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Quy Nhon travel experiences: Top 1001+ New updates

Are Quy Nhon travel experiences what you looking for? I believe the information sharing below is extremely useful for you because they are written by my own understanding and experiences over 5 times to Quy Nhon. Therefore, you should read carefully, if necessary, save the article, take screen shots of hotel information, motorbike rental, car, delicious food… Let’s go!

The best time to travel to Quy Nhon?

Quy Nhon tourism mainly relies on sea tourism. So it depends a lot on the weather. On my own Quy Nhon travel experiences, The best time to travel to Quy Nhon is in Summer (from May to end of July). In March and April, the weather here also has little rain, beautiful sunshine, clear blue sky. But the waves are still strong. So some activities such as going to Ky Co, Hon Kho by canoe are very limited.

Once I went to Quy Nhon at the end of March, I was going to Ky Co by canoe but the waves were strong. So I had to switch to by road. But I still advise you to consider going to Quy Nhon in March and April because anyway, going canoe to Ky Co is only a very small part of Quy Nhon travel. More than that, this moment, Quy Nhon has not officially entered the peak season. So the price of hotel rooms and services are often much cheaper than in May, June or July.

There is another time when you should stay away from Quy Nhon. That is the Lunar New Year. This time in Quy Nhon is extremely crowded. Most of hotels are occupied due to the large number of tourists traveling.

The best time to travel to Quy Nhon?
The best time to travel to Quy Nhon?

How to travel to Quy Nhon?

Like other provinces, traveling to Quy Nhon is very convenient. You can choose to go by plane, train, bus… even ride a motorbike.

1. Plane: By my Quy Nhon travel experiences, it is not very convenient to go by plane. Because Phu Cat airport in Quy Nhon city takes 30km. Compared to other provinces in Vietnam, this is one of the provinces with the longest distance from the airport to the city center. But if you want to save on the cost of traveling to Quy Nhon city, you can choose to take the bus priced at only 50k. Otherwise, you can take a taxi for 200 – 300k for a 4-seater car.

2. Bus: I recommend you to visit the website vexere.com to choose a suitable bus and book. Phuc Thuan Thao, Phuong Trang are the bus company I recommend for you!!! Besides, Mai Linh and Hoang Long are also quite ok.

3. Train: It’s also easy. You just need to go to the website of Vietnam Railway Corporation to order a train ticket. It will take you to Dieu Tri station, about 15km from Quy Nhon city. There is an option that takes a bit of time to wait but very economical for you when traveling from Dieu Tri to Quy Nhon. You can cho the route T3, T4, T7, T8, T12. The T3 is the cheapest, the price 8.000VND.

How to travel to Quy Nhon
How to travel to Quy Nhon

Where to stay when traveling to Quy Nhon?

There are many hotels in Quy Nhon to choose, especially along Quy Nhon beach. That’s why you need to read these Quy Nhon travel experiences…

The two busiest and most desirable areas in the center of Quy Nhon city today are the area along An Duong Vuong street and the road along Xuan Dieu beach. In An Duong Vuong street, there are only a few high-end hotels such as Hai Au and Hoang Yen that are right by the sea. The road along Xuan Dieu beach is busier. Many hotels along this road are also under construction. The beach along these two roads is also the main beach in Quy Nhon, very beautiful and crowded.

Below these two zones, to the south, the Ghenh Rang Tourist Area also has many hotels. But they are a bit far from the beach. Furthermore, adjacent to Phu Yen, Rang beach – Xep beach, there are a few resorts, quite high prices, quiet, more suitable for anyone on vacation. On the Ky Co – Eo Gio side, FLC hotel & resort is the most famous.

During my stay in Quy Nhon, I stayed at around 10 hotels with the price from 200k to 500k. Their locations are in the center or a little bit far from the center. I tried them all including a few brand new hotel. Among those hotels, in this article, I would like to share with you the 3 hotels I feel most comfortable with based on my Quy Nhon travel experiences.

Where to stay when traveling to Quy Nhon?
Where to stay when traveling to Quy Nhon?

1. Minh Khue Hotel

This hotel is right next to Quy Nhon beach, in the area along Xuan Dieu beach. It is a charming hotel in my Quy Nhon travel experiences. The hotel is equivalent to 2-star standard, very new, large enough room. Cabinets, blankets, cushions are very clean, look very luxurious. Sea view room with balcony, beautiful, airy, full view of Quy Nhon beach. In the morning, I sat on the balcony and watch the sunrise.

Rooms usually view the city and have windows. So it’s very airy and cool. Reception is very spacious. The bottom floor is the large parking area.

NOTE: Currently Minh Khue hotel has only 2 single rooms and 2 double rooms on the 5th and 6th floors with sea view. So the probability of out of a beautiful sea room will be 90%, unless you book very early. But the street view rooms have very airy windows. Moreover, the hotel is close to the sea, surrounded by a dining area, I think it is not too important to stay in the sea view room.

The hotel is located on Nguyen Lac Street. The road parallel to the road along Xuan Dieu beach, only one block away from each other. It is a 2-minute walk from the hotel to the sea, the most beautiful and bustling beach area in Quy Nhon. The hotel is also located near the central square and Quy Nhon marine park. It is cool and spacious to walk here at night. And there are many interesting games.

In terms of food, it is also extremely convenient here, a few steps walk to the seafood street on Xuan Dieu Street. The hotel is also very close to Ngo Van So Street, Phan Dang Luu, Ngoc Han Cong Chua. 3 streets have lots of food and drinks in Quy Nhon. It is both convenient and saves a lot of taxi money.

Minh Khue Hotel is close to the sea, has a sea view room, has a balcony, cool, more suitable for those who want to stay in a little luxury, like swimming, have fun in the square or marine park. Especially, families with children, kids will love it. The hotel is also extremely close to the food court, especially seafood, coastal cafes.

This is also the hotel I feel most satisfied with out of all the hotels I have stayed in when traveling to Quy Nhon, in terms of price, location, and room quality.

Reference room price (February 2021): Single room for 2 people, with windows, city view price 400k, with balcony, sea view price 450-500k. Double rooms for 3-4 people, with windows, city view for 550k, with balcony, sea view for 600k.

Check the most accurate room rate and contact Minh Khue hotel hotline: 0373 061 183

Address: 57 Nguyen Lac, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinhKhueHotelQuyNhon/

2. Hoang Hung hotel

A hotel near Minh Khue Hotel, the same price (actually a little cheaper), is also a hotel you should choose. Hoang Hung Hotel has wooden floors, and the equipments in the room are full of wooden furniture so it looks very luxurious. The blankets, sheets, and pillows are all very clean and soft. I prefer the slippery ones (depending on your preference). The equipments in the bathroom itself are also new and modern, better than Minh Khue. And importantly, there are room types that can complement Minh Khue hotel. Whether you choose to stay in Minh Khue or Hoang Hung are ok!

Specifically, In Hoang Hung there is no single room, sea view. But in return, Hoang Hung has a double room with sea view with 2 beds 1m4 (in Minh Khue it is 2 beds 1m6 and 1m2), staying 4 is just beautiful. They have 5 bed room type for 10 people. Anyone who comes in a large group, this room is beautiful! Even staying at 6 or 8 is both cheap and convenient. Well, the sea room in Hoang Hung has only windows, no balcony.

The location is near Minh Khue, so it is close to the sea, very convenient for swimming, eating or going to the square to play. If you are 4 people who want to see the sea, you should choose Hoang Hung. And if you go in groups of 6 or more, want to share a room, you can choose a 5-bed room here. Single or double rooms are usually the same style as Minh Khue.

Price reference room (February 2021): Single room, 1 bed 1m6, with small windows, for 2 people is 330k. Single room, 1 bed 1m6, with large window, city view, for 2 people, price 350k. Double room, 2 beds 1m4, city view, for 4 people, price 500k. Double room, 2 beds 1m4, sea view, price 550k. 3 bed room (with 2 extra beds), 1 bed 1m6, 4 beds 1m4, sea view, 6 people at 750k, extra person will be surcharge 100k / person.

Check the most accurate room rate and book Hoang Hung hotel hotline: 0976 480 058

Address: 51 Nguyen Lac, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh

3. Seaside hotel

This is a newly built hotel located on Nguyen Lac Street. New and luxurious room interior. Blankets and pillows are still new so they are very clean. Seaside hotel has a single room with sea view but only windows. Single street view room also has windows so it’s quite airy. This double room is a 2 bed 1m6 room. In addition, the hotel also has 2 bed rooms 1m2 for guests staying 2 who want to sleep separately.

Reference room price (February 2021): Single room with street view price of 300k, sea view 400k. Room 2 beds 1m2 sea view 400k. Double room with street view price 500k, sea view 600k.

Check the room rate and make a reservation, contact the Seaside hotel hotline: 0379 285 504

Address: No. 39A Nguyen Lac, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.

4. Quy Nhon town homestay

To be honest, my “taste” is not a homestay, I still prefer a hotel. Quy Nhon Town is the homestay that leaves the most impression on me. Impressed by the friendliness and enthusiasm of the receptionist, the owner, the vintage check-in space. It is very suitable for those who like to take pictures … Rooms are named by marine species

Quy Nhon Town has a total of 7 rooms, including 3 single rooms (cockle room, seahorse, shrimp), 2 double rooms (starfish room, dolphins) and 2 triple rooms (octopus room, crab room). All rooms have windows so they can be spoiled for free. The room area is also quite spacious. The equipment and personal items are quite sufficient from hairdryer, shampoo, shower gel, brush, towels, sewing needle…

Quy Nhon Town Homestay is suitable for the younger people who like an open space, a beautiful place to take pictures with a new style and extremely photogenic.

Price reference room: Room 1 bed 1m6 for 2 people price 350k. Room 2 beds 1m4 for 4 people price 500k. Room 3 beds 1m4 price 600k.

Check the most accurate room rate and make a reservation, contact Quy Nhon Town hotel hotline: 0777 540 542

Address: No. 80 Ly Tu Trong, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.

Tourist attractions in Quy Nhon

1. Quy Nhon center

Tourist attractions in Quy Nhon are not too far from the city center as my Quy Nhon travel experiences.

Quy Nhon Beach: An extremely big highlight of Quy Nhon tourism is this beach, a beach that has left me with an impression from the first time I arrived in Quy Nhon. A long beach, undulating in an arc shape, the water is quite clean. Half of the beach is a road close to the sea.

Twin Tower: A tourist destination attracting a lot of tourists, located right on Tran Hung Dao Street, in the center of Quy Nhon city. Previously, this twin tower (1 building 20m, 1 building 18m) was heavily destroyed. But in 2008, it was renovated in accordance with the original shape and architecture. You should go there in the morning to take beautiful photos, avoid the backlight.

Quy Nhon Marine Park: I am very impressed with this park. Especially, if you have children, bring them with. This is a very large space, not too crowded.

Ghenh Rang Resort: There are 4 areas you should visit: Rang rapids, Hoang Hau beach, Han Mac Tu grave, Quy Hoa beach.

Ghenh Rang is a relatively large area with many large and small rocks stacked on top of each other, looking very eye-catching. Hoang Hau Beach or Egg Beach are beaches with many small stones like eggs, looking very special. It is very difficult to bathe because it hasl rocks and stones.

The Tomb of Han Mac Tu is probably suitable for those who love poetry more than anything else, Quy Hoa beach is still very wild and peaceful because it is deep inside the path to the tourist area. On the way to Quy Hoa beach, there is a section with a complete view of the extremely beautiful beach. Unfortunately, I went to see the rain that time. So everything was not perfect.

On the way to Ghenh Rang beach, there is a restaurant with a view of the entire sea and Quy Nhon city. After going through this area, you can visit there to enjoy a cup of coconut water or sugarcane juice, relax and watch the sea and city.

Tourist attractions in Quy Nhon
Tourist attractions in Quy Nhon

Banh It Tower: Banh It Tower is one of the oldest Cham tower clusters in Vietnam. The tower is located quite close to National Highway 1A, located at a position about 100m from sea level. To move here, you can ride a motorbike or bus #4 or 12.

Thien Hung Pagoda: In Quy Nhon, Phu Yen, they have a lot of devotion to Buddhism. Every full moon or the first day, the shops selling salty food are often dusty, because their people are vegetarian. In addition, Thien Hung pagoda is mentioned a lot by everyone, especially young people. The photos taken here are strangely beautiful.

Thien Hung Pagoda is also the place to keep the 5th jewel of Buddha relics awarded by the Buddhist Church of Myanmar to Vietnam. For those who follow Buddhism, the relic will bring peace, eliminate bad karma, and develop charity for those who have the opportunity to admire the relics. In addition, one place you should not miss when visiting Thien Hung Pagoda is the 12-storey bell tower which is beautifully decorated and elaborately. Of course, don’t forget to take a picture with this bell tower.

2. Phuong Mai Peninsula

Thi Nai Bridge: Thi Nai Bridge is no longer the longest bridge over the sea in Vietnam. But this place is also extremely worth checking in because it’s so beautiful and peaceful. I still remember that feeling when crossing this bridge. The two sides are Thi Nai lagoon, which is very beautiful and poetic with the scenes of fishermen throwing nets. The best time to visit here is early morning or late afternoon.

Hon Kho: This is a small island very deserted, few people live so it is still very wild. To get to Hon Kho, go from Quy Nhon, you follow the direction of Phuong Mai peninsula, pass Nhon Hoi economic zone, run along Mai Huong bay to the fishing village of Nhon Hai commune. Then rent a boat about 200k-300k / boat to go to the island. Or you can combine to Hon Kho with Ky Co – Eo Gio, there are many tours that combine these places together.

Mountain climbing: This is an experience that you will hardly have the opportunity to experience. Because you need to have local people to go with and show the way to the best places.

Tran Hung Dao monument: This is considered a symbol of Quy Nhon, a monument of a hero of the whole nation. The monument is located at the Hai Minh hill border gate (Phuong Mai peninsula, Quy Nhon city). You can go by road when going around Phuong Mai peninsula or rent a boat to go straight from Quy Nhon beach. The special feature of the statue is the image of General Tran Hung Dao carved in the position of standing on the dragon boat commanding the battle of Bach Dang Giang, in armor and helmet. Left leg stands, right foot resting on the side of the boat, right hand pointing to the north, left hand holding the sword hilt worn at the waist in the posture to prepare for battle. A particularly suitable place for those who love learning about history.

3. Ky Co – Eo Gio

Phuong Mai sand hill: Compared to sand dunes of other provinces such as Quang Binh, Phu Yen, Binh Thuan, Phuong Mai sand hill is not as high and “majestic” as but also a worthwhile experience.

Eo Gio: This is one of the 2 places that you must visit in Quy Nhon. I really like the feeling of sitting on rocks, relaxing and enjoying the “taste” of the sea breeze. You must come here when coming to Quy Nhon. It’s a beautiful place, located in a residential area, not yet very developed for tourism and very peaceful.

Tinh Xa Ngoc Hoa: Located right next to Eo Gio, Tinh Xa Ngoc Hoa is currently the place to keep the largest double Buddha statue in Vietnam today. This Buddha statue is about 30m high (including the base), the two sides of the statue turn to the South and the North, which are meant to support Quy Nhon. If you come to Eo Gio, remember to come here too.

Ky Co: In summer, on sunny days, the sea water in Ky Co is blue and clear. Not only watching, swimming at Ky Co is also extremely interesting experience. Therefore, go to Ky Co, do not forget to bring swimming suits.

To travel to Ky Co, there are 2 ways in my Quy Nhon travel experiences: By canoe or by road.

+ Canoeing: You can go to the station near Eo Gio or the fishing village side where the statue of Ba Quan Am Buddha is located. The rental price of a canoe is about 150k / person, for a group of 10 people, 130k / person. The price does not include 60k entrance fee to Ky Co. When you come to Ky Co, you can contact Mr. Vinh: 0935 076 433 – 0345 661 599 to order a canoe. He will pick up at the main street.

+ By road: Go from the highway near to the gate of the FLC Resort. The right side has a road running up the mountain. That is the road leading to Ky Co. There are 2 options for you to choose: take a tram from the foot of the mountain for 150k or buy a 100k ticket then drive by your motobike for a few kilometers to the top. Then, there is a bus to take you to Ky Co. This transfer is included in 60k ticket to Ky Co beach.

Hon Seo: The units renting canoes in Ky Co, they often accompany the service to go to this island, combined with watching corals on raft when moving by canoe to Ky Co. In particular, on days when the canoes cannot enter Ky Co, they gather visitors to go out in Hon Soi instead of Ky Co, the service price is still the same, 150k / person.hihi

FLC Zoo Safari Quy Nhon: Similar to Safari in Phu Quoc, Nghe An, this is also a very interesting place for those who love animals, especially children. FLC Zoo Safari Park has a total area of ​​129.1 hectares, designed to follow the world standard safari model. This is the sanctuary of nearly 900 animals (at the opening time there were 35 species, more than 800 individuals) such as bears, ostriches, star deer, camels, gibbons, langurs, black swans, yellow duck Tadorama … If you have never been to a safari, you should stop by. The price is also very reasonable, 80k for adults, 60k for children.

Trung Luong Picnic Area: A picnic area 30km from Quy Nhon attracts a lot of tourists, especially on weekends. The attraction of this picnic area is an extremely close to nature scene. This picnic area is located in Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district, Quy Nhon city, the road leading from Quy Nhon to the FLC.

Service specific information:

  • Admission ticket: 35k
  • Overnight tent for 2 people: 300k-500k
  • Campfire: 500k

Dharma Linh Phong: The whole area includes many items, including the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, Linh Phong pagoda, Falun square, the monastery … The statue of Shakyamuni Buddha with a height of 69 m including the base of the statue 15 m high. It’s placed on a mountain about 120m from the sea level.

This place is about 30km from Quy Nhon, in Cat Tien commune (near Trung Luong picnic area), right on the route DT 639 going through the northeast of the province; and Highway 19B linking Phu Cat airport with Quy Nhon city. Going to Trung Luong picnic area will pass through this place.

4. South of Quy Nhon, Xuan Dai

Bai Xep, Bai Dai, Bai Bang, Bai Rang: This is a series of beaches located along the sea road from Quy Nhon to Xuan Dai Bay (Phu Yen). There are a few resorts built along these beaches, an extremely suitable place for relaxation.

Cu Lao Xanh & Xuan Dai Bay

Motorbike rental in Quy Nhon

Renting a motorbike in Quy Nhon is also very easy in my Quy Nhon travel experiences. Of course, you should also choose a store that has the hight motorbike quality and good service.

During my visit to Quy Nhon, I also try to rent a motorbike in some units. I would like to share it with you for your reference. The motorbike rental units below are not the cheapest in Quy Nhon but the quality of the scooter is very ok. The service is also very attentive.

Motorbike rental in Quy Nhon
Motorbike rental in Quy Nhon

1. Hoai Bao motorbike rental: This is a famous motorbike rental unit in Quy Nhon. The motorbike here is quite new, clean, the quality is very ok. The two motorbike delivery partners are very enthusiastic and friendly, making the motorbike rental contract very professional. They also provide free delivery and pickup in the Quy Nhon city area.

I have not encountered this case yet, but I heard that a couple of times, the tenant’s motorbike got tattooed, near Ky Co but she still came to support. Enthusiastic and disgusting.

  • Renting prices: 100k-120k for a gear motorbike, 120k-180k depending on the type of motorbike, the model of the motorbike, for a scooter. If you rent for a long time, you can ask them to give a discount.
  • Contact:: 0927 909 223 or 0935 212 589.
  • Address: 27A Hoang Hoa Tham/li>

2. Khanh Nhu motorbike rental: What I feel most impressed about this motorbike rental unit is that there is a beautiful lady owner… I rented a scooter for the day, with the price of 150k. The motorbike is quite new, very ok. They also provide free delivery.

  • Prices: regular motorbike 100k / day; new one 120k / day. Scooter has 2 types: regular 150k / day & new one 170k / day. Long-term rentals are all discounted so you just tell her.
  • Contact: 0584 234 664.
  • Address: 43 Phan Van Lan, Quy Nhon City.

3. Anh Truong motorbike rental: This is also a motorbike rental unit you should also consider choosing. There are many types of motorbike with prices for you to choose from. From 70k-120k / day for gear bike, from 110k-180k for scooter. The longer you rent, the cheaper price you get. The day I heard that she bragged that she had just imported 20 brand-new motorbikes. So if you rent here, make sure to tell her to get you the new one. Of course, it doesn’t cost 70k or 80k.

  • Contact: 0984 276 302 or 0934 943 902.
  • Address: 07 Nguyen Nhac, Quy Nhon City.

Rent a car with in Quy Nhon

This is also an option you should consider when traveling in Quy Nhon, especially with groups of about 3-4 people or 6-7 people. An option to help you have a safer and healthier trip. Of course, the cost will be slightly higher than riding a motorbike.

There are also many car rental units in Quy Nhon in my Quy Nhon travel experiences, especially in the past 1-2 years. It is understandable when Quy Nhon tourism is more and more known and visited by people. There will be this, that person, but with my own opinion, about the service and people of Quy Nhon, it is extremely worth to trust. A city known for its kind and kind people.

But when new tourism develops, many things are still spontaneous. There will be quite a lot of prices and quality offered by car rental units. Many units, the quality is not guaranteed, not controlled. So you need to choose carefully when renting a car.

Renting a car is also something you should consider because you will probably encounter very attractive advertisements on price, but service and quality. Remember to consider carefully. Don’t be greedy and make the trip unhappy. Whatever you say, it also has its price.

To rent a car to tourist destinations for the day, or to rent a package for 2-3 days in Quy Nhon, you can contact Quang Vinh garage, an extremely prestigious and quality garage in Quy Nhon. That day I was in Quy Nhon with my 3 friends, it was sunny, I was afraid to ride a motorbike so I had contact with them. This guy advises enthusiastically, shares each beautiful place, delicious food. Thanks to that, I know a lot more about Quy Nhon to share with you.

That day there was no 4-seater car in the garage. So I was able to ride a 7-seat car, spaciously. As for the driver, he was super ok. I was impressed from the moment he got off the car and opened the door for me and my friend, and asked about what to eat and drink. On the way, he shared a lot of things about Quy Nhon, especially stories when Quy Nhon was not yet developed as it is now is very interesting.

If you want to get advise more or book a car, you can directly contact Quang Vinh garage via hotline 0905 630 153 or 0935 061 102.

Delicious dishes and specialties in Quy Nhon

  1. Fish ball noodle soup: This is one of the most famous dishes in Quy Nhon, a dish you must try when coming to Quy Nhon. You can visit Phuong Teo fish noodle shop (211 Nguyen Hue or 415 Nguyen Hue), selling Ngoc Lien fish (379 Nguyen Hue) to enjoy.
  2. Shrimp dance pancakes: A dish with bold flavors of Quy Nhon. When I arrived in Quy Nhon, I was led by a local man in which to eat this dish, unfortunately shrimp is the dish I don’t like so it does not taste very well (just me), with beef pancakes, I find it quite delicious, suitable taste. The most famous restaurant in Quy Nhon is Co Nam restaurant (at the foot of the Mu Cang bridge, Phuoc Son commune, Tuy Phuoc district). But this place is a bit far from the city. So if you want to try, you can visit the shrimp pancake restaurant.
  3. Asked cake – Chao Long: A dish will be very strange to you in the North and the South. I knew the Asked cake was thanks to the visit to Quy Nhon. An exotic dish with the addition of slices of chives to fresh noodles. You can also eat at Man’s restaurant (76A Tran Phu), Co Nam restaurant (41 Nguyen Chanh).
  4. Toast: It makes me and my friend fall in love with. We used to skip the main meals to eat this as it’s very delicious. I think it is even better than Madam Khanh’s… in Hoi An. You must try it. Where to eat? Go to the intersection of Ngo May and Nguyen Thi Dinh, there is a stall on the sidewalk. They open from morning to night. Well, it seems like 1-2 hours off at noon.
  5. Banh Can: A rather strange dish in Central Vietnam. You can visit Ba Gia restaurant at 7 Ngo Quyen (morning sale).
  6. Trung Vit Lon with fish sauce: I have not enjoyed this dish but I heard the name is curious. Next time, I will try it when travel to Quy Nhon. You can try it at 53 Nguyen Huu Tho st..

Where to eat seafood in Quy Nhon?

Eating seafood in Quy Nhon is much easier than in Phu Yen in my Quy Nhon travel experiences. Just going along the Xuan Dieu beach, you will see many restaurants and eateries. There are also some streets with many delicious and cheap seafood restaurants such as Vu Dinh Tu, Le Duc Tho, Binh Ha … Here are some places you can refer:

Cheap restaurants:

  1. Quan Tuan Tu at 160 Xuan Dieu
  2. Kim Ngan restaurant at 154 Xuan Dieu
  3. Quan Nghia Ghet at 19 Vo Dinh Tu: Some of the restaurants on Vo Dinh Tu street are generally cheaper than in Xuan Dieu street. The quality is similar.
  4. Bien Nho Restaurant in Eo Gio: This restaurant is very ok. So when you go to Ky Co – Eo Gio, remember to come here to eat.

Better quality restaurants:

  1. Restaurant 114 at 114 Xuan Dieu
  2. Cine restaurant at 94 Xuan Dieu
  3. Huong Viet restaurant at 122 Xuan Dieu

Cafes and bars you should visit in Quy Nhon

There are many cafes in Quy Nhon in my Quy Nhon travel experiences. Almost everywhere you can see coffee shops. Especially there is a section along Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, running from the square to the direction of Thi Nai Bridge.

  • S-Blue Beach Front Café (near the central square). Actually I’m not very impressed. It’s airy, close to the sea, and has music performances every night. Drinks are also normal.
  • Moc Quan at the intersection of Le Loi – Ba Huyen Thanh Quan
  • Books cafe at 86 Le Duan
  • Surf bar at Quy Nhon beach (near Saigon – Quy Nhon hotel). What is criticized at two surf bars here is that they charge money for parking. But in return, the space of the restaurant is quite beautiful, located on the beach. So it is cool to drink and play with the sand. The drinks are not very good either. But personally, it seems to be better than the S-Blue side.
Cafes and bars you should visit in Quy Nhon
Cafes and bars you should visit in Quy Nhon

Souvenir to by when travel to Quy Nhon

In addition to buying dried seafood such as dried squid, dried fish…, you can choose to buy the other specialties as below:

  1. Banh It La Gai
  2. Banh Hong Tam Quan
  3. Nem Cho Huyen

Conclusion of my Quy Nhon travel experiences

Above are my own knowledge and experiences about Quy Nhon tourism, a beautiful land. Hai Phong Tours do hope that with these extremely practical Quy Nhon travel experiences, you will have the better trip in Quy Nhon. If you have any questions, want to ask anything, just leave your comment. Nice to be a friend and help you with something.

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