Review Cat Cat Village

Review Cat Cat village: Ticket price, what to do, opening time and all Important info 2023

In this review Cat Cat village article, Hai Phong Tours would like to share latest updated information about ticket price, what to do in Cat Cat, opening time and all other real experience. Are you planning to travel Cat Cat village, Sapa? Do not miss this post!

General information before review Cat Cat village

Cat Cat Village is one of the ethnic Hmong villages located in the mountainous region of Sapa, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. Situated approximately 15 km southeast of the town center of Sapa, Cat Cat Village attracts a large number of tourists with its pristine beauty and unique traditional culture of the Hmong people.

During the review Cat Cat village, Hai Phong Tours found that Cat Cat has a temperate climate, with magnificent natural landscapes, green mountains covered by vast meadows. This place is also famous for its waterfalls cascading from high altitudes, creating beautiful streams and waterfalls.

With a rich and distinctive culture, the Hmong people in Cat Cat Village primarily make a living through rice cultivation and textile weaving. Visitors to Cat Cat Village can learn about the traditional fabric production process of the Hmong people by visiting weaving workshops and purchasing handmade textile products here.

In addition, tourists also have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities such as watching traditional performances and Hmong dances. Furthermore, Cat Cat Village also has several famous tourist attractions.

Tourism in Cat Cat Village, Sapa, is an excellent experience to explore the unique culture, way of life, and special natural landscapes of the Hmong people. You can find detailed information in the review Cat Cat village section below.

Đôi nét về bản Cát Cát Sapa
General information before review Cat Cat village

Review Cat Cat village: Ticket price Cat Cat village 2023

Ticket prices for Cat Cat Village in 2023 are divided into two categories:

  • Adult: 90.000 VND
  • Children (1 to 1.4 meter tall): 50.000 VND
  • Children under 1 meter: Free of charge
Review bản Cát Cát: Giá vé bản Cát Cát 2023
Review Cat Cat village: Ticket price Cat Cat village 2023

Opening time Cat Cat village

The Cat Cat village opens daily.

  • Opening time Cat Cat village: 5:30am
  • Closing time Cat Cat village: 6:30pm

Review Cat Cat village: How to get to

Based on the review of Cat Cat Village, Hai Phong Tours found that transportation to Cat Cat Village is diverse and convenient. You can rent a private car, ride a motorbike, take a taxi, or even walk. From the town of Sapa, you can take the Xuân Viên road then the Fansipan road. Once you reach the Hoang Lien medical station, you will find the ticket counter for Cat Cat Village

The total distance from Sapa town to Cat Cat Village is only 2km. If you travel by car, it will take approximately 10 minutes. If you prefer to walk, it will take a little over 30 minutes.

Review Cat Cat village: Best time to go to Cat Cat village

Traveling to Cat Cat Village is beautiful in every season according to the Review Cat Cat village of 2023. Each season has its own unique beauty.

In spring, you will encounter blooming cherry blossoms and white apricot flowers everywhere.

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In summer, vibrant yellow mustard flowers and fluttering butterflies create a very romantic scene.

Autumn is the harvest season. The scent of ripe rice fills the air from the terraced golden fields.

In winter, the sky is blanketed with white snow!

Review bản Cát Cát mùa nào đẹp nhất
Review Cat Cat village: Best time to go to Cat Cat village

What to see in Cat Cat village?

After review Cat Cat Village, Hai Phong Tours has identified 5 things that tourists should not miss:

1. Legendary terraced fields

When it comes to legendary terraced fields, everyone immediately thinks of Sapa. And this is also a “specialty” of Cat Cat Village. Cat Cat Village changes its colors with each season, reflecting the hues of the rice. From the village, tourists can easily admire the skillfully “sculpted” terraced fields under the hands of ethnic farmers such as Dao, Hmong, Ha Nhi, Giay, and more.

Ruộng bậc thang huyền thoại
Legendary terraced fields

2. Explore the traditional craft village

The Hmong people in Cat Cat Village are renowned for their craftsmanship. They excel in cultivating flax, bamboo weaving, bronze casting, and intricate textile weaving. When visiting the village, tourists can witness firsthand the step-by-step process of creating these exquisite products.

Tham quan làng nghề truyền thống
Explore the traditional craft village

3. Taking photos in Cat Cat Village

The most beautiful spot for photography in Cat Cat Village is the Cat Cat Waterfall. The cool and refreshing water cascades down from above, creating a magnificent scene. Taking photos here is absolutely stunning. If you have a camera with adjustable shutter speed, you can try reducing the shutter speed, and the waterfall will appear surprisingly smooth and flowing!

Chụp ảnh bản Cát Cát
Taking photos in Cat Cat Village

4. H’Mong Ethnic Costumes

H’Mong ethnic costumes are splendid and made from high-quality fabrics. Wearing their traditional attire will make you feel comfortable and transform you into a different ethnic group. This experience is highly favored by many young people and foreign tourists.

You can rent ethnic costumes at the entrance area with prices ranging from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND per set.

Mặc trang phục người H’Mông
H’Mong Ethnic Costumes

5. Staying overnight at a homestay in Cat Cat Village

Instead of staying overnight at fancy hotels, experiencing a homestay in Cat Cat Village can be very interesting. The unique ambiance and geographical location will make you feel a different or somewhat unsettled night in Cat Cat Village. If you are too accustomed to cozy blankets, comfortable mattresses, and air conditioning, and find it difficult to sleep on an unfamiliar bed, then you may want to skip this experience!

If you are ready for a change, you can book a room at H’Mong Cat Cat, Homestay Gem Valley, Chapi Homestay, Art House Homestay, The Have Sapa Camp Site, and others. All of these homestays in Cat Cat Village offer enchanting views!

Ngủ qua đêm tại homestay bản Cát Cát

Staying overnight at a homestay in Cat Cat Village

Travel tips for Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village is easy to navigate, but it doesn’t mean you should be careless. Here are some travel tips that Hai Phong Tours would like to share with you:

  • Wear lightweight and breathable clothing for comfortable movement. Remember to wear appropriate shoes for walking.
  • Only bring necessary items to reduce fatigue while walking.
  • Bring water and snacks to stay energized.
  • Pack basic medical supplies, sunscreen, a hat, a phone, and a compact umbrella or raincoat.
  • Always keep your ticket with you. In case of random checks, if you don’t have your ticket, you may need to purchase another one.

Closing remarks: Review Cat Cat Village

Above is the review Cat Cat Village by Hai Phong Tours. We hope that with this review, you will have the essential knowledge to have an amazing trip to Cat Cat Village!

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