Top 6 best Pizza restaurants in Ninh Binh

Top 6 best Pizza restaurants in Ninh Binh

Pizza is a very popular dish in Western countries, especially in America. This dish is also very nutritious, suitable for those who are trying to gain weight. In Ninh Binh, there are many delicious and cheap Pizza restaurants that are favored by many young people. Let Hai Phong Tours introduce to you Top 6 best Pizza restaurants in Ninh Binh.

So Yummy Pizza Ninh Binh

So Yummy Pizza Ninh Binh is a European – Korean style restaurant. With trendy dishes for young people, beautiful space, delicious food, reasonable prices, this is a reasonable dining place that you can visit. Coming to So Yummy Pizza Ninh Binh, you have the opportunity to enjoy countless delicious dishes and super attractive hot pizzas. With a team of highly skilled, experienced and creative bakers, the restaurant always brings customers the best pizza.

So Yummy Pizza Ninh Binh
So Yummy Pizza Ninh Binh

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Pyzzi Pizza Ninh Binh

Pyzzi Pizza Ninh Binh is a fast food restaurant with dishes including: Pizza, Spaghetti, Tempura, Fried Chicken, French Fries, Vegetable Salad and fruit juice … This is the destination to enjoy pizza in Ninh Binh is loved by young people. Pyzzi Pizza aims to build a young and creative F&B brand. Pyzzi Pizza products come from a selection of premium ingredients. The production process ensures absolute hygiene, the taste is close to the local taste.

The restaurant is very crowded, sometimes need to book in advance to have a seat. There are many dishes and pizzas for you to choose from. The space at Pyzzi Pizza Ninh Binh is always clean and filled with dynamism and enthusiasm of the staff. They always try their best for customer satisfaction.

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Chookie’s Hideaway Ninh Binh

Chookie’s Hideaway Ninh Binh is the only place in Ninh Binh city converging European dishes from foreign chefs such as: Burger, Sandwich, Salad. They have delicious and special cakes nowhere. Pizza here is always fresh, processed directly at the restaurant. Coming to Chookie’s Hideaway, you can choose from delicious pizza flavors such as Chicken Pizza, Traditional Beef Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Sausage Pizza, Grilled Lamb pizza, Ham pizza. The space here is very beautiful and spacious and airy. They also have a wood stove for the extremely cozy campfire.

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Pizza Italia restaurant

Pizza Italia restaurant was the first pizza brand in Ninh Binh which deliver at customers’ place. They are always committed to sourcing high quality imported raw materials and ensuring freshness. With a team of professional chefs, rich menu with 9 types of Pizza and 5 types of Pasta, the restaurant will surely satisfy customers.

Coming to Pizza Italia restaurant, you have the opportunity to enjoy pizza with different flavors. The menu of the restaurant is always renewed with delicious and unique pizzas. In addition to main dishes like Pizza, there are also KFC Fried Chicken, Pasta, Hamburger and other fast dishes. Coming to Pizza ITALIA, besides enjoying food, you can also enjoy quality drinks at very good prices.

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MM Bakery Ninh Binh

MM Bakery is a very popular bakery in Ninh Binh. Pizza is a favorite dish here. The cake has a different taste in each category thanks to its unique blend of ingredients, cheese and sauces. In addition, coming to MM Bakery, you will have the opportunity to enjoy other delicious and attractive dishes such as Chrysanthemum Bread, Salted Egg Sponge Cake, Ice Cream Salad, Gato Flan, Vegetable Sandwich, Black Bread, Milk tea, Milk tea cake, Fruit yogurt…

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Volcano Pizza and Coffee

If you want to find Pizza with spacious space, good food and drinks with low price, Volcano Pizza and Coffee is for you. Come to Volcano Pizza and Coffee, each slice of pizza is flooded with fragrant, chewy cheese and flavor. In addition, there is also a pasta dish, fried chicken … which is also considered extremely delicious by customers. Also, luxurious, free, airy space, suitable for friends gathering and meeting with partners.

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  • Address: 338 Ngo Gia Tu, Ninh Binh city.
  • Phone: 0945.066.296


Above are some suggestions of Hai Phong Tours about Top 6 best Pizza restaurants in Ninh Binh. Hope the information will help you somewhat in choosing a destination for weekends or holidays with family and friends. Thank you for reading!

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