back to the question of whether Hai Phong Bay is right or wrong. Actually, on a geographic map, in any printed book, there is no such phrase. But it exists in the travel dictionary on the tourist’s mind. People use that phrase to designate the bay in Haiphong. We should also not be strict, judging whether it is right or wrong. But this is a phrase for tourists to communicate with people for better understand a place.

Furthermore, Lan Ha Bay is under manage of ​​Haiphong. And calling Haiphong bay is acceptable. In my opinion, it’s okay to call both. How about you? Leave your comments below !!!

Should we call Haiphong Bay or Lan Ha Bay?
Should we call Haiphong Bay or Lan Ha Bay?

The best time to visit Haiphong Bay

Because it is a very famous tourist destination of Haiphong city, tourists need to know as much information as possible. In particular, what you should pay special attention to is the weather. So what is the best time to visit Haiphong Bay?

The climate here is always cool with fresh air. So you can come here any time you want. But if they are Vietnamese, most of them often come here from April to October to be able to swim. If you do not take a bath, you can also enjoy the clear blue sky and clear water.

But if they are foreign tourists, they do not like or can not stand the heat here. Therefore, they often choose cooler times to go like November to March.

The best time to visit Haiphong Bay
The best time to visit Haiphong Bay

What to play on Haiphong Bay?

Haiphong Bay is similar to Ha Long Bay. When you come here, you will experience boat riding, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and visiting Karst caves. In terms of the first activities, I find it equally interesting on Ha Long Bay. One thing that the cave on Hai Phong Bay is not as big, wide and deep as on Ha Long. In return, if you want to watch the coral, you can only go to Haiphong Bay.

What to play on Haiphong Bay?
What to play on Haiphong Bay?


No matter how it is called, Haiphong Bay or Lan Ha Bay is a jewel of Haiphong city. After a period of polishing, now it shines bright and ready to welcome tourists to visit. If you have the opportunity to travel here, do not forget to leave your review by writing a comment below! Thank you!

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